Test Update 03/05/2019 - Patch Notes and Discussions

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  1. EQ Dev Developer

    March 05, 2019

    *** Highlights ***

    - Added tabs to chat windows. See the UI section for more details.
    - New and old players are invited to play in the revamped tutorial.

    *** Items ***

    - Corrected a grammar mistake in the spell description of Drogan Goblin Familiar.
    - The evolving Efreeti Boots and White Satin Gloves will now accept Hero's Forge ornaments in their evolved state.
    - Look to the Marketplace this month for the Gnomish Heritage Crate. Each crate contains a random item. Trade these Gnomish Heritage items to your friends or collect them all yourself!
    - Corrected the cast proc on Bloodstaff to the higher damage Sympathetic Blaze of Fire VI. Corrected both the proc and cast proc on Deep Cavern's Shard to the lesser Spike of Corruption VIII
    - As a temporary solution until the core issues with real estate items can be solved we've implemented the following functionality for real estate anchors:
    - - Activating a Primary Anchor Transport Device or Secondary Anchor Transport Device without possessing the corresponding Anchor item will now give you a replacement Anchor.
    - - Druids and wizards whose Guild Hall Anchor has gone missing will be granted will be granted a replacement when logging in.

    *** Tradeskills ***

    - Secret Dawn Mace Muhbis will now return Trillion Cut Elder Mist Diamond and Oval Cut Elder Mist Diamond on failure.

    *** Quests And Events ***

    - Celestial Fists (Monk Epic) - The spawn in Karnor's Castle that has a chance to be a drolvarg pawbuster no longer shares an encounter with a drolvarg warlord. The remaining spawns in the room have a slightly higher chance of being a drolvarg warlord.
    - Prince Ralaifin Mission: A_giant_lapillus_lava_spiderling no longer summons.
    - Lost but Not Forgotten - Added an out of character message when speaking to Dismas Kaneriti that indicates that Lost but Not Forgotten is a two group mission.
    - Death, Death, Death - This event will be available for 4 weeks a year now, up from 2.
    - Unfettered Emerald Excellence - Removed particle effects from Unbearable Heat and Magnificent Presence.
    - Fight Fire - Fixed an issue that would cause it to not give the Leading a Charmed Life achievement. Note that you must have the targets charmed for at least a few seconds or they do not count for the achievement.
    - Delivery - The Duende Female Mold is no longer lost upon zoning.

    *** Spells ***

    - Changed Whispering Midnight Casting Fire, Whispering Midnight Casting Magic, Blazing Euphoria Casting Fire, and Blazing Euphoria Casting Magic to only work with spells that do damage.
    - Corrected the spell description for Hand of Holy Wrath VI.
    - Corrected a rounding error that caused critical spells to deal 1 less point of damage/healing than intended.
    - Percentage heal spells now display their name in healing messages.

    *** AA ***

    - Improved the rate that mercenary alternate advancement experience is gained.
    - - The mercenary AA experience granted by completing Clayton Teek's daily bonus tasks has been extended to cover levels 106-110.

    *** NPCs ***

    *** Mercenaries ***

    *** Collections ***

    *** Progression Servers ***

    - Phinigel: Updated the expansion unlock dates for The Broken Mirror and on to reflect the normal extra time in TDS for a level increase expansion.

    *** Miscellaneous ***

    - The water in Trials of Smoke is now stocked with Primordial Lion Fish
    - Made some improvements to dynamic zones to mitigate the issue that periodically prevents them from functioning on the Test server.
    - Added the following new emotes: /airlute, /facepalm, /faint, /fight, /fistbump, /freakout, /growl, /maybe, /no, /pie, /pizza, /rps, /ttth, and /yes.
    - Fixed a bug when looting items in a raid that would display the number of items remaining on the body rather than the number of items looted.
    - Fixed an issue where the event calendar would report that events end 59 minutes later than their actual end time.
    - Corrected an issue where melee attacks against slain targets would sometimes report as misses.

    *** UI ***

    - Corrected an issue where DoT damage on players would display the victim's name instead of the caster's name.
    - Improved the layout of the Marketplace window.
    - Direct damage spells caused by a twincast now have a flag at the end of the damage message instead of a separate twincast message. Twincasts of melee abilities are now indicated as twinstrikes.
    - Added the option to blink the active chat window when you begin typing.
    - Added tabs for chat. All existing chat windows will be put into new tabbed chat windows and will appear where they were placed before.
    - - You can move tabs around in the existing windows, or send the tabs to other windows.
    - - When using tell windows, by default all of the tells will go into a single tell window in separate tabs instead of opening a new window for each tell.

    - Added -

    - Changed -

    *** Previously Updated ***

    - Trials of Smoke - Fixed an issue that prevented looting of the sigils in the Trial of the Speaker's Amphitheater.
    - Spear of Fate - Corrected an issue where Ooglyn would sometimes fail to initiate the Test of Patience.

    - The EverQuest Team
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  2. Jhenna_BB Augur

    /airlute ftw!!

    That is just too damn funny :)
  3. Angahran Augur

    Does it seem odd they removed the trademark info ?
  4. kizant Augur

    Is it possible to not show a tab if there's only 1 in a chat window?
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  5. Boze Augur

    I couldn't figure out a way. Now there's a Main Chat border with a giant Main Chat tab inside it.

    Please let us remove tabs from windows or remove borders. (Or I hope I'm missing something?)
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  6. Kolani Augur

    CTRL+F, Delivery: Phrase not found

    I hope this was just a minor fix not worthy of the patch notes and not an overlook.
  7. Yinla Augur

    No fix for the item required for PoFire Delivery mission? The quest is currently uncompleteable as the item vanishes on zoning.
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  8. Zipe Augur

    This! I like this change but it'll also end up with LESS chat space on existing windows, since you are adding a header row for the tab name.
    Is it possible that if a window got a single chat tab then the tab name header merges with window name header?

    I am not going to use more than one chat tab on the 90% of my chat windows so this change will actually reduce my chat space. And by the end I'll only use it for hidding other's combat spam and maybe start using tell windows.
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  9. Moege Augur

    Sympathy to the people still playing necromancer,
    your evac is useless
    you get aggro when from dotted mobs after a rez

    What is this going to be month #2 ?

    But hey at least you can do /freakout when it happens and on death /facepalm.
  10. ~Mills~ Augur

    I am more concerned that its been 3 years since promised dot revamps. Don't want extra damage like others got just roughly the damage we currently used compressed into fewer casts. They have done about 100 different changes since that could have been time spent on this helping aristo considering he must just not have the time on his own.
  11. a_test_player_07 New Member

    Oh my goodness. You people are rockstars. We love you so much. THANK YOU!!!

    The new non-patcher login with the class EverQuest picture is absolutely minty fresh. Well done!

    Tabs. Tabs are a great idea and a...well, not bad execution, just one that feels very beta. But this is the point of test, isn't it? All of the people I asked in general chat had negative things to say. You've already got some great feedback here in the forums on how to improve them, so that's wonderful. For me, the tabs take up too much real estate. Love the concept, and once you use the feedback given here, I'm sure I'll love the feature. I loved the right click menu options for dealing with tabs, but disabling the tabs entirely, or setting the size of the tab itself to make it a bit more tame, would be a welcome change for me. Also, please don't think that the irony of this situation is lost on me: EverQuest uses code from 1999 when the newest Mario game was Super Mario 64, and yet EverQuest is up to modern standard of using tabs. Windows 10 is Microsoft's most advanced OS yet and the newest one and it still doesn't have tabs. You guys just pwnd Microsoft and with style (whom, in fairness and full disclosure, I like as a company, respect, and think they're going in a wonderful direction).

    Thank you for all you do, Devs, this is great stuff =)
  12. Ssdar Augur

    I have to say, I actually love the tabs as they are currently coded, but only after spending a lot of time modifying the new chat windows to work with my UI and removing the titlebar entirely. I definitely wouldn't want it to show both the window name and the tab name in a chat window if there was only one tab, but if they do end up being changed, I'd love an optional way to keep the functionality as is so I can still use my beautiful, new titlebar-less tabbed chat windows.
  13. Zipe Augur

    Well, I logged into Test and the UI Chat changes are worse than I expected. That design with double headers (for window name and for tab name) is awful, specially for those of use that are used to use borderless chat windows.
    Please, since you are revamping the Window UI, why not add borderless support? If you leave it as it is you are reducing the space for the actual chat, you are actually making it worse than what it was.
    The idea is awesome and I congratulate but there is an inherited bad UI design.
    There is the screenshot. Have a look on how aesthetic are the Double Headers on the windows and pads.
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  14. Duder Augur

    Draconic Poison (AC, ATK debuff poison) Blocks Gelid Rending (beastlord aa proc, 4k DD + 200atk debuff)

    I can understand the attack debuff portion of Draconic Poison blocking the attack debuff from Beastlords Gelid rending, but it is also blocking the DD portion which is considerable dps
  15. Symbius Augur

    Chat tabs are the devil. Hate that part of newer games and that it has become the standard.

    First thing I do is get rid of that , but it seems like you all didn't build in a way to get rid of the headers now with this update. Awful way to implement this change.
  16. Angahran Augur

    Love the chat tabs... NOT!
    So, not only have you forced us to have tabbed chat you are also taking up MORE screen space because chat windows with only a single tab in them still have the tab title!
  17. Cadira Augur

    Curious - are the changes to mearatas raid happening with this patch or is that being delayed until april?
  18. Wulerdar Elder

    those new emotes animated ?
  19. kizant Augur

    A lot of people are complaining but I think the tab implementation is pretty good overall. It works and looks nice.

    It's just when you have a single tab the available room for chat text is decreased and considering the default EQ UI is already pretty crowded it's a pretty noticeable loss.

    What would be nice is if you could remove or hide the window chrome/title bars and allow right-click on the chat window itself to open the same right-click menu that you get from the current title bar. Then see if there's a little more white-space that could be cut from the tab header. Or maybe add some sort of configuration icon to the far right-side of the text box where you type. It could just be a button to click to get the same window right-click options. Making the typing area slightly smaller wouldn't be a big deal.
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  20. Orbital101 Augur

    20th Anniversary Challenge
    -Does any type of cake work? I'm using Party Cake atm
    -Do you need to actually get the message 'You take a bite of your Party Cake or just consuming one at the location will work?

    Is it plan to open up on test ?

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