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  1. kizant Augur

    Nevermind. Maybe the weapon I'm looking for is on the vendor.
  2. Nukester Apprentice

    What about characters that have evolved them to level 5 and got plate stuff as a caster. I'm not seeing a clear description about that in the notes.
  3. Swiss Elder

    Can you please clarify what achievements from TBL will be required?

    In the other thread you said vanquisher but that would mean we don't get to use type 19s until after beating every raid achievement? Seems a bit much and really harsh to everyone that put in time to evolve to level 5 to have them reverted to 4.

    Maybe I'm misreading this but it does not sound kind.
  4. Brohg Augur

    There is a new "5+" tier of evolver, with the same augment slots as the 5s but with a bump in stats, requiring Vanquisher of The Burning Lands
  5. Syylke_EMarr Augur

    The 2 dashes at the front of this line means it is a sub-entry under the initial "- 10th Ring Questline - Made the following changes:" entry so should only be applicable that one quest line.
  6. Schadenfreude Augur

    There's a claim box on the bugged item(s) which lets you choose something you can use instead.
  7. Hickers Elder

    I too would like some clarity on exactly what achievements are required for Level 5.

    It strikes me that group level players should have a way of using type 19 augs. After all, the group level charms have slot 22, and the only way to get a type 22 aug is to clear raid trash. So was the intention for group players to go after type 19's or not?
  8. Ibadan Kun'Tirel Augur

    Several times per run, we've noticed players successfully making the jump, showing up on the other side, then suddenly poofing/warping to the arena start, causing the achievement to fail. We've tried several ways to prevent this: Removing all levitation, mounts, and all pets, jumping one at a time so that you don't 'jump into another player', etc, still to no avail. We think it might be lag related somehow? Regardless, the jump system often results in an unintended fail that isn't quite the same thing as 'falling'.

    As an aside, which is probably intended, you can collide with the flying mobs and not successfully complete the jump. This is happening, but for that we assume it's intended.
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  9. Ecchicon Elder

    The same things have prevented me from completing this one. I don’t have any issue, but some other players suffer these issues chronically. I assume it is related to lag or frame rates.
  10. Ecchicon Elder

    The additional of TBM and EoK (thank you so much, team!) doesn’t have any relationship with autogrant does it. Autogrant through EoK would be like an amazing dream come true.
  11. Goodn Augur

    If you are asking - is autogrant moving forward on the patch to include TBM and EoK - the answer is no. Based upon the conditions when autogrant started, you should be receiving up to and including TDS aas right now (4 expansions back).

    What this does answer (at least for now) is will autogrant continue through the next expansion without having to purchase an expansion? And the answer is yes. Since everyone will have TBM, the autogrant system can move to TBM aas for all.
  12. Zurril Elder

    Would you guys consider putting a single slot 19 spot put on the lvl 4 items instead of 3 slot 18's? That way lvl 4 would be 2 18's and a 19, and lvl 5 would be 1 18 and 2 19's. It could be a nice compromise for the folks who leveled everything to lvl 5 and have been camping the type 19 augs while not being on a raid team. Just a thought. Makes sense about the completionist requirements, but just figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.
  13. Greymantle Augur

    Or howabout making the slots 18/19 .
  14. Syylke_EMarr Augur

    The way I understand it (which could be wrong), the current tier 5 evolution stays as is (i.e. does NOT require raid achievements and has 2 type 19 slots). But there is a new tier above that with increased stats that DOES require raid achievements.
  15. Dewey Augur

    Please fix this, it breaks another mechanic I will explain below...

    If you have a lockout and you do the trail a second time. Then your lock out gets doubled. It starts at like 2 days, you do the mission a second time and it goes to 3 days. With this patch you can do missions every day for a year and not be able to loot 1 item from the mission. You could do these missions every day for 365 days straight, and only be allowed to loot an item on the first day.

    The above change only works if the "lock out" timer for the mission does not get increased by completing a mission with a lockout timer already on.

    I understand the intent, but it breaks the mechanic.
  16. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    We can do this on a quest by quest basis and did not make a mass change to all quests.
    This change is specific to the Coldain Ring Quest (and some parts of Shaman Epic, which did not make the patch notes for beta but will be live)
    we DO want to do the ebon and Radiant crystals... BUT, it is not as easy as it seems up front. Though they are currency, they are a special case of currency and it's not as easy as "moving" it. It's not even part of the currency system that shows on the currency tab. We have to actually change some systems AND make significant data changes. So it's a fairly large project that we hope to get to eventually.

    As for Krono.

    No. We want that front and center not hidden in a tab.

    we are looking at a systematic solution for this. We plan to scan characters for the plate items, and if they are not a plate class, we will give them the appropriate item in their item overflow. You will then need to delete the plate item and claim the correct item from item overflow.
    No achievements are required for level 5. I even removed the old group based content achievements that were there.
    For level 6... the requirements is ALL The Burning Lands Achievements.
    There is still a 5. As it is, if you have a 5, with the patch you have the same item, but the stats are drastically reduced (to slightly better than level 4) AND it now has a reward set claim button that will allow you to claim the level 6 if you qualify.
    I did not change the slots.
  17. Smokezz Augur

    Pretty sure this really means that if you do say the Trial of 3, and you do it again WITH a lockout - you can't loot from the Trial of 3 chest. You should be able to loot from all of the other trials. This makes perfect sense to me. It certainly is worder in such a way that it sounds like *ANY* lockout makes you ineligible to loot from the chest on the trial you're doing...
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  18. Yinla Augur

    I hope your right, but thats not how it reads.
  19. Zurril Elder

    Awesome, thank you!
  20. Dewey Augur

    You're not understanding the issue. The problem is when you do the mission you get time added to your lockout. You can't loot with the lockout. So this creates a situation where you can do the mission daily and only get loot the first day.

    365 days of no loot from the mission just because your helping others.

    The issue is that now you don't get to be in on the loot, but your lock out timer is increased.

    The lock out timer needs to not increase on any mission you do where you can't loot.
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