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  1. EQ Dev Augur

    March 6, 2018

    *** Items ***

    - Procs on weapons can now activate if the item has a click cooldown that is different from the spell activated on a proc.
    - Removed the small knockback from Rain of the Overthere on Hoarded Worker Sledgemallet and Jeweled Hoarded Worker Sledgemallet
    - Newbie starting tunics can no longer be traded and have no value.
    - Fixed the spelling of Deathseeker on three items.

    *** Tradeskills ***

    - Fixed a problem where combine failures were not always returning the tools used.
    - The recipe for Scaleborn Warmonger Coat now requires Combine Draconic Scale Transmogrificant.

    *** Quests And Events ***

    - End of Empire (Mission and Raid) - fixed a bug that could cause the Unhammered and No Outbreaks achievements to fail when they should not.
    - Hoshkar (Ring of Scale) - Smoothed out the intervals at which Hoshkar casts his spells. They should no longer cast at the same time.
    - Balance of Power (Raid) - fixed an issue that would prevent completion of the "Ghosted" achievement.
    - Jondin's Fern Flower quest can now be completed.
    - Crypt of Sul Heroic Adventures - Removed an NPC that should not have spawned in this mission, and it will be floating skeletons as was originally intended.
    - Reduced the level of many Heroic Adventure NPCs. This mostly affected rares in The Broken Mirror.
    - Vex Thal - Bosses will now tether in the Agent of Change instances.
    - Vex Thal - Akhevan Warders will again banish people.
    - Fell Foliage (Mission) - Lowered the maximum number of players to this mission to 6.

    *** Spells ***

    - Detrimental beam spells no longer attempt to hit many types of invalid targets such as friendly NPCs (including pets), auras, and invulnerable NPCs. Beneficial beam spells now include friendly NPCs and pets, and exclude enemy NPCs and players.
    - Spell/Tome reward sets from Ring of Scale will now hide abilities you have already memorized when you view them. If you have used a tablet or symbol before this change but not selected a reward you will have to reuse the tablet or symbol to do so.
    - Moved all melee timers up one ID in order to fix several timing issues with procs.
    - Bard - Corrected an issue where certain songs would attempt to begin playing twice.
    - Druid - Strength of the Wildstalker should now prevent the same or lower ranks of Brell's Blessed Bastion from landing.
    - Druid - Corrected the description of Chill of the Wildtender.
    - Druid - Reduced mana costs on most DoT spells to better reflect the damage they do.
    - Shaman - Increased the damage on Curse of Sisslak so that it is an upgrade to Bane as intended. Increased damage on higher level spells in the Blood of Saryrn DoT line as a result.
    - Shaman - Lowered mana costs on most spells in the combined DoT lines. Fast DoTs are all more efficient than their parent spells.
    - Warrior - Corrected the descriptions for the Scowl line of abilities.

    *** AA ***

    - Magician - Fixed a bug where rank 1 of Frenzied Burnout only increased 1-Hand Blunt damage rather than all melee damage.
    - All - Quick Draw has been refunded.

    *** NPCs ***

    - NPCs will no longer summon or cast spells on the corpses of players who are hovering and had previously DoTed them.
    - Reduced the level of many Heroic Adventure NPCs. This mostly affected rares in The Broken Mirror.
    - Encounters that have a 100% chance to generate a rare now have a delay before they will spawn. These encounters now have a respawn variance as well.
    - Veeshan's Peak (Ring of Scale) - Changed the factions used by NPCs in the zone to be distinct from the faction in the original Veeshan's Peak. Faction loss for killing the Denizens of Veeshan's Peak will be heavy. They do not like when mortals kill their kin.
    - Overthere (Ring of Scale) - Corrected the spelling of Fereth.
    - Mercenary Liaison NPCs now have a more consistent alt tag and spelling.
    - In the Tower of Frozen Shadow, killing an enraged vampire on floor 7 will no longer spawn Cara Omica on floor 4.
    - Champion Ultharas is now unique.
    - The following NPCs are no longer flagged as rare:
    - - Grandmaster R`tal, Mistress of Scorn, Lord of Ire, Lord of Loathing, Avatar of Abhorrence, High Priest M`kari, Coercer T`vala, Magi P`tasa, Ashenbone Broodmaster, Master of Spite, Muramite Commander, Ulga the Elfeater, Ogoruk the Charming, Nendor the Daunting, Zurul the Bonecruncher, Korizar the Neckbreaker, Death Fang Teraz, Alassh the Cannibal, Katazz the Twisted, Nentassh the Blade Queen, Iross the Sledge, The Steel Serpent, Akazz the Blood Goddess, a glade guardian controller, Thunderstone, a rotting warchest, a Malgrin Legion warchest, a Xillsfar Legion warchest, Kael Militia Captain, an Imperial Gravemaster, Wraith of a Di`Zok Hero, Vrex High Priest, Secrets of Faydwer faction vendors, thick boned skeleton, thick tailed skeleton, thick skulled skeleton, Barkley, Bloodmaw, a froglok hunter, a froglok forager, Nosja (the common version), and Daman (the common version)
    - The following NPCs are now flagged as rare:
    - - Maru the Twelfth Born, A Wrulon Sentry, Tower of Frozen Shadow NPCs that are triggers to spawn rares, a large undead gnoll, an angry librarian, an enraged shadow beast, an enraged relative, Cara Omica, VhalSera, Tserrina Syl`Tor, Tenebrous NPCs that are triggers to spawn rares, Heratius Grolden, Valdanov Zevfeer, Oracle Froskil, Vessel Fryn, Knight Dragol, Master Fasliw, Dreadlord Dekir, Keeper Sepsis, Hierophant Ixyl, Harbinger Josk, Doom, Thruke, Flayhte, Dragontail, Commander Sils, Stonebeak, Ffroaak, and Throkkok
    - Many rares have had their spawn chance or spawn time adjusted.

    *** Progression Servers ***

    - Fixed an issue where the game was not properly allowing /blockspell commands and would clear itself upon zoning.
    - Progression Server Instances - Added instance for Theater of Blood. An agent of change can be found in Arcstone (once the Prophecy of Ro expansion is open). The Twisted Harmonic Chime will be needed to obtain and enter the zone.
    - Some doors in Unrest will be locked on servers that have not yet unlocked Ruins of Kunark. You may need to find the key, or bring a rogue proficient with lock picks.
    - - These keys will no longer drop on servers that have unlocked Ruins of Kunark.

    *** Miscellaneous ***

    - Fixed an issue that would cause the game to crash when entering Arx Mentis, Chapterhouse of the Fallen, and the Breeding Grounds.
    - Fixed an issue that forced all collection quests to update in specific zones.
    - Many original EverQuest zones have had their experience modifier adjusted for balance reasons and/or to encourage variety in leveling.
    - Bristlebane was here.

    *** UI ***

    - Fixed a bug where merchants would mix up the singular and plural name of currencies when buying and selling items for alternate currencies.
    - Fixed an issue where the window selector would not open the map.
    - Fixed an issue where the map window would not open the map toolbar.
    - Fixed an issue where the Task Overlay Window was not respecting user options.
    - Removed the potion belt and added a new hotbar. Hotbars now go to 11.
    - The guild window no longer resets your scroll position when a guildmember zones.

    - Changed -

    *** Previously Updated ***

    - Drusella's Vault - This event should activate properly again.
    - The Veeshan's Peak Agent of Change is now able to send you to the correct instance when Omens of War unlocks on Progression Servers.

    - The EverQuest Team
  2. Bobbybick Augur

    RIP Potion Belt 4ever in our hearts.

    Not really a reason for it anymore with click from bags enabled from the start now though.
  3. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    - Progression Server Instances - Added instance for Theater of Blood. An agent of change can be found in Arcstone (once the Prophecy of Ro expansion is open). The Twisted Harmonic Chime will be needed to obtain and enter the zone.

    Is there a reason the developers opted to not create Relic or Devastation AoCs for the open world raid mobs that are required for quests to request raids to complete the progression in this expansion?
    Boze and PathToEternity like this.
  4. Karhar Augur

    I use it on my cleric all the time, having 200 invis potions stacked up on potion belt is easy, currently you cant have all 200 on a hotkey'd from your bags.
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  5. Ghubuk Augur

    So for those of that worked on raising faction for VP (Ring of Scale), will we now lose our good faction? And will there be a way to raise faction with the new VP?
    Lorai likes this.
  6. Randragon Augur

    Four months in and still no fix for Headshot. I just tried it out and it's still the same. Very sad stuff indeed.

    Tired of posting, petitioning, Dashboarding and what not. It's still doing the same amount of damage as it was before the increased AA levels before RoS expansion.

    Yes, they do know about it but I guess after SCM they still feel the need to screw Rangers even harder.
    Fadenye likes this.
  7. mackal Augur

    What about targeted AEs, those have a similar issue :p
  8. Brohg Augur

    - Ranger - ?
  9. Brohg Augur

    you can. it'll count down the one stack, but show the next stack when that runs out. a chain of x/20s, instead of x/200. Less convenient for checking stock at a glance, but if you're running through 200 too fast to notice in your actual bags & resupply , maybe more substantial probs :p
  10. PathToEternity Augur

    Yeah this is not good news.
  11. Winnowyl Augur

    I'm going to miss the potion belt. The size and the fact that it totaled up all the potions of that type in your inventory was great.
  12. Sancus Augur

    Is there anyway to allow the hotbars to show charges on items, e.g. Firebound Orb, Mod rods, etc? That was my main use for the potion belt, it gave an easy way to see remaining charges. Not sure there's another way to do that.
    eepok, Tarrith, IblisTheMage and 4 others like this.
  13. Darchias Augur

    - Many original EverQuest zones have had their experience modifier adjusted for balance reasons and/or to encourage variety in leveling.

    Any possibility we could... get some details?
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  14. Sad Panda Elder

    I did not see any info about the EMP bug in ssra. If you wipe on the event you cannot go back in and try again. Anyone who enters the room after the event EMP is up you get DT'd instantly. Currently you have to one shot the event. Any attempt to go back in and try it again just gets the whole raid insta dead.

    The traps were disarmed so that was not the issue. I know folks like Aristo "aint got time for that" but maybe yall can take a look.
  15. mackal Augur

    Before and after values would be cool.
    Risiko and Fanra like this.
  16. Sad Panda Elder

    Plane of War? currently it is almost 0 xp.

    BTW what is considered original EQ zone - pre-Wow i mean Ldon or pre-pop?, pre-luclin? Can you narrow down what xpac this goes back to. :)
  17. Darchias Augur

    Heck, I'd be cool with a list of, "This ZEM reduced", "This ZEM increased" and "This ZEM remains"
  18. Rolaque Elder

    I agree. There is really no good reason for removing the potion belt. It was an actually handy feature for stacking identical potions.
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  19. Kahna Augur

    Or... you could revive some of the old thrill of the unknown and go explore different zones to see what they are like.
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  20. Rolaque Elder

    The highest level druid fire aura, Wildspark aura, still works only with spells level 105 and lower. Please raise the Wildspark Aura Effect from it's current level limit of 105 to at least level 110. If the level limit is not going to be raised, then at least post a reply that druids are no longer going to have a viable fire aura to use in RoS.

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