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  1. TheStugots Augur

    Is Danger Zone (group mission) fixed and can now be completed with an actual group?
  2. svann Augur

    On live? Yes, with an actual group of actual players, but no mercs as of yet.
  3. Angahran Augur

    I know this is an old bug but would it be possible to have NPC responses come AFTER the PC trigger phrase ?

    [Tue Jan 23 19:41:10 2018] Tsaph Katta says, 'Hello, Bob. It seems that the conflict has eased. This is a perfect opportunity to attempt to parlay with their leaders. I believe we can end this without further bloodshed. As representatives of Firiona Vie, I hope that you can see the [*value*] in this. My advisors believe that I am being [foolish].'
    [Tue Jan 23 19:41:10 2018] Bob says, 'Hail, Tsaph Katta'

    [Tue Jan 23 19:41:12 2018] Tsaph Katta says, 'We should save as many lives as we can save, regardless of the risk to ourselves. This is what being a leader is all about. I have explained this to my stubborn daughter and the rest of my councilors, but they do not understand. I can see that the values that Firiona holds live in you, and this pleases me. I would like you to accompany me to the negotiations when you are [*ready*].'
    [Tue Jan 23 19:41:12 2018] Bob says, 'value'

    [Tue Jan 23 19:41:13 2018] Tsaph Katta says, 'Good, good. Come then, let us see if we can strike an accord with these sarnak. Hopefully this rather dirty scroll looks enough like a white flag...'
    [Tue Jan 23 19:41:14 2018] Bob says, 'ready'

  4. xxGriff Augur

    We did Danger Zone on Sat 4/13 with 5 + 1 Merc Healer. to finish, we had to nuke the boss as no adds were spawning to rebuild the balistas, so ranger and mage nuked from 18% >. yes, on test. not sure the mission is without issues, as i have not done this on live, but it can be done and healer merc functioned fine. Mage, Ranger, Bard (melody for DPS and regen), Beast, SK tanking with J5 Healer @110 and received Hero of Gnome Memorial Mountain Achi.
  5. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I did not intend to hide the change. The lack of patch note was an oversight. I took steps to get the change in the patch note for live.
  6. Jalelorf Augur

    Did the drop rate of type 19's in Doomfire get nerfed on live already? Complete field clear and only 3 tradeskill drops. Usually get at least 1 or 2 type 19's and a few fate accumulators.
  7. Prathun Developer

    Fixed the problem with the Collector's Drachnid Web Sac not dropping in Dreadlands.
    I could not repro the reported problems with Fabled not working in Warsliks Woods or Collector's Iksar Witch Dolls not dropping in Warsliks Woods.
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  8. Prathun Developer

    Fixes to the group size should already be Live. Other fixes to Danger Zone will go out with the update.
  9. Tucoh Augur

    You took two things tanks loved and made a crossover item out of them that we loved even more, then made the item into something nobody wanted.

    How would you like it if Marvel & Fox got together to make a cross over Marvel Cinematic Universe movie with RDJ Ironman and Hugh Jackman Wolverine

    And then last minute re-shot everything as a movie with... Ant Man and Jubilee?
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  10. Ssdar Augur

    Is this just rings or will the GMM earrings have adjusted AC in May too?
  11. kizant Augur

    Ant-Man and Jubilee would be great tho.
  12. ShadowMan Augur

    But what is your intent post fix? If you leave the single proc versions as they are melee and tanks still can do the exact same thing they have been doing since TDS. Its just more annoying that they have to swap two belts instead of one when they want both effects on mobs. But the 2 procs in combination still remain superior to what some casters have to go through. So like people said why not make the effect a very high percent sympathetic proc and give back the toy as it was.
  13. Elthorien Elder

    - Essence of Shadow, Moonlight, Sunlight, and Winter drops have been restricted to the unlock of Shadows of Luclin.

    historically, there are 3 tiers of cultural, the very first, introduced with kunark (i.e. koada'dal mithril, mithril chain are examples), the second tier was commonly called blue diamond armor, was introduced with shadows of luclin, (i.e. blessed full mithril ect), the third and final tier of cultural was with dragons of norrath and continues to progress in that style thru various expansion

    might I inquire as to why this is being changed?? this will mean that the very first tier of cultural (i.e. koada'dal mithril ect) will not be able to be made until luclin

    Originally this was available with kunark, it was later changed, on progression servers, to be available with scars of velious, now it will not be available until luclin and will be at the same time as the tier 2 cultural armor, aka the blue diamond armor (i.e. blessed full mithril)
  14. Warpeace Augur

    So was this a needed nerf because it was game breaking or because reasons like some other class complained?
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  15. svann Augur

    Gotta ask - what's your thinking here? Why would you do this to the belt?
  16. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    I seem to remember making Wood Elf Mithril cultural armor and weapons around the same time I was making bank in bazaar on cultural Fier'dal Bows and Arrows. I think it all came out with Luclin. Everyone would have worn this stuff up to Luclin if it were already out, it's pretty OP. I'm sure people farming Krono on TLP has a lot to do with this balancing act. I have a feeling you already know that. :p
  17. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    No. Not live yet.
    Only rings.
    Waring is correct.
    We also didn't look further backwards, only the most recent content.
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  18. Ecchicon Elder

    What does this have to do with “what casters have to go through”? I am so confused why casters are so concerned that an item exists that makes it less likely their tank dies.

    Is it really because a couple of them can’t use both focuses on their belt? Every class has effects on their gear that doesn’t apply to them. Why is this suddenly such a huge issue?
  19. ShadowMan Augur

    Because some of us have had slow and cripple spells or AA for decades. Spells that are inferior to what these belts have provided for numerous reasons. Even after this nerf to the TBL version since the same net effect is had with 2 older belts. So some of us want equal access to the belt procs via sympathetic procs.

    In the past we have been told no to utility requests because we had to much utility from having slow and cripple. In the past we have been told no to dps requests because we had to much utility from having slow and cripple. In the past we have been told no to pet requests because we have slow and cripple to help them. Slow and cripple, which thanks to fire or magic immunity or because we can no longer debuff either effectively, won't land when its needed.

    Melee and tanks have never been held back for having access to these procs so it would be nice if we at least shared the aspects that makes these belts better.
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  20. Natal Augur

    I don't think tanks are getting the belt purely for the proc. Maybe you prefer using a belt with less AC and less hp as a tank just so you can proc spells that are useless in any normal group?