Test Update 03/21/2023 - New UI Bugs Only

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Mar 21, 2023.

  1. EQ Dev Developer

    This thread is for new UI bugs and how to reproduce them only. Please keep all opinions, discussions, posts about balance, and anything else in the discussions thread.
    Discussion Thread
  2. EQ Dev Developer

    Known Issues
    • Selector window always indicates unread in-game e-mails.
    • New UI windows will always render on top of Old UI windows.
    • When opening a container using the New UI inventory window, text on Old UI windows may disappear for 1 frame.
    • Evolving item Exp shows 0% when it reaches 100%.
    • When an item has 0 charges remaining the number does not change color to red.
    • Spell icons do not display on the cursor when linking from the spell bar.
    • When scaling the UI lower open New UI windows can leave behind a ghost image.
  3. Angahran Augur

    The conversion tool has a button labelled "XML Load Leports", guessing this should say 'Reports'.

    Also, the 'skin' drop down is not showing all the subfolders in the uifiles folder.
    I have the following -
    • AngUI
    • AngUI-beta
    • AngUI-live
    • default
    • default-beta
    • default-live
    But the dropdown is only showing default, default-beta and default-live.
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  4. Riou EQResource

    The FPS drops/spikes in opening/closing inventory which might be because of how bloated it is, is pretty rough, this makes me worry about how it will be once it extends to like 20 active windows at once (with various ones being opened/closed as you play)

    The font is weird in the Inventory, it is squished vs old default ui text, maybe slightly smaller, but Bold?

    There is also lag in sorting things like the Alt Currency Tab in Inventory window, this might be bad if it extends to things like the Guild Window when you are in the like 1-2k+ range of members (possibly some other long list windows)

    The Inventory being opened and closed also spikes CPU and GPU usage and more you constantly open and close it, this also is maybe a worry once it becomes the full UI as you play (though maybe this is also due to the Inventory piece being super bloated)
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  5. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    From what I have seen you need to have an equi.xml file in the folder in order for it to be detected. I copied that from the default folder to the custom ui folder that I wanted to convert and it showed up. I am guessing that most custom ui's don't include it as it isn't needed and can just be loaded from the default folder.
  6. Gidono https://everquest.allakhazam.com

    Borders turn into dotted lines in random areas when you increase the scale of a window. You can move the window around and it goes away and shows up in other areas. I don't know if this is because I'm not using any texture filtering or anti-aliasing.
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  7. ChiiChii Augur

    So far...
    Column spacing in inventory window

    Inventory window "Always on top" where dragging a window over it leaves the dragged window behind the inventory window.

    UI Scale when decreased or set to 2.50 nothing visually happens.

    HOTBAR SNAPPING.....where? ;) Open the context menu, no options for it. Dragging two together stacked on top of each, side by side, nothing....
  8. Klucifer Journeyman

    New issue since UI revamp, when attempting to mouse left click-hold over a spell gem on the spell bar to make a hotkey out of it, I cannot do so.
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  9. ChiiChii Augur

    Character select (tested only after having camped, not during initial player select after patch upgrade)
    The buttons Create Character, Delete Character, Return Home, and Quit do not respond to mouse clicks.
  10. looffy New Member

    After opening the alt currency tab, opening the inventory window causes a ~.5 second stutter.
  11. TrueNorth Developer

    Updated the post at the top with a few more known issues.

    The spacing on the inventory tab is intended.
    The column spacing on the alt currency tab should be user adjustable and persist through restart.
    When adjusting UI scale using the slider, make sure to press the "apply" button for it to take effect.
  12. Emilari UI Designer

    In the inventory window, the Krono icon should have a number displaying how many Krono a person has. I'm told it's working fine if you have Kronos.... but if you have 0 Krono like I currently do, no number is displayed.

    On live (SUITE engine) it displays a zero.

    I'm not sure if that's a bug or a feature, but it's a difference I haven't seen noted elsewhere yet.
  13. Tester44 New Member

    After todays patch - 1 pc is normal UI, 1 pc has white bar over window selector covering it up. Inventory window is white background. On both windows, cannot right click and see background -> texture/color menu.I.[IMG]
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  14. Paladin Augur

    The Selector Window (Alt W) does not want to stay in the position you put it. Log out and back in and it's moved again.
  15. Emilari UI Designer

    Custom Storyline mods (the text files in the Storyline folder) can crash the user to desktop.

    I tried several different mods, and while I could view the main article fine in the new Story window, every time I clicked an embedded link - I crashed. You could also write a text file linking to a website, and those also crash to desktop.

    Is the Storyline folder is no longer reading added subfolders when it used to? Like how the Maps folder works now, with allowing a player to have multiple sets of maps.

    You could write a Storyline text file that referenced/linked to additional text files that were located in a subfolder previously.
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  16. Emilari UI Designer

    In the inventory window, when a powersource is equipped it's supposed to show a bar on the right side of the item icon indicating it's Power percentage. It's not displayed. If it can't be displayed in the new engine for whatever reason, is it possible to at least get the numerical percentage displayed, like seen with evolving items? The Suite engine has an EQType for the value (Label: 360 - Power Source Percentage Remaining).

    Also, where it indicates your level and class in the top left-hand corner of the Inventory tab IE:
    120 Exemplar

    The Class value is right-aligned instead of left-aligned which looks odd.

    There's also a stutter in the portrait animation (for Clerics at least), which is also seen in the SUITE engine on live.

    I can also verify the above mentioned Character Select issues as I was unable to make new characters to check the other portrait animations. Character Select is working fine on an initial login, but if you just camp back to character select instead of fully camp to desktop, the buttons are broken. This isn't occurring on live, so it's a new bug.

    On the Stats tab, one of the columns on the right side isn't large enough. In the Heroic Mods section, "Damage Shield Mitigation" is cut off and not fully displayed. The effect of the cut-off depends on what font you use, but with the default Arial font, it's only the 'N' in mitigation un-displayed on two digit values. That's a bug on live in the old engine as well, but it'd be nice to see it corrected.


    You're going to see issues like this with various elements in various windows throughout the year if you don't revert whatever weird changes you made to the fonts to make them all blurry and 'bold looking.' It looks utterly bizarre, especially with most of the UI still using the old font style from the SUITE engine.

    Another example of the weird bold/blurry text:


    Here's the exact same story window text from above, but from live with the same default Arial font, with less boldness, less blurriness, and less weird artifacts:


    On the Shrouds and Alternate Currency tabs, if you re-align the columns to ensure everything is visible, camp to desktop, then log back in, they don't retain their position.

    On the Shrouds tab, the tooltip is incorrect stating "List of story items." This is the tooltip text for the Story window Listbox.

    On the Shrouds tab, the text in the "Unlocked" and "Next Class" columns should be center aligned, not left aligned. Kudos on updating the percentage column to be left aligned instead of center aligned though.

    On the Alternate Currency tab, the tooltips for the "Create" and "Reclaim" buttons don't display when the buttons are disabled (they display in the SUITE engine). They do display when enabled. It's likely the "Reclaim All" button has the same issue, but that button can't be disabled, so it's not noticeable.

    While the Story window retains an adjusted size upon camping to desktop, it also suffers the same column realignment issues where they aren't retained upon camping. If you enabled the checkbox, it also doesn't retain it's setting when you camp to desktop.

    In the Story Window, while it's not technically a bug, it's a shame that the top and bottom displays (the Listbox and STMLbox) weren't modified to be resizable like the two elements in the Inventory Window on the Shrouds tab. It'd also be a nice QoL update if the Listbox was sortable like the one on the Alternate Currency tab in the Inventory window.

    Same thing with the Listbox and STMLbox elements on the Alternate Currency tab of the inventory window... making them resizable would have been a nice QOL update.

    On a brand new level one character, the Selector Window does load in the wrong location compared to where it should (Top Left instead of Top Center), however if you fully camp to desktop it does retain whatever new position you place it in.
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  17. Mikana Augur

    Any tips on how to fix the font in the new window, to get from the new blurry text back to the old crisp one?
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  18. Angahran Augur

    What I did was copy everything from the 'default' folder and just said don't overwrite anything.

    I did find the new UIs in the /loadskin list, at the bottom with '(gf)' after the name.
    But surprisingly my converted UI didn't load and my HTML5 skills are non-existent :(

    I'm really not looking forward to starting from scratch to rebuild my UI.
  19. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    That is a good idea, I will try that later. When I tried to load the UI that I converted with the tool by just adding that one file the load also failed without any in game error message but I did get a strange single line in the ui errors file.

    Warning: Custom Gameface directory not found: UIResources/UIResources/AYANoSv2/

    Note, I am not doing any actual conversion work on the UI just wanted to mess around and try it out.
  20. Mikana Augur

    How do you disable the window snap? Each time I put the inventory window close to the edge of the window, it snaps TO the edge.
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