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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. EQ Dev Developer

    This thread is for new bugs and how to reproduce them only. Please keep all opinions, discussions, posts about balance, and anything else in the other thread.
    Patch notes and discussions thread
  2. Sonavaa_Bertox Elder

    Tradeskill tools that are not flagged COPIED, but are used in a recipe that includes copied tradeskill items, returns the tool with a COPIED flag.

    Jeweler's Glass (not copied)
    Uncut Goshenite (copied)
    Half-Moon Cut Tool (not copied)
    Half-Moon Cut Goshenite (copied) - EXPECTED
    Jeweler's Glass (copied) - Should not happen
    Half-Moon Cut Tool (copied) - Should not happen

    (Honestly, the Resultant Half-Moon Cut Goshenite should also not be copied regardless of tradeskill item tags in place, but that at least was there before the 'fix')
  3. Yinla Augur

    Logged in to test on an alt today was supposed to be entering the guild hall but ended up in Guk and got the following achievements.
    [Wed Mar 07 13:35:17 2018] You have completed achievement: Thundercrest Isles Traveler
    [Wed Mar 07 13:35:17 2018] You have completed achievement: The City of Guk Traveler

    Thundercrest Isles moved to Guk now?

    Also appears I am now no longer guilded. :rolleyes:

    Mod rods do not show how many charges left when put in the hot bar like they did with the potion belt. Cannot put items directly into the hot bar like you could the potion belt.
    Potions do not show total amount like they did on the potion belt, now only show how many in a stack.

    [Wed Mar 07 13:50:33 2018] You have entered Plane of Knowledge.
    [Wed Mar 07 13:51:29 2018] You say, 'Hail, Mechanical Fortune Teller'
    [Wed Mar 07 13:51:30 2018] Mechanical Fortune Teller says, 'My crystal shows both time gone by and time to come. Name a year: [five], [six], [seven], [eight], [nine], [ten], [eleven], [twelve], [thirteen], [fourteen], [fifteen], [sixteen], [seventeen], [eighteen], or [nineteen] and I will tell you what I see.'
    [Wed Mar 07 13:51:32 2018] You say, 'nineteen'
    [Wed Mar 07 13:51:32 2018] Mechanical Fortune Teller says, 'I'm afraid I cannot locate such an event right now. Perhaps a different one will be available to you today?'
    Shouldn't this be working on test?
  4. kyong Elder

    Found a bug. The last 3 ranks of Rogues Envenomed Blades (27, 28, 29) are now 3.3 Minutes while previous ranks (18-26) were 3.6 minutes. Could that be fixed for the top ranks to be 3.6 minutes....or 4! :)
  5. Prathun Developer

    Not this year, unfortunately. This went out to Test partially implemented.
    Thank you for checking it. It should be completed before the March update.

    Edit: This is completed internally.
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  6. drEvil Lorekeeper

    I made a POEB instance, cleared 3 minis + Ginto then dropped down to TRC area.. the tiki men are constantly chain spawning / despawning
  7. drEvil Lorekeeper

    Still a bug in AOC instance and normal zone PoTorment Saryrn fight, Sorrowsong paths into the stairs during the event and just stays down there and does not silence the room like hes supposed to during the event
  8. Inictus Lorekeeper

    This bug is most certainly not a top priority, however it's a bug. The NPC named Haladorf Wuirgon in Halas (the Berserker newbie armor quest NPC) does not give the armor quests correctly. I made a brand new Barbarian Berserker and when hailing this NPC, I do indeed receive the tradeskill combine container you are supposed to get, however, when he mentions the specific pieces of armor and they are clicked on (or manually typed), you do not receive the needed mold and he says nothing. There is also no other message (no failure or system message). I attempted each piece however the result is the same. In making other Barbarians, their armor NPC's are working just fine, just the Berserker one seems to be bugged.
  9. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I'll add it to a list.
  10. Rondor Elder

    On live servers if you say "make" in front of each keyword, like "make boots", then it works and he gives you the corresponding mold. Maybe the same on Test.
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  11. Prathun Developer

    Rondor is correct. All of the Berserker newbie armor dialogues currently require the word "make" or "make a" in front of the armor type. We can address this in a future update.
  12. Inictus Lorekeeper

    Ok great thanks. I'll try it later when I can login.
  13. Inictus Lorekeeper

    I'm assuming that the test login servers are down as I can't connect (but can to live servers).
  14. Pistols4Pandas Elder

  15. Sonavaa_Bertox Elder

    Following downtime on 3/10 TEST, self-combustion is triggering self-targeted Pyromantic Ignition.
  16. Ramstein_Povar Journeyman

    Expansion: RoS
    Quest: Apothic Dragon Spine Hammer
    If you happen to be a dummy and be on a group mission when handing the Hammer in to get the kill quest, it eats the quest item and the npc says it gave you the quest, however because you are on a group quest it does not give you the quest and it eats the quest weapon.
  17. garrionn New Member

    In group mission for Arx Mentis The Cost of Balance the power conduit seams to be broken. It is not targetable. The task can not be won without destroying the conduit. Please fix targeting issue in last fight on Cost of Balance.

    Thank you

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  18. Viceversa Lorekeeper

    @devs. Warders to mini aten (Va Xi Aten Ha Ra ) in Vex thall are not despawning.
    Which makes it so you cannot kill Mini Aten, Aten, or the last two blobs.

    Tested it in a instanced and every single named was killed except for those last 4.
  19. Prathun Developer

    From the patch note discussion thread,
  20. Prathun Developer

    Verified. We will fix this when we can. Thanks!
    Edit: This should go out with the March update.
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