Test Update 04/11/16

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by Hludwolf, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. Iila Augur

    You get to have the fun of testing internal database changes before they're pushed live!

    If it's anything like the EQ2 changes, expect LOTS of downtime while they make sure the changes aren't going to completely destroy the server. Then live servers are going to have a 12+ hour downtime to switch them over.

    Or maybe the changes will completely destroy test, and you'll get to wait through a backup recovery and debugging.


    We all know no one listens to your bug reports for content, don't even try to pretend otherwise. Test server exists for patch stability testing only at this point.
  2. Barraind Elder

    I think we're all pretty much aware we arent actually testing content for the content at this point and are testing to see if the game blows up in the course of daily events.

    Then again, its not just Daybreak. For all the Beta testing I've done in my MMO days, theres a whole lot that never gets read, fixed or acknowledged. As an example, I can point you to a small square of land in Loch Modan in WoW that, as of the last time I logged in, is still considered indoors on a different continent, and that was something I /bug 'd daily from Alpha forward.
  3. Necaris New Member

    There ar still a bunch of players playing on test as there main server, like me.
    And yes we ar allowed to do so.

    Do i know it is the test server? Sure, and i report what i can. I also dont get angry when the TEST server gets TESTED.
    But i still a games and in love with EQ and want to play :)
    So i am happy to know whats up or when the server is back up. And all the comments about i should shutup and play on live in the meantime is crap.
    I dont restart a game for some houres, who need months to get somewhere.

    As i have sayd, i am not angry or crying about the downtime. I am just happy when i can play EQ as do you, when your server is down.
    So all just calm down.
  4. Rainbowdash Augur

    Meh Test used to be a neat server to juat play, because of the community really, more so than free gold. Test kinda died though, to be fair I'd transfer off Test to Live in a heartbeat. Yes, without plat or copied items. *Hint hint devs :p*
  5. Necaris New Member

    Test is not dead.
    Dead would be, if there is nobody on if i do not login :)

    There is a very small comunity and i actually like it. I can camp what i want.
    Not enough for raiding, except one or 2 active guilds.
    If you ar a lonewolf like me, it is perfect with all the benefits like xp bonus, and free gold status.
    Since the comunity is so small, i noticed almost everybody is helping each other. I like that alot.

    I also like to bug report and help the live servers to get a smooth patch in return.

    But you know that already, since you ar from test.

    It might be different for someone who joined test bevor the player count went down. For me it is exactly the reason i joined.
    Yeah i know, multi player game blah blah play on blah blah. I can play where i want.
  6. Bob_KY Journeyman

    I've been playing the test server for about a month. What is this about free gold? LOL
  7. Necaris New Member

    /testcopy a char with money/items (who ar not no drop) on it, every 8h.
  8. Gidmagic New Member

    Any word on test coming back up......was up yesterday afternoon but back down this morning
  9. Necaris New Member

    Just woundering whats going on.
    Did the server burn down? Ar you guys ok? Did you just not notice that test is down?
    Ar you buffing my charachters with raid gear and discussing what augments ar better?

    Any info would be nice.
  10. Hludwolf Developer

    Test is not just a place for us to receive feedback/input/bug reports on patches before they go live, but for us to test things as well. Sometimes this necessitates extended down time or repeated down times as is necessary for us to test.
  11. Oculuse New Member

    Both threads about todays patch are locked. Is there an eta or are you planning on an extended downtime?

    Nevermind :)
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  12. Potawatomi Augur

    Please stop making sense.

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