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  1. Ninelder Augur

    For good reason. The class has been getting the smelly end of the stick for most of EQ, even after the 12 years of meleequest when the devs finally figured out that a fantasy game shouldn't be so anti-magic.

    I can't even remember the last time i saw a wizard top parse. Every other "DPS class" can do it, some more than others. But those other classes have utility and armour and buffs that flesh out their classes. Wizards only DPS.

    Not saying they should be able to one-hand beat the other classes while watching soap operas, or that the others shouldn't get their time in the spotlight. But any balance scheme you want to make up has the wizard squeezing water from stones while the other classes cup overfloweth.

    If you are adjusting wizard DPS then you need to put them on the top of the DPS pyramid as a general rule of thumb. For most of EQ you have put the wizard under the pyramid. Give us all a break. The most obviously easy class to tune, and yer trying to do it with a rusty chainsaw.
  2. Maedhros High King

    You being max AA and well geared is like having the keys to a sports car, but it still takes a great driver to really push the car it to its limits.
    Findictive very often tops our raid parses as a ranger. You just have to know what you're doing.
    Some would say that the amount of dps a ranger is capable of combined with your healing and utility easily puts the class in to an overpowered state. Maybe think about it.

    Lumping beastlords in as a support class when they are capable of topping parse when well played also shows your lack of knowledge here.

    I can top undead parses, but if you don't understand that paladin slay undead does not fire on live targets, then I would appreciate you knocking off the nerf calls when you don't know what you're talking about.

    Personally I enjoy that an elite player of nearly any class can be competitive and that simply by rolling a berserker you can no longer top a parse with auto attack. Competition and parity are good.

    Of course, very few can beat a better than average necro right now, and exceptional ones are untouchable, but I am certainly not calling for a nerf, necro's can enjoy their time in the sun.
  3. Maedhros High King

    As with my reply to Zandez post: You being max AA and well geared is like having the keys to a sports car, but it still takes a great driver to really push the car it to its limits.
    The time to switch class to berserker was 5 years ago. The class was pretty much unbeatable when their Disconcerting disc was broken. Now you at least have to push some buttons to do well on a berserker.
    Wizards need love and it is seems like the class is finally going to get some attention.
    That being said, if bards and shaman are beating you on parse, you either have exceptional bards and shaman or you and your wizard crew aren't pushing hard enough.
  4. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    This is the reason. Sure, we had to change the AA lines as well to fill it in. And sure, it's small, but ever spell cast by every player had to check "am I a wizard". Now it does't. The AA check is already in the process of things, so the AA change did not add anything to processing of spells. Thus this change+ has the net result of less processing.

    And we don't hate wizards, we hate bards.

    Not really. We don't hate any class. I'm sure we have transitory frustrations with certain classes, but no hatred.
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  5. Metanis Bad Company

    Doesn't everybody?
  6. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I love Bards, they help make me awesome.

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