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  1. bitefiends Elder

    A formal dinner party quest

    A group of 105s and all the mobs where yellow con is this level of 107 for the normal mobs correct ?
    They hit ok but had a lot of HPs which makes certain rooms for example the lab pretty difficult as you get 3 or 4. CC will be needed on this.
    If the mobs hp levels could be reduced a tad would be great !
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  2. Orbital101 Augur

    You always had to turn in the 5 proofs to progress so you couldn stay at zone in to finish the mission and claim the bonus.
  3. enclee Augur

    No, you could literally walk up to the NPC and say a room and a class and just guess to get the bonus.
  4. Warpeace Augur

    You didn't even need the room to get the aug when first released. There was no guess to the murdered...it was obvious.
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  5. svann Augur

    What does this mean?
  6. Paralyze Journeyman

    Jesus finally, THANK YOU!!!
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  7. xxGriff Augur

    We all understand and accept that Test is exactly that and, will have varying functionalities and sometimes things don't work. However, the instances on test are consistently unavailable. Instances will work after a reboot and then become buggy until they no longer work. I had hopes when I read patch notes and saw the server was being upgraded,. Hoping this would fix our instance issues. And currently with uchat being down for a couple days I am unable to discuss with others, or even see if someone is online to discuss. The test community is great with help and sharing but having no uchat severely limits our ability to discuss and coupled with instances routinely unavailability severely limits our ability to... Well, test.
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  8. Yinla Augur

    If you insist on linking these together, can you at least lower their dps output so they can be tanked by 1 person in group gear.
  9. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    I can now confirm that there CAN be only 3drops (plus ground spawn).
    I was in a group before raid, and we got the WAR as the perpetrator (if it would matter), as we saw from just the first two items we looted. We had no drop (at all) from ballroom, lab and library only rooms/mobs in rooms behind that area dropped something. We made sure to kill the objects and the BRD in grp did also a track, we also went on to kill everything behind the lab's door into the tunnels (mobs that had never dropped anything for me but since we ran out of options and since we did not want to "miss" anything...). No luck, all mobs (except the unattackable ones ofc) and targetable objects were dead.

    What COULD have messed things up perhaps was that we (well "them" ) started pulling+killing before i had done the hail after the guests, so the "show the proof" steps were not up for some time.
    When does the seeding of/rolling for the proof-items take place? is that somehow connected to completed steps?
    (e.g. does the RNG check for each mob only or for each mob AND at step x? Or is it even "fixed" on a certain mob?)

    Ofc we cannot be more precise nor helpful with us not knowing the script/algorithm, but at least we can confirm it CAN bug out and hopefully the described constellation can give you a hook on where to look for a fix/safety measure.
    Because when this this drops only one item anyways, any non-completable constellation will be even more frustrating than they are now.

    (we made it in the 2nd run btw, jit for raid, thankfully but it was a close call, time-wise)
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  10. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Rocky Horror Picture Show!?!

    No, really: it means bad pathing.
    E.g. in the ritual area, mobs from vule area like to warp to where you arrive from the study and attack the party from behind. There are some areas in the zone where similar behavior happens, crypt (the corridor behind the doors from bedrooms are another when mobs are pulled from below instead of rushed and fought where they stand).
  11. Rickate Augur

    I normally loot 4 or enough to identify murderer before giving the invitation to the Doorman.
  12. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    I think that the only way anyone's going to convince Ngreth and the others that there are times when the mission will not drop all the items is to post up a video showing that you have killed everything possible.
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  13. Brohg Augur

    I'm my raid leader, I have no socials associated with said leadership. No idea what y'all on about
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  14. Yinla Augur

    Goro raid - where we are heading, Forge, Centre, Loulin, Vizier, DPS to 50%, Burn, DPS off. Kill portals, that doesn't include group assignments for each area and a brief run down of what happens in the raid.
    OT - /targ a_Sprout, auras starting,
    Skyfire - / various tanks (depends on who I need to free up for new spawn), move East, move to ramp.

    I could go on, maybe I babysit the raid a little too much with moves etc, but while I'm leading I like to also DPS, so a click of a hot key is a lot faster than typing out an instruction mid raid.
  15. Yinla Augur

    Are you going to do the same with all the other group content which contains a raid mob?
    That would be all of PoP, half of Vellous and Kunark.

    These were advertised as group content when they were introduced, why the change now years later?
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  16. Orbital101 Augur

    I tried that on test and it dint work because you had to turn in all the pieces first. So I dint really bother trying on live... Weird
  17. Dhurgan Elder

    I did Dreadspire when it was current content, so my memory might be foggy. But the weapon racks are in the same room as the Shadowy Student camp? The Shadowy Student camp is down the long spiral staircase, you get to the spiral staircase using the 'portal' click which is on the left side, instead of the right side to the bedroom wing.

    When we did the anniversary mission, there is another room you can click through that is past the Shadowy Student camp, which had our last piece/clue. I don't believe the mobs were on track until we clicked into the room or were near the door to click. That may be what people are missing?
  18. AB_H'Sishi Augur

    Weeeell ... I can confirm that too, BUT I assume you were probably not looking everywhere. For example, did you check the six Weapon Racks in the "Study" room?

    In one run we also got only three drops. We checked every known room and, out of other possibilities and desperation, I destroyed the racks. Guess what ... Drop #4 was in one of them.
  19. Rickate Augur

    Cleric doesn't work, The Cleric did work, there is very little chance you would guess to type The since it was originally the hardest part of the mission.

    I can see your point, I will endeavor to get a signed affidavit from Brad McQuaid to attest that there is a possible bug in Ngreth's mission.

    1) You could obtain the bonus so easily that Ngreth posted that it was an exploit.
    2) The lock step is moronic, if you progress the quest in the logical manner you are immediately locked into a long mission with no possible replacements, while the task locks at a point it's trivial to sell taskadds and then immediately complete the mission.
    3) Aggro mobs within range of what "should" be the non-combat portion of the mission while the group gathers, buffs and people smoke, snack or kiss the spouse before starting a long mission.
    4) Large aggro radius see invis mobs in hallways "that you could just skip"
    5) Completely unitemized
    6) Throwing darts at 1.2/1.56/.9 which is roughly double normal difficulty mobs because it seemed like neat numbers without at all taking into account the size of pulls
    7) The only genuine reward being locked behind clicking the right word first twice, because that's the kind of thing players should be rewarded for, actually looting the items (post hotfix) is worth virtually no reward
    8) Running it 100 times but somehow the ranger was never the murder, possibly after the patch was never the murderer
    9) Impossible to complete if fear, charm, mez, LD or possibly DoTs poofs a corpse along with a clue

    But Ngreth did properly implement a script so players have to suspend pet to claim the reward, clearly there is no possible way that only 3 clues will drop if you avoid poofing a corpse unless someone uploads the zapruder film of 19th anniversary missions.
  20. Orbital101 Augur

    Thats where mobs that warp end up in. There was a mob idle there but it warped back up when I tried to take a screen shot with it.

    Any sharp turn out distancing a NPCs been in the castle can make NPCs warp there or get your self summoned there(and hope you have more then 200k hp to survive the fall)

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