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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. Kahlev Al-Calen Augur

    Any news about the perma-crash to desktop caused by importing the ui layout from another char?

    It seems that if you import from a char on one server to another (or at least, from live to TLPs), your character will start crashing either on loading after character screen, or when camping (so the client either doesn't read properly the UI settings, or doesn't save them when camping). There is no error message itself, just a crash straight to desktop.
  2. Jondalar Augur

    An answer for this would be nice
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  3. Angahran Augur

    Is this something that could be made configurable clientside ?
    e.g. is all of the data sent from the server and the client is filtering it based on range, or is the server filtering ?

    If the client is filtering, it would be great if we could configure this for all messages :)
  4. p2aa Augur

    Are the 428 AC ring and earring going to drop in GMM raid ? Or it's intended they won't drop ?
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  5. Hatestorme New Member

    well what ever was done did not fix my issue at all
  6. Tweakfour17 Augur

    No mention of the weird ui bug where crashing or logging out reboots the chat windows and other window placements? (ie, raid/guild/pet/baz/merchant windows all move around and get re-sized, all bags get resized and stacked on top of each other, all chat windows poof except 1) Very tedious having to reset all that up again every single time I log in.
  7. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Those were beta items. They did not make it to live.
    BUT! it was intended that all the Raid rings get 428 AC. (and group rings get 333 AC) I'ts too late for this patch, but I'll fix it for May.
  8. EnchFWO Augur

    #1. You are awesome. #2. How many cookies will it take to remove the Lv 52 banish code on Live for classic dragons :p

    Seriously though... this is a pretty awesome change.
  9. Mazame Augur

    There ways around the 52 banish code if you think out side the box.
  10. EnchFWO Augur

    Oh I don't have an issue dealing with it personally but at this point in the game (on any server) it makes 0 sense. And the fact that you have to use workarounds to do it kindof proves the point that it needs to go away.
  11. Powerful Elder

    Since it isn't mentioned in the patch notes at all, is there any particular reason for nerfing the proc on the GMM raid tank belt:


    Slot 2 Decrease Melee Haste by 50%
    Slot 3:Increase Disease Counter by 25
    Slot 4 Decrease Dexterity by 105
    Slot 5 Decrease Agility by 115
    Slot 6 Decrease Strength by 115
    Slot 7 Decrease Armor Class by 150 - Displayed Value: 10 to 13. Depending on Class

    On test:

    Slot 2 Decrease Melee Haste by 25%
    Slot 3:Increase Disease Counter by 25
    Slot 4 Decrease Dexterity by 35
    Slot 5 Decrease Agility by 40
    Slot 6 Decrease Strength by 40
    Slot 7 Decrease Armor Class by 75 - Displayed Value: 5 to 7. Depending on Class

    It was a nice having both tank belt procs combined but had I known you were gonna nerf it, I wouldn't have bothered spending DKP on it.
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  12. Terses New Member

    Whats the chances that the Rod of Annihilation could be added for the first month of TLPs like the Blade of the Black Dragon Eye will be?
  13. Prathun Developer

    We have some changes going in for the Ironing the Legion task for the April update that we hope will address the problems that have been pointed out.

    It may or may not be intended that The Darkness Howls and Ironing Out the Legion are on the same replay group. In either case, it's unlikely that this will be changed for the April update.
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  14. Zinloz New Member

    Thank you for the update on this. Will the changes hit test before the patch goes live next week? I can check it out if so and see if there are still issues (I'm not super familiar with test and don't see the notes updated here so I assume that means test doesn't have the changes yet; correct me if I'm wrong).
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  15. Bigstomp Augur

    We've seen this as well. We plan around it but if things don't go quite right it can be annoying having to restart.
  16. Allayna Augur


    Thanks for getting the belt nerfed =/
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  17. ~Mills~ Augur

    LoL. So rather than just making it sympathetic for casters you take it away. Man you guys are lazy. This has been possible since like TDS just was 2 procs instead of one.

    The problem wasn't that it in itself was over powered it was that it in itself made it far easier for non casters to do what some casters could do with their spells. The correct fix was making it proc sympathetically if a caster wanted to equip and proc the belt so everyone had access to it if desired.

    You guys have passed out ports and transports everywhere. I don't see you nerfing them away or reducing their power by making them 24 hr recasts. You just make sure wiz and druids can also use them as well and leave it at that.
  18. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Any update on the ui windows being reset when logging out?
  19. Cicelee Augur

  20. svann Augur

    What makes you think the unannounced belt change was intended?

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