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  1. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    This feels like some real moneygrubbing on the part of the team.

    From what I'm told, the item in question is a 1 charge potion that teleports the user to Plane of Tranquility for $1. This was almost certainly added (along with the new port spells) to circumvent the massive lag inside PoK and the jank spawn mechanics of the stones when PoP unlocks on TLP servers as other posters mentioned.

    Ok fine, we aren't going to actually fix the problems but are going to offer workarounds so that they aren't as big of an issue come launch day. So... idea, make a complimentary potion as well (similar to the complimentary bottle of adventure) that everyone can buy free once to take advantage of this workaround. I don't like the idea that instead of fixing problems like this you are going to sell us solutions, what motivation do you have to correct stuff if this is a route you can take?
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  2. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    While I agree that fixing the issues with PoK is the real answer, you can get a port from a player and avoid buying the potion...it's not like it's the only way.
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  3. sumnayin Augur

    Watching you people squirm to defend something that clearly should have been balanced years ago is funny. Squirm worm squirm.
  4. WhyNow New Member

    And getting input from people who don't know what the chanter stuns do outside of AOE groups is asinine.
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  5. Machen New Member

    Plenty of bottlenecks in pop outside Plane of Storms.

    Some expansions take mere hours to beat. With this one change PoP would still be a couple days for a really hardcore guild.
  6. Machen New Member

    They already basically were this post pop, this sadly just hastens their change in status a bit.
  7. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Why? Who even asked for this? There is already a ports to Plane of Knowledge and Plane of Time, you know the next zones over.

    How about actually adding ports that have been asked for? A port to Western Wastes was requested and in the wizzy top 10 of improvements back when Rashere was doing spells.

    How about adding in Gates and TLs to Skyfire and Emerald Jungle along with real port spells so players don't get left behind with the evac versions?

    How about removing the buff strip from ports to Plane of Sky? The guild portal doesn't strip buffs why does the spell still? Along with adding TLs to both Plane of Sky and Plane of Hate so the caster no longer has to go with them.

    How about reducing the cast time of TLs to bind and Guild Hall now you removed them from being used in combat? A lot of the group port spells also have very long cast times, but standing around at the end of the raid waiting for a TL out to cast when the reason it had a long cast time has been removed seems very outdated.

    With regard to the chanter stun nerf, will you be changing raids so mobs that can only be stunned can be mezable? Stunning was the only form or CC for these mobs and nerfing stun will mess with the design of these raids, Hatchery or Kurns Tower springs to mind in Seeds of Destruction cant remember which, but I know there were others as well.
  8. Warpeace Augur

    Wizards and Druids all need TL spells to every Raid giver. Considering how crappy lag is that would be worth $$.

    With short cast times of course.

    Or an NPC to say next event to, pick the next raid in the expansion and to be ported to:p
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  9. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I'd settle for the NPC porting you to the 2nd event if the first event is down in multi event zones along with NO trash if there is a loot lockout, I'm sure that would cure a lot of the lag.
  10. zleski Journeyman

    I had a streak of more than 30 consecutive placeholders, so I sure hope the spawn rare of the named increases. I was able to zip through the mission quickly, but if I had to wait an hour for each attempt that would certainly disincentivize participating in the commemorative event.

    All of my characters have the augs.
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  11. zleski Journeyman

    The percentage nerfs on these (based on the post by Jaylnn) is really disheartening - 40% at the top level one. If there is a belief that these are unbalanced, I'm sure players of the class (including myself) would have appreciated an iterative approach to tuning the spell line rather than cutting the effect by 40% out of the gates. One can only hope that by the time the nerfs make it to live we see this dialed back from 40%.
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  12. Lyyr Journeyman

    Yeah the change is extreme, especially given the hp pools mobs have these days. All I can figure is looking at the Necro aura reduction in context of the Enchanter stun nerf (nothing happens in a vaccum) is that the Necro aura was being used in AE groups.

    Given the extreme nature of the Enchanter and Necro nerfs it would be nice if we could get some developer input on why they think this change is necessary. These changes are drastic, they are not tweaks they are fundamental redesigns of the spells.
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  13. Tharvog Lorekeeper

    Why do you keep catering to the 1% forum complainers and forcing changes to a game we all remember for its quirks and over powered features that made you feel like a god when you mastered your class?? You wont stop plers. You just change the game for everyone while they reformulate their plan and you ignore this topic for another 8 years.

    Get off the forums guys, you wont ever be happy. Your ruining Everquest every year. Started with MoTM. You take away what was interesting for X , Y , Z class, because 1% of the casuals are upset. Most of these people who complain dont raid, dont have high play times, and will bounce guild to guild and server to server. This isnt Everquest anymore. How far does it go? Can we get an Everquest server or we just going to keep making Everquest into some Karen's preferred server?

    Attacking overbox powerlevelers is one thing but changing the game to combat them is another. All the money you make you cant hire a guy 15 bucks a hour to sit in the deep and just ban known repeat offenders? Come on guys, this is silly. You promised Gm enforcement on these new TLP and dropped the ball for Months. Stop changing the game to make up for your failures!

    Im not sure if the GM's these days even know the raids and content this is going to change classic>pop where ae stuns were part of the way to deal with the encounters. Pretty soon we will all be playing a WoW clone.
  14. krisys Elder

    It's already moving towards a wow clone. Where do you think they got the overseer and new raid release features from? Wow at least attempts to enforce their rules.
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  15. strongbus Augur

    why i agree it be nice to know why. I find as a necro I have barley if ever used these spell lines lol.
  16. Infectings New Member

    *** Spells ***
    - Enchanter - All spells in the Color Flux line now share the same timer.
    If this is to combat AE groups, could you please consider changing the number off mobs that it affects instead (16 perhaps, as other spells have been limited to) . All that happens is the people doing AE, will just have 5 enchanters instead of 2 enchanters.

    Shared cooldown on the color-spells seems very drastic to me.
  17. kizant Augur

    The versions from the last few expansions were very strong. Unless you only kill one mob at a time they were good to use.
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  18. GoFigure New Member

    So you are changing a core mechanic from a classes to combat a 3-6month time period on TLPs for 1 zone in the game that nobody is going to level in anyway? after 22 years? not a good idea.
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  19. kizant Augur

    They probably don't have a good idea. Can you give specifics on a raid or group content that can not be completed now or would become overly difficult?
  20. Metanis Bad Company

    Where's the update on the wizzie nerfs from last month? Or really anything related to fixing the lag issues that continue in many end-game raid events? It's a been over a month now and complete silence from anyone at the Company.

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