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  1. Aurastrider Augur

    I have not done this quest yet because I was waiting for the tuned down version. With this change I will have to run it several times now for each of my toons if I am understanding this correctly? If this is the case I guess I might just have to bite the bullet and attempt it now. My SK is sitting at 212 HP and 5700AC fully buffed. Do you think this would be enough to overcome the strength of the mobs?
  2. Vaeeldar Augur

    Its just going to take you awhile if you don't have a mezzer. You'll be burning a lot of discs. This mission requires high dps and discs. IF you can tank 3 at a time it goes quick. If not we'll it will be a long 4-5 hours.

    I 5 boxed it with a cleric, sk, mage, mage, bard in a bit under 2h ours. with cleric buffs though I was buffing to 6500ac and 285k hp.
  3. Aurastrider Augur

    I box sk with 4 mages. The pets can certainly hold their own but trying to get two on one mob and two on another mob and me on another mob or mobs is not easy to do. I will usually have the pets just tank one mob and have the mages burn that mob down while I hold agro on the other mobs. Doing this I might be able to make it work. I am also fairly good at pulling with my sk having mained a bard for a while but using snare/fd pulling indoors can be rather slow as there is not a lot of room to spread mobs out. Thanks for your input.
  4. Password1234 Augur

    Have there been any comments on this? TBM tier 2 group armor is now completely unobtainable for a group that can easily get tier 3 armor.

    (why you need to grind in a raid zone for group armor in the first place is a different question)
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  5. Vaeeldar Augur

    Biggest problem is some of the spawns are linked. You'll need to be able to tank 2 (can't remember how any mandatory 3 pulls I had). You'll be able to finish it I suspect, just won't be the fastest for you because you'll have pulls you'll have to use discs for.
  6. segap Augur

    Because it's not a raid zone. It's a group zone that happens to have raid targets in it. It appears someone that wasn't around during TBM was poking through stuff and saw what seemed like a mistake and decided to fix it. The mistake was actually lack of resources for TBM development which led to a kludge of making the same instances house both group and raid content.
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  7. Yinla Augur

    I've been using a bag for the last month, having all the potions I use in that bag does away with the need to see total numbers, The only thing it doesn't do that i need is show me how many charges, but I've adapted over the last month to make do.

    As I said before I don't have any free social keys to make an auto inventory key. If raids weren't so complex I wouldn't need so many different social keys. I'm up to something like 4 different assist keys now for just 1 raid!
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  8. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    You could make 5 to drop but only 4 to need...
    you know... turn one of the fluff drops into an extra "safety margin" one.
    Or get rid of the fluff drops alltogether - often we can tell with the 2nd drop already which class it was, so the rest of the drops is just feeling like an imposed drag)
    When we did this last time, the group leader had possibly some issue with his /advloot settings but we almost missed one of the drops - had to loot it off the corpse by going back after having cleared 3rooms without a drop (which seemed too unlikely and prompted questioning and subsequentely a /makel). Had the corpse rotted before we noticed the leader's mistake, we'd have wasted a good evening on the impossible-to-complete-then mission. Adding extra drops would not only make this quicker, but also reduce at least this kind of fuckup.

    I am also not sure if the published "exchange" of difficulty vs. only one item per run is a good move for this mission.
    Getting only one item done per run is bad enough already for the tent; and there the mobs are neglectible except for the 2 or 3 times where you basically get the whole rooms.
    If this mission (incl the tasktimer) cannot be done in an hour in the reworked form and be repeated at least once in an evening then it's a bad move to have only one bonus drop imo, since that means that while one run might "only" take an hour (no i am not counting on that, but rather think 2 were more realistic) we're looking at a 6times a 1hr run for only 1aug per run instead of an agonizing 3+ hrs run for up to 6 augments before.
    Not sure the lowered difficulty (which i have to see first before i believe it) really offsets the limit to one aug...
  9. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Or you could (until they allow for "social sets" like they do for spell and hotbutton sets) review your many socials (even as RL i never even got close to using THAT many socials/messages, but then that was also quite some time ago) and maintain a textfile whose contents you edit in per event.
    I do that for the adds i need to target+tank per event and it takes next to no time and is quickly done.
  10. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Yeah well...
    There's the tasks that give only one bonus item per run - but there's also the opposite.
    I think the overall difficulty and /taskt should be factoring in here, instead of dogma.
    If one run takes less than an hour, it's conceivable that only one reward is "appropriate".
    If one run takes an hour or a little more, that is already questionable imo.
    If one run takes significantly longer than that though, especially when coupled with a long tasktimer, it's out of the question.
    Because you're asking for people - provided the same group can manage it which is seldom enough - to do the same mission, albeit quicker individually, for a week instead of one day to get the item for everyone.
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  11. Siny Augur

    FYI Yinla is one of our raid leaders
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  12. Gialana Augur

    In Lost but Not Forgotten, are all 8 adds in Harris Feril's room considered his adds? I thought maybe it was just the 4 ghoul-like models and that the skeletons in the corners were not. However, I found that not all of the skeletons are mezzable. Also, all of these mobs seemed to hit harder than any non-named in the zone.

    Please keep in mind that when this mission was tested, the changes about shared aggro, named CC-immunity, and named hp-locking were not in place. It would be great if you could decrease the dps of the adds. I've completed this HA 3 times, so far. Each time, the tank has died on the final encounter, even when under the best disciplines. The only reason I've been able to complete the mission is because Harris Feril's adds aren't aggro-linked to him. With the changes in the upcoming patch and without a decrease in the add's dps, I can't imagine how I will personally be able to complete this mission. I guess, fortunately, I won't need to for myself. But I also won't be able to help anyone else.

    Also, can you please change the Forceful Presence so that she can only produce one set of adds? The first time I did this mission, I wiped to her after she spawned the 4 adds. When I went back, she was at full health, and I had to fight her and her adds. Then she produced another 4 adds at 50%.
  13. Rickate Augur

    The overlap in the Venn diagram is Crypt Bats can both despawn and have a clue.

    Ballroom - really obvious 10 dancers
    Bedroom - only 4 mobs always spawn
    Study - 5 mobs always spawn, one of those outside the room and 4 weapon racks
    Library - 26 mobs always spawn, one of those an orc guarding a door
    Crypt - 8 or so mobs on each side and up to 3 bats per side
    Lab - 8 mobs and also a wanderer with a really long path and/or that can despawn
    Ritual - 6 mobs in first room, 7 in second room and a wanderer

    The wanderer for Ritual area is less of an issue since I think it always spawns and it's really unlikely you will kill the other 13 mobs without also getting the wanderer, it will path into the hall before the first room and into the tunnels out of the back of the second room.

    The more common issue with drops is that charm, mez, fear, LD and possibly DoTs can despawn a mob and it will poof along with the clue and make the mission impossible to complete. If you do the mission at low level with Surge of Shadow or similar it creates an additional way to despawn a clue.

    The "bonus" loot premise is simply absurd. Ngreth's design simply encourages playing eqresource instead of Everquest to make sure you avoid "that looks like a Fancy Drumstick" resulting in essentially no reward (up to 800pp, 10 Com Coins and XP) or a novice group saying "look for the apple" and then wondering why they got no Red Berry Paste. There is at least duplication of the food clue, hopefully you don't eat both.

    There will now be a clue in the form of a patch note but had this version initially gone live I would have failed the "bonus" which is basically failing the mission as my first food turn in on my first run was the groundspawn in Ballroom which was rejected. It's simply terrible game design, the quest text should include a link to eqresource and warn players that doing the mission without checking out the link is something that should only be attempted by players willing to spend hours for the "fun" of solving how the bonus loot is awarded.
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  14. Rickate Augur

    The corner skeletons are unrelated to Harris, since the forcefield isn't up until you do the Silu script it's highly recommended to kill those 4 skeletons prior to doing that script.

    Now that they are considered Harris' adds, wiping on the final room will quite possibly result in all 4 adds respawning once the encounter resets, best of luck to those attempting the mission post patch, other than FV and Brekt all but one person knows they are getting essentially no reward for the mission by the time you wipe to the final room, hopefully they stick around for a few wipes and you eventually get lucky.
  15. Gnomeland Augur

    It's funny, when the anniversary event was first released, people could literally finish it without leaving the first room. Now, it requires a full clear of close to 70 monsters, for one drop of the reward.

    Have fun looking for a group to do it for you, because I'm pretty sure anyone who's run the mission before is not going to want it to run it again, and anyone who hasn't run it, is not going to want to run it with anyone but their own box.
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  16. Gnomeland Augur

    This is what gets me the most about this change.

    Now that the mission can't be exploited from the zone in and you actually have to clear all the monsters to get the drops, it's intentionally changed to give out 1 reward instead of 6?

    So basically, people who exploited the event get rewarded, while people who do the event the way it's meant to be done, get punished even more?

    I guess the mission is easier now than before, in the sense that trash monsters are no longer hitting for over 30,000.

    But since nobody back then even did the mission the proper way, it barely makes a difference.
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  17. Gnomeland Augur

    The biggest problem with this change isn't even for people who box, since most of us can get through it either way given more time and the reward is only needed for tanks.

    The biggest problem is actually for people who are looking to get it done with pick up groups, because after this change, I can't see anybody wanting to run a 3 hours mission in a pick up group just so they can roll on one reward at the end.
  18. keviin101higuys Lorekeeper

    I've done the whole mission at least 20 times... if not more... for other people ect.... I never had only 3 out of 4 drop... I feel like you're missing a clue. I hope being a detective isn't your Real life job...
  19. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    You're right, but since i didn't even mention boxing (the group i was talking about was a "live" group), i do not quite get the way you began your reply. Meant not for me but for the general audience perhaps?

    As was said above, these patch notes have, with regards to quests, two lines i find somewhat questionable;
    That'd be the one with just one loot for the aug mission (depending on the resulting difficulty/duration) and
    the linking of Harris and all his 5adds (who indeed seem to hit harder, and currently can be fought with named+2adds or 3adds in one pull and named and one in a second pull. Named and all 5mobs, with how they hit today on live - they better be CC'able (and your group better have CC - mine hasn't).
    Both have the potential to make things worse than better.
  20. Orbital101 Augur

    I can confirm that out of aprox each 8 run I end up with 1 mission that only drop 3 proofs... That is clearing the zone inside out and destroying the 4 weapons racks... I Usually clear each area until I get a proof to drop then proceed to the next room without fully clearing that room which work fine and I know it is a waste of time clearing the rest of that room if I end up with only 3 proofs out of the 7 rooms but I still clear it all . Is there anything else that we should be looking for? I ran the mission about 30 times now and got 4 missions missing a drop.

    NPCs some time warp... Is it possible those drop underground some how and off track? Possible the ADVL window bug out the corpse? There a difference between running a script 100 times then doing the mission like it is supposed to be done as I am sure you did not actually ran the mission 100 times lol.

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