Test Update 04/28/17 - Event Calendar

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  1. EQ Dev Developer

    *** UI ***

    - Added an event calendar that displays all of the event alerts for the year:
    - - The event calendar can be accessed via the command /calendar or via the EQ Button in the Alerts sub-menu.
    - - The event calendar lists all active events with beginning and end dates.
    - - The event calendar displays (your localized) start and end time for each event.

    - Changed -

    Known Issues:
    Calendar events might end not appear on the appropriate dates for the test server due to a bug that is being investigated.

    Scrolling can be broken if the size exactly the size of the window.
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  2. Sancus Augur

    I'm a fan of the calendar :)

    I had a slight graphical issue related to scrolling, though, in which the top event in the left side panel would disappear from the bottom up, and that whole panel would glitch out if I scrolled to the bottom:
  3. Underbyte New Member

    If guild officers get permissions to add/remove/modify events, this'll be the most useful guild management update in years!
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  4. Ishtass Augur

    Very cool, I'll be able to close a permanent tab in chrome
  5. Nniki Augur

    Woohoo, now when someone asks when such and such event begins/ends, I can give them an in-game command instead of a link. =P
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  6. Wulerdar Elder

    any chance of getting an ingame afk check =P
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