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  1. Natal Augur

    I don't know about other classes, but my shaman has an AA slow that does not require a spell slot. He also has a AA debuff. Both have fast refresh timers, there is no need to mem either as a spell.

    A 75% slow is more useful than a 50% slow. On a mob that has no slow mitigation (I know there are few of those these days, but it is the baseline) it means that you tank will take half the damage with a real slow on the mob. The difference is smaller with mitigation, but that still equates to a lot of hp in current content. That in turn impacts the amount of healing required, which in turn affects the amount of mana available to your healer and the mana usage rate. That means the healer can do other things, such as debuff/buff/nuke/root/cure or whatever more effectively.

    The fact that the tank is procing a weaker intermediate slow also means that the primary slower has time to do other things on the pull first, such as debuffing, assisting in CC, patch healing etc. I am sorry that you don't see the utility in tools that make your job easier and your toon more versatile, but I do and I welcome them.
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  2. ShadowMan Augur

    And some classes have to use AA's, 9 year old items and spell slots to accomplish what the belt did passively. And any resist started a 20 second recast delay. Whereas the belts could fire again instantly if they proc'd. Some classes also lose their slow entirely if mobs are fire immune or have high fire resists as we can no longer debuff that effectively enough to land our spells.

    So I will say again that while weaker in some regards the belts remain far superior in others. And still think they should be made sympathetic procs. I personally never had an issue with the power only the access to the tool. Because they absolutely change what is and isn't possible or how easy something is accomplished.

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