Test Update 03/09/16 - New Bugs Only

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by Arcturion, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. Malbro Augur

    Keypad movement keys no longer work but the arrow keys between keypad and regular keys do work.
    Did they reset everything?
  2. JChan Developer

    Did you delete / rename any ini files before loading the client? The number pad movement keys may have moved over to the WASD movement keys if it didn't detect you had an old eqclient.ini file in your directory.
  3. Malbro Augur

    I did but the layout I copied to my UI ini file does not use the WASD for movement. It is the same as my character on live.
  4. TelinDarkforest Journeyman

    Runnyeye Sporali after the patch now have older models instead of the newer ones.
  5. JChan Developer

    As part of the streamlining of the INI handling, we changed how UseWASDDefault is handled. Unfortunately if you want to get the number pad keys back for movement you'll need to set UseWASDDefault=0 in your eqclient.ini file.
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  6. Prathun Developer

    This is intentional, though it's not yet in update message 1.0. Something along the lines of this will be in the final update message:
    -Fungusmen across Norrath, celebrate by squishing your hands together! In original and Kunark zones, Fungusmen have reverted to their classic appearance.
  7. Prathun Developer

    Because of the way the progression server spawns are set up, we had to add some custom death events to get the Statue->Idol->AoW chain to work correctly. This appears to be working in the base zone and the instance now.
    Tunare was complicated and also required some custom scripting. The spawn that needs to obey the lockout isn't the boss's spawn. Old-school NCDs and invisible shouts handle the spawning and despawning of these NPCs, so in a few cases they needed to be changed to look for multiple spawns, either the progression or non-progression version. This appears to be working in the base zone and the instance now.
    Edit: It was also necessary to make changes to Temple of Veeshan.
    We could not find any encounter with an NPC named Master of Change. Could you provide some more information or screenshots?

    The Tunare fixes may not have made it in time for the weekend Test update, though the others should have. Please give them a look over the weekend if you can.

    Thank you for the bug reports. We appreciate it!
  8. TelinDarkforest Journeyman

    This is cool; however, I should note that they're appearing as the white and red fungus texture. Runnyeye Sporali fungi used the greenish/brown texture in classic.
  9. Malbro Augur

    I did go into my keys on the option window and yest it was the WASD that was reset. I put them back to the way I wanted and it's all good again.
  10. TelinDarkforest Journeyman

    It's fixed now!
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  11. Brazox New Member

    Confirmed Tunare world spawn works now and confirmed MotM buff is on final chain mob. Didn't get Statue->Idol->AoW myself this time so can't confirm. Will try instanced version once lockout has subsided.

    Unfortunately I did not have logging enabled for Master of Change. I will try it again, unfortunately I don't have much info other than it was the instanced version of Wakening Lands, in the location where Wuoshi is (right by port in), and it was a giant male human mob with no visible armor style. Harder than World version of Wuoshi. Will try and replicate for you.
  12. Rainbowdash Augur

    Hmm I saw this in Unrest, as well as the skeletons being the classic model, and just assumed it was because the gnome race ended there. Like an Anni thing.

    Please please please please please please please please please tell me you're going back and replacing all npcs in zones up to like Luclin or something with their original models.... wtb old orcs/goblins/spiders etc again
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  13. Arcturion New Member

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This has been fixed internally now.
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  14. Brazox New Member

    Ok my bad, I found it was Master of the Guard (who should be in Sleepers Tomb?). I didn't get a loot table this time, but last time he only dropped 3 spells. Spawns in Wakening Lands instanced version by the Port in location. Also see my new post on the latest patch with random raid mobs spawning in Sleepers Tomb I sense they are related. Submitted a new bug report with this location: -2950, -3089, 31

    Edit: Also forgot to add, still not getting spawns of AoW chain event (Stature -> Idol -> Avatar), Vindicator or King Tormax in instanced version of Kael. Just checked again.
  15. Triconix Augur

    Not sure when this happened, but when you get Aura Doom on Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls raid, it strips you of your normal aura. Also, when Aura Doom fades, you can't get any aura back on you the rest of the fight or until you zone out.
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  16. Prathun Developer

    Yeah, we would like to revert to classic models in classic zones. This is reasonable and well within the realm of possibility, but it's not our highest priority.
  17. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    We vote for Dzarn to work on it when he has the time!
  18. Lisyonok Journeyman

    Been poking a bit at the agent of change instances. So far
    Kael: Confirming 0 boss spawns. No King, no Statue, no Vindi.
    Sleeper's: Kildraukan (Not sure how to spell) the Ancient was up in place of Master of the Guard. Dain up in place of The Progeniter. Velketor up in place of Final Arbiter. Lord Doljonijiarnimorinar up in place of what my map has labeled as Tjudawos. Yelinak in place of Zeixshi. Other two ancients had generic crystal golems from Velketor in their place.
    Great Divide: Not sure what raid is in GD other than the ring war? I don't have a ring to trigger so just ran around a bit. In one of huts outside of Thurgadin was a random named from ToV. Forget which, don't believe he dropped anything.

    Nagafen's Lair: Double Nagafen spawn. Amusing enough.

    Was going to do ToV but I can't seem to find the Agent for it. Is there one currently?

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