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  1. Drakah UI Designer

    Tinkering with what you have so far and what I have read, I have come across what everyone has pretty much already mentioned. Although there are some other things still rolling around in my head but not even sure if you are even thinking about implementing. I wanted to still post constructive UI discussions here about it while we all still have the chance to.

    Here is one to throw at you.

    Ability to have SUB-Hotkeys

    Trying to alleviate the unnecessary mega hot-bars and switching pages to quickly access keys needed. IN EQ2, there is a Beastlord Pet Bar as a function of being able to select pet abilities on the fly. This function would prove useful in many situations of course. Right-click on a Hot-button, Select “Add New Sub-Hot-button” and creates a placeholder spot. From here you could simply just drag a spell-gem/hotkey macro, etc. to the spot by mouse-over or manually.
    Watch in video format

    UI Scale

    Other than that, I was shocked that the UI Scale is being handled Globally and not PER window. It does really need to be by each element. Global Scale needs to give you the option to either do it on Everything or do it on all but leave the Per Windows alone.

    Example: You should be able to set a Player window to a Scale of 1.15, Group Window to a Scale of 1.15, Inventory window of 1.45, but everything else, do the global scale.

    I do see you have the /ui scale command to do .10 increments, but it really should be in increments of 0.05. and the Global scale should also match that of the same value as well, not just a flat .25. People are not going to be aware of a command unless you have a tooltip embedded in there. UI Scaling is huge and very excited you have implemented at least something for this. I do see a little wonkyness like others have mentioned on a 1.25 scale of the Tab graphic going choppy and the Text going blurry. The text does need to be handled better on any given scale, it shouldn’t have any blurriness ever.

    The snapping to the grid is nice, providing you know where the grid is or where the points are of where the snap is designated to start at to the graphic it is using.

    Most of these thoughts come from my playing in SWTOR. If you have ever looked at that same, give a second look on how the Scaling and moving of the UI elements are in the customization of their UI is. It is so stupid easy, you will be like, why on earth are we not doing this?

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  2. Angahran Augur

    It would be nice if the 'converter' would actually convert the default UI without spitting out hundreds of errors.

    • 33 XML Load Leports (yes, it says 'Leports' not Reports).
    • 1560 XML Layout Reports.
    • 1450 Rule Reports.
    • 122 Compilation Reports.
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  3. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    They have only converted a few ui items at this time and most of it isn't converted to the new system yet.
  4. Emilari UI Designer

    He's talking about the converter program they released - which is definitely buggy and not working well at all. I should be able to just use it to convert the 4 files they have moved to the new system alone, and it won't do that - even with the default files. It's a fight to get it to convert anything at all.

    I'm not even talking custom files here, simple take the default xml files from live, run it through the converter, and it should spit out duplicates of what they have converted thus far in the new html format - and it doesn't convert more often than not. It spits out a ton of error codes and no html files most of the time, which makes it super frustrating to try to learn to work with as theres no 'guidelines' - there's nothing like SIDL.xml, or other how-to for us to use to learn the system. Just this buggy program.

    Essentially, we're trying to learn a new custom language with no dictionary or thesaurus which makes it hard to learn the grammar rules, and the supplied 'google translate' system is largely ineffective.

    I'd be super worried about if I hadn't already had a staff member tell me there is an update coming soon (for at least more documentation, hopefully also to fix the converter not converting things).
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  5. Drakah UI Designer

    Also forgot to mention, if the New UI System .. would we be able to have the ability to
    Manage Buff Locations

    Always wished that we had the ability to manage our buff slots to move, lets say, Druid Skin, next to our Cleric buff or move Levitate and Speed buff to our 1st slot. I don't know if this would be a thing or not if it would be mismanaged for raid events or not but... possible? We do have some OCD players that must have their buffs in a certain order...
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  6. Drewie Augur

    Crashing right before character selection on the Test server, where can I find the crash log ?
  7. Nekk Augur

    It would be very awesome if we could search our spells by spell name within our spellbook.
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  8. Terses Half Elf Warrior of Tarew Marr

    My thought, what would be great is if we'd be able to setup filters on slots, by default- all auto, or whatever, but then be able to setup filters so like, #1 slot is filtered to just movement speed buffs, #2 could be damage shield, or whatever, let us build our filter set, and then save it like a spell or ext. target set
  9. Angahran Augur

    Personally, my 'hope' for this new UI is to be able to use my custom UI without having to a) learn a new programming language and b) spend months working around the issues with the new engine to get something that almost does what the current one does.
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  10. Drakah UI Designer

    Being that the new UI is intermingled with CSS/HTML and such, I don't quite remember any mention of a UI program that would help design using the new platform. If not, what are you suggesting to use that would preview these windows to be able to customize this correctly instead painfully?
  11. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    The first reply says there is a "/ui reloadhtml" command to reload the new UI windows and I think it was designed to bring in changes more easily.
  12. Drakah UI Designer

    That command just reloads (refreshes) the UI ingame, just like /loadskin. I am referring to a design program, such as the old SIDLWIDL, or program such as what EQ2 uses, called EQ2UIBuilder.
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  13. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    I would guess anything like that would be done after the entire UI was converted.