Test Update 04/10/18 - New Bugs only

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  1. EQ Dev Developer

    Please post about any new bugs found in the update. This thread is not for discussions about anything other than bugs and how we can reproduce (and therefore fix) them.
  2. Funk Augur

    Upon converting an ornamentation prize you are given the normal one time use container with a combine button. This also now has a convert option. Upon converting the second time the one slot container with combine button now becomes just a one slot container which cannot be used.

    I believe on the second conversion it is supposed to become a type 20 augment.
  3. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    I was only able to do one convert, but the resulting aug is still broken. Started with a Forgeborn Bow Mold, clicked convert. Now it's a Forgborn Bow Ornament (Magic, No Trade, Augmentation) but it's still a container, and has one slot with no buttons. I do not see a convert button to do it a second time like the previous poster.

    On trying to insert the aug, it says "You attempted to insert an item that is not an augment." Was trying to insert it into a Rough Ashwood Recurve Bow.
  4. Vaeeldar Augur

    The UI changes seem to have impacted item timers. They won't show from the hotkey bar unless you drop in the item again.
  5. niente Developer

    Is this something that happens every time you click the hotkey? Or once you remade the hotkey, it works again?

    Old (pre-existing) item links don't have the updated functionality that went in with the patch, so you'll have to remake all of them unfortunately.
  6. Vaeeldar Augur

    Just the first time. Maybe I missed it in the patch notes (i'll reread shorty) but either way you may want to call that out at the top of the patch notes when it goes live - just from a customer experience perspective. Boxing like I do it was a bit of a pain but only cause I had started my quest. Had I known going into it, it would not have even been a concern (not that it wasn't workable either way).
  7. niente Developer

    Yeah, I definitely would have been happier if existing item links would work the same way. I have my fingers crossed for no terrible bugs with hotbars :p and it is kind of buried in the patch notes which have a ton of info. Let us know if you notice any issues.
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  8. aenelaruy New Member

    Illusioning into another humanoid form as a drakkin enc. results in baldness even if I was not bald before. its not a big glitch, but it definatly does discourage from going human, dark elf, wood elf ect ect
  9. Thunderkiks Augur

    Ran the mission "A formal dinner party" Most of the mobs in the mission are human models. The ones I remember are the werewolves, skeleton, gargoyle, and orc.
  10. Rainbowdash Augur

    Can confirm, things that use these models while in the zone (illusions, mage RS pet etc) work fine though. I think the mobs in the instance were just toggled to the 'female' gender instead of the 'neutral/none' gender.

    Also, instances are down as of very recently, heads up.
  11. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Fixed that yesterday so it will be good for the live patch, but need a true-up to make it to test.
  12. Lillola Lorekeeper

    I can get into Woodgold Mill (neighborhoods) but when any of my three characters that have houses try to enter them we get the message "This zone is not ready to receive visitors yet. Please try again in a few moments." I waited a few moments, then a few more moments, however none of the characters can enter.
  13. klanderso Developer

    We're taking a look into this one now.
  14. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    Sounds like instances are down. You also broke keyboard functions when using WinEQ 2 which is not a cheating program FYI and not against the EULA.
  15. klanderso Developer

    Any third party programs/shortcuts/etc. are not supported by us.
  16. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    I know that but whatever you did caused it to break. I emailed the creator asking him if he could look into it and patch it. Just letting people know so they aren't caught by surprise on the 18th when the patch rolls out to Live/TLP.
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  17. Lillola Lorekeeper

    Edit by Lillola:
    After my initial post I took another character to the neighborhoods and she was able to get into her house. So one out of four were successful. I haven't tried yet this morning to see if this was taken care of so this post could be a moot point.
  18. Varu Journeyman

    There's a bug with hotbuttons involving the mount / illusion key rings and clickies with a hotbutton but the clicky missing.

    Hotbar Page 1 as normal

    Hotbar Page 2

    Hotbar Page 1 after going to Page 2

    On Page 2, Hotbutton 2 I have my mount that is in my mount key ring.
    Page 2, Hotbutton 3 is a clicky that I put inside my bank.
    Page 2, Hotbutton 5 is an illusion that is in my illusion key ring.

    The spots where these clickies are get highlighted when I swap from Page 2 to any of the other hotbar pages.

    If I remove the mount or illusion from their key ring and put it in my inventory while the hotbutton from another page is highlighted then it will delete whatever hotbutton is in the highlighted slot.

    The problem with the mount and illusion hotbuttons doesn't occur if they are in my inventory instead of in their key ring.
  19. elumxe Elder

    I really hope that statement isn’t going to be misinterpreted down the line because it’s a sensitive matter and could easily become political since most of your playerbase use third party tools and programs in some form even if it’s just a log reader, itemcollector or window manager.

    I understand your statement to mean, that you can’t/won’t take third party tool development into account when making core changes, but really it is something to actually be “a little bit” mindful of, there are plenty of players who would not even play eq if those tools/sites/guides didn’t exist. (If you simply literally meant that each third party tool creator has to provide technical support for their own products, I apologize for reading to much into your statement)

    Break the eqresource or magelo itemcollectors for example and those sites lose utility.

    It’s an ecosystem and eq thrives in a symbiotic relationship with fan based projects like that... it’s certainly nothing to *shrug* at but something to embrace and take in, especially in this day and age of social media where fan based projects (or lack of them) can actually make or break a game.

    If anything I want more collaboration between dbg and the third party tool creators.

    No offense meant at all, please don’t take it as such, I love eq and I think you guys are doing a phenomenal job with the resources you have available.
  20. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    Prioritizing backwards compatibility too much, will hold EQ back technology-wise. They are right to disregard 3rd-party compatibility completely, when making changes. Otherwise patches will never upgrade anything and only fix minor bugs.

    Who knows, maybe there is significant overhead involved in staying compatible? is that compatibility worth the overhead?

    I don't want them to hold back optimizations just to stay compatible with third-party tools.
    Compatibility is solely the third-party dev's responsibility.
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