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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, May 7, 2013.

  1. RaceCondition Augur

    /testcopyed to play around with it on my bard. Seemed to work great even for items in huge bags.

    Here's the info that is given for those interested:
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  2. Falos Augur

    Do you see groupers killing it on your server? cause they aren't on xegony... pretty much speaks for itself. The two group approach failed, everyone knows it, it became instantly undesirable unless they plan on making the gear an upgrade for raiders *the only people that kill them*

    It's a group achievement not a raid achievement.
  3. Apricots Lorekeeper

    So what's the new mana cost on ethereals?
  4. RaceCondition Augur

    So far they have increased the mana cost by 4% on all of them besides for Ethereal Salvo, which got roughly a 4.34% mana cost increase.

    Edit: Also looks like they made Ethereal Weave Acquittal cost 4% more mana as well.
  5. Apricots Lorekeeper

    Oh, not too bad then. I was anticipating worse.
  6. Beimeith Augur

    There's more coming, hopefully not too much,
  7. Pirlo Augur

    Before and even during Rain of Fear beta, people en masse asked for 2 groupable mobs.
    We got what we asked for.

    As Axx said, I really doubt 12 people can't take on these mobs. If that's an issue, split into 3 groups and merc it up like crazy.

    Or....... get better skilled players....
  8. Pirlo Augur


    Double Bang.

    Reht and Bei are telling the truth.
    Wizards in general knew we were broken. We didn't keep secrets. This doesn't even include our PMs to Dev's in which we said 'yeah we are kinda Gods right now' So please don't accuse us of not being self-aware , hiding in a corner rubbing our hands feverishly while giggling.

    I have said it before, and I will say it again. 1 class god mode, the other 2 hurting is not fun. I've been on both sides of that equation. I want to see Wizards/Berzerkers/Rogues on average do about the same 175k-ish DPS. Then let the skill of the player grind out an extra 15k-20k to determine who wins the parse.

    The wizard nerf is aimed at hurting our sustained. Which 99% of wizards don't mind losing sustained parses.
    Hopefully it isn't overkill....
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  9. Falos Augur

    The risk / reward is out of whack,, the intention of these mobs failed due to that very basic truth that has driven EQ since day one. Whether it be difficult that gets retuned or loot that gets retuned, something has to give because these mobs are out of whack.

    I personally don't recal anyone in mass asking for 12 man content, a few people maybe but pretty much the minority. The least popular content in alaris group content was the 12 man sepulcher mission hands down. I really though they learned their lesson on the 12 man content but I guess not.

    I'm pretty sure my criticsm of a few of these mobs has nothing to do with skill, especially since i've 100 percented al lgroup content in all recent expansions when they were current and even killed one of the mobs that I am complaining about now, (though the undefeated blade is ridiculous).

    The huge mistake at least allows some form of *realistically* managing the adds in a way that does not grief the zone. The undefeated blade adds need to be mezzable / rootable / snarable in some form.

    This will be my last post on this particular piece of the patch, I just think it's beneficial for everyone if this gets changed, a change to this goes beyond just benefitting me or any one person, After seeing how groupers have been 'dealing' with these named mobs and the reward they give and how long they stay alive for on *my server* (i can't speak for servers besides xegony) I just feel that no matter what their original intention was with these mobs it did not pan out in a way that was good for the game and that because of that their "vision" for these mobs should be re-adjusted so that they become content that people actually utilize.
  10. Straahdx Augur

    I remember people asking for 18-24 man RAIDS, complete with lockouts and instances and chests, not "2 group" named mobs.. There is a difference..
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  11. Chandrok Augur

    A Huge Mistake and The Undefeated Blade may get tuned down a bit in the future, but not in this patch. They are intended to be engaged by two groups. Any tuning down will still be keeping the two group paradigm in mind.

    The risk versus reward is fitting because they drop more than twice the loot you would get from a single group rare. Asking for them to drop raid loot is silly. If you want the items they drop, then you will need to get some people together to farm for them.
  12. Nenton Augur

    Wiping repeatedly to some overtuned 2-group named versus killing two other simple nameds gets you the same quality and potentially the same quantity of loot. That's why people are saying the risk vs reward isn't right. You also don't understand how bad it is that certain loot is only available on certain mobs. Grats pet classes getting your earring on Glorig but sucks to be you if you want the caster 2hander. The loot that has a point should have been put on named mobs AND the missions instead of this exclusivity route you went with (and just so you know, 2-hand dmg proc augs don't qualify so I don't know why those are always making it into mission chests).
  13. RaceCondition Augur

    My main dislike about the two group named, is that they drop normal T3 loot (hear me out please), that doesn't drop anywhere else. If you wanted a specific item from them you now have to assemble two groups, versus most drops where you just assemble one group. Yeah, they drop more loot, but as far as you're concerned you may not care for the other drops.

    My other beef about the two group named is that they definitely take more coordination than a normal named. It may be slightly of a stretch, but 10 man raids from WoW also use two groups, but they definitely don't drop group loot. Yes, I know, it's not a perfect match difficulty and gear wise, but it's worth mentioning.

    I honestly just feel bad for anyone who wants a drop from the mob as they're forced to assemble two groups to get it, unlike most T3 drops. "Oh you want the T3 Pal/SK 1 hander? Yeah, good luck with that."
  14. Tobynn Augur

    Then you might consider tuning Glorig up. Glorig is a total pushover compared to the other two. I have effortlessly killed Glorig several times boxing 3 toons with 3 mercs. If Undefeated and Mistake are deemed to be tuned appropriately, then its not even remotely feasible that Glorig can also be consider to be tuned appropriately. Glorig is not any sort of challenge; it just takes some time to whittle down Glorig's HPs. Using the same group, I have zero chance of defeating Undefeated and Mistake -- zero, none, zilch, nada, ain't happen, ever, never.

    Glorig is a loot pinata.
  15. barder New Member

    Might have been mentioned before but going with that logic raids should drop group just more of it. Also EQ group game is tuned around a group of 6 players, not 12. Stuff like this looks cool on paper, but doesn't fit it how Norrath was built. There is so much wrong with content like this I just don't see how the Devs don't see that.
  16. Nillaien Journeyman

    I love how on one hand you've got people asking for raid loot on these mobs (aka desirable loot) and on the other you've got people pleading for the actual desirable loot these drop to be put on the missions. /boggle

    I enjoy these encounters as it gives our guild something to do together on off days and helps gear up returning players, non raiding members, and alts. Is the blade tough? Yeah, but that's why he's fun.

    Raids should get hunter credit, though it does bring me back to when the DPS groups got all the exp back in the day... Good times
  17. wingz-83 Augur

    This....so much this. I made a post awhile back for a tier 1 non progression 18-24 man raid. Got torn to shreds because of ...we can't have dev time being devoted to non 54 man raids in classic us vs them mentality.
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  18. Axxius Augur

    Nope, haven't seen any non-raiders kill the Undefeated Blade on Povar either. But that's not a reason for demanding an urgent retune of the mob. This is the case of 'working as intended'. There were calls for harder-than-1-group content for non-raiders. Perhaps the devs listened. Now they can see how much demand for such content there actually is.

    My objection is against the urgency. It's been up for just 3 weeks. It's not broken. Most players (even raiders) avoided Xolok for quite a while too, but nowadays you won't find him up for long - groupers learned how to kill him just fine. Give UB and HM more time.
  19. gcubed Augur

    Why should raids get hunter credit? You want hunter credit for the kill then use a single group to take it down.

    The loot on these mobs is desirable. No argument there. As an example: The best available group weapon for my class is on one of these mobs. If I went after it, it would give me an increase in ratio of 0.03 on my main hand over what I have now. Let me think about that for a second... Pass.
  20. gcubed Augur

    Well, not quite, a little more would have to be done to raids to make it the same.

    Chests would have to be removed and all loot would have to be on the named's corpse.
    The named would have to drop 8 group items.
    The named would have to drop between 4 and 8 visible group armor pieces.
    The named would have to drop between 4 and 8 dreadmotes.
    The named would have to be spawned and the PH's would have to be mixed in with about 60 trash mobs.
    Respawn in the instance would have to be around 20 minutes.
    The instance lockout would have to be reduced to 40 minutes and the lockout would begin when the instance is first breached and not on the death of the boss.

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