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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Mar 3, 2020.

  1. EQ Dev Developer

    This thread is for new bugs and how to reproduce them only. Please keep all opinions, discussions, posts about balance, and anything else in the other thread.
    Patch notes and discussions thread
  2. Gherig Augur

    Both the Overseer Ornamentation and the Collection Reward boxes now have options to claim them but when you try to collect the reward it fails, but leaves the reward options in your "completed but not claimed rewards" area.

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  3. Yinla Augur

    Just been in to look at this love the idea of being able to get missing collects from doing overseer quests.

    Is Velks Lab missed off the Velious set for a reason? or is it a bug?
  4. Yinla Augur

    Used potions from the Overseer merchant

    Essence of the Tranposed Elddar - crashed me to desktop - when I came back I was male in my usual robe. :oops:

    Essence of the Eldder - worked fine, I stayed as a female :)
    Essence of Corroded Clockwork - turned me into a Doug
  5. Yinla Augur


    Success plus failures still doesn't not equal the number of completed quests
  6. klanderso Developer

    Failure != completed
  7. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    We found a code bug that's fixed for the live patch. On test you can often keep trying and it will eventually give it to you.
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  8. Gherig Augur

    I clicked couple times and it finally gave me the selection for the actual item and completed the reward. Thank you for the fix on live.
  9. Moege Augur

    Each time you start a quest the focus of the window changes to the in active quests. I find that irritating as I then have to click back to the quest tab to start the new one. There is no point in switching to active quests if the new one is going to take 6+ hours
  10. Inga Elder


    I have Goblin Mapmaker x2 agents, Common Artisan (1).
    When I click "Select Agent" for !Artisan (1) agent or ?agent, Available Agents window shows Mapmaker x4.
    This is the only agent I have more than 1, so this bug may affect all agents, but I cannot confirm it.

    It seems to be Overseer Quest List do not upgrade well if you have already opened Overseer window when it rotate.
    I had to close and open it again to refresh for all new quests.
    (The List may show as many as before rotation. If you have chosen 5 quests before it rotate, it shows 5 less quests?)

    Level 1 Common Recruitment Quest Recruit Workers !Common Artisan (1) version
    Preview Reward shows Recruitment Overseer Experience + 5 Overseer Agent: Random Common Traveler (Diplomat, Merchant, or Explorer Job)

    Level 1 Common Recruitment Quest Recruit Fighters !Common Soldier (1) version
    Preview Reward shows Recruitment Overseer Experience + 5 Overseer Agent: Random Common Worker (Artisan, Harvester, or Scholar Job)

    I don't know if the collected reward jobs are wrong or not, as I haven't finished these Recruitment quests yet.

    3.19.1 Overseer Quests
    Overseer Quest Categories

    Stealth - Short duration that are best for Agents with Spy Job
    Harvesting - Medium duration that are best for Agents with the Harvester Job
    Research - Medium duration that are best for Agents with the Scholar Job
    Trade - Long duration that are best for Agents with the Merchant Job
    Exploration - Long duration that are best for Agents with the Explorer Job

    Stealth Quest Duration: 12h (Medium?)
    Harvesting Quest Duration: 6h (Short?)
    Research Quest Duration: 24h (Long?)
    Trade Quest Duration: 12h (Medium?)
    Exploration Quest Duration: 12h (Medium?)

    a mysterious presence (Overseer Merchant)

    Essence of Corroded Clockwork - Effect: Illusion: Form of the of the Transposed Elddar (as level 70)
    Essence of Elddar - Effect: Illusion: Form of the Elddar (as level 70)
    Essence of the Transposed Elddar - Effect: Illusion: Form of the of the Transposed Elddar (as level 70)

    Minor display issue

    When you assign an Agent to a quest, the Success % color changes to green (if it matches the bonus condition).
    If you hit Clear, the Success % goes back to default %, but the color doesn't go back to white until you choose different quest.

    Is Overseer Ornamentation Dispenser rewards implementation In Progress, do not show all rewards because of code bug, or intended?

    Sepulcher Ornamentation set looks fine.
    Ancient Ice Ornamentation set is missing Ancient Ice Broadsword, Hammer, Shield, Spear, and Staff.
    Resplendent Ornamentation set looks fine (as Resplendent Sword Ornamentation is VoA /claim).
    Lightning Rune Ornamentation set is missing Lightning Rune Mace, Scimitar, and Staff.
    There are more ornamentation not shown in reward window.

    Level 1 Rare Stealth Quest Deep Rumblings 2nd agent slot (1st Optional Quest Party slot) shows Bonuses: Orc and Negatives: Orc. Is this intended?
  11. Truncheon of Doom New Member

    I am currently working on the "I guess this is growing up" anni quest and have gotten stuck on the return to fireheart tavern and find discuit section. I got back to crescent reach and went to the tavern and no discuit. so went to his first spot near the trees and he was still there. I hailed and he reacted to "brooch" and asked if I was sure. I responded and he tried to set his bodyboard on me. at that point he didn't engage nor did a bodyguard pop nor could I attack. otherwise the rest seemed to work well.
  12. Thundersnake Lorekeeper

    Rare conversion isn't working as intended I think, I put 3 Rare agents in to convert them to a Random Elite agent and it's not increasing the success chance to 100%. I've tried different combos of jobs and agents and nothing changes the success chance from the base 74%.
  13. Yinla Augur

    Are you filling all 3 slots?

    I've just done this without an issue and got Emperor Crush!
  14. Kiadan Dakine Journeyman

    Any Update on the 21st Anniversary Quest with Driscuit in Hollowshade Moor? His friend "Discuit's friend" here is ready to attack me yet no sign of that iksar Driscuit. Camped out; zoned in and out, went back and hailed Driscuit again....nothing. Just this buffoon of an Ogre in Hollowshade Moor that is eager to get whooped.
  15. Thundersnake Lorekeeper

    Yea I am filling all 3 slots with Rares but I also tried 3 uncommon just to test and nothing changes the % chance of success.
  16. Inga Elder

    This bug didn't happen yesterday.
    Today, when I clicked Level 1 Common Crafting Quest, Brew for the Day ! Artisan (1) Select Agent (with 2 Mapmakers), Available Agents showed Elia (the Pure) x1 and (Goblin) Mapmaker x4 again.
    When I first saw the day before yesterday, I was poking Level 1 Common Crafting Quest, Best In Show.
    I tried to reproduce with other agents I have more than 1, but I couldn't. I am not sure this bug is limited to specific agent, category, etc.

    I didn't understand how quests rotate, so please ignore this part.
  17. Inga Elder


    I cannot see the words longer than 10-11 letters at Agents Tab > Traits, such as Shadowknig(ht?), Shadowed (Men?), and Necromance(r?).
    Changing window size doesn't fix this problem.

    Quest Name: Unknown DB String 249-56
    Category: Level 2 Uncommon Recruitment
    Description: Unknown DB String 249-57
    Required (!) Agent: Easy Spy (3)
    Preview/Collected Reward: Recruitment Overseer Experience + Overseer Agent: Retlon (Retlon Brenclog)

    Quest Reward is only 1 Uncommon card and that card is (always?) Retlong Brenclog.
  18. klanderso Developer

    Confirmed and created a task to fix this.

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