Test Update 03/06/15

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    • Made some /hidecorpse settings persist across play sessions
      • looted
      • always
      • listed
      • listedunlocked
    • Added the ability to right click on a row in the shared list, as master looter, and quick leave on corpse/give to player.
    • Master looters will now see all of the players from their construct in the manage window after the ask has completed instead of only the ones that made a selection
    • Master looters will now properly be able to change the ND/GD/None choices of players after the ask has completed. Note that if a player marks no, they will show up in the list and will not be changeable.
    • Players removed from the group will no longer show up in the ask completed list.
    • Changing master looter during or after an ask has completed will no longer cause the new master looter to not see choices players have previously made.
    • The manage window will close if the master looter changes.
    • The manage window is now organized better and takes up less space.
    • Items left on corpse will now have a real item link instead of just the item name.
    • Items on your never list will now print a left item on corpse message.
    • "Set all to:" auto ask/roll (previously named Random in the list) will now start the auto ask/roll instead of just checking the column's box.
    • Added "Set all to:" roll, which rolls on any item in the ask completed state
    • Added "Set all to:" ask/roll, which starts an ask which automatically rolls after it is complete
    • Players added to the construct or entering the zone after an ask has completed will no longer be able to make changes in their UI for their ND/GD/NO state.
    • Stack-able items moved into your personal loot list will now always stack properly based on your group by NPC setting.
    • Rolls now display the item name that was rolled upon.
    • Roll result winner message now includes whether the roll was a need or greed roll.
    • Auto ask/roll will now only automatically apply when the row is new.
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