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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by KevinMcP, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. Beimeith Augur

    Math is not your strong suit, you're off by a factor of 10+

    (Unless you are talking about level 65 or lower mobs).
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  2. Iila Augur

    Have you tried this with target limited beams?

    Because that's not how other targeted AEs work. If the pool of targets is the same, the same mobs will be hit by each AE. I can slam a 4 target rain or a 5 target AE nuke into a pile of 20 mobs and the same 4 or 5 will be hit by each of those AEs until one/some of them die and target pool changes.

    The mage beams have half the mana cost of my 5 target AEs, and I can knock out 3-5+ sets of five in a non-sustained kite by using some burn discs. A mage should be able to knock out 5-8 sets of twelve without much of a problem in the mana department. Can they do with it with an unsnared pile of mobs? Or will they still need to pull enough to lag out the zone so that the mobs are manageable? Maybe they'll have to start pulling a zone lagging amount, plus however many sets they intend to kill so that the pile stays under the control the whole time.
  3. gcubed Augur

    Actually, I have with beams. Quite often they do hit the same targets but not always. I never have been able to figure out why it changes but it does.

    There are two aspects of this change. The first aspect is the obvious. SOE intends to make beaming not worth the effort, just as they did back in TSS with wizard unlimited target beams. Once SOE put a target limit on those beams the wizzies stopped beaming because it wasn't worth the effort/risk any more.

    The second aspect isn't so obvious. Basically, SOE is also stating that if the mages think lagging the zone is still worthwhile to kill even fewer mobs than they currently can, then very soon mages will look back fondly on the days when their beams could hit 12 targets instead of 4 or 6.
  4. Dalamyre Journeyman

    I had 2985 aa's I used /resetaa clicked auto grant and zoned the first zone I had the aa's granted but it showed 0 used I zoned again and it showed 5100 used aa's on my 90 war and then I used up the remaining 2985 I had banked. I tried to /resetaa again and it showed all my aa's as 0 but they were still used on the actual ability screen when I zoned again it did not reset my aa but did show the amount used again. So my guess is after you are granted the aa's /resetaa does not work anymore must do it before you are granted the aa's.
  5. Kreacher Augur

    I'm pretty sure he is saying that if you had a bunch of (currently tradable) Ceremonial Elixir of Scholarship, You can put them into your guild bank or shared slots, and then when they go No Trade, then ANYONE in that guild/account can still retrieve them.
    I don't know if that works - but it does seem reasonable.
  6. Miss_Jackie Augur

    Why? Why would you do such a thing?
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  7. Aghinem Augur

    Refer to this monster I unintentionally started:


    And PS. I haven't been able to post a /bug report on this because it won't let me. Every other zone, my mercenary disappears. It suspends itself and the game treats my toon as if I don't own a mercenary; so when I attempt to post a bug report, it tells me you must own a mercenary first. The option the mercenary window gives me is to "suspend" - when I do - I wait five minutes, then click "unsuspend". ANNOYING!!! This happens every other time I zone!!! Is anyone else experiencing this?
  8. Kolani Augur

    Because it's going to be HILARIOUS and a giant middle finger to all the people who were hateful to Elhana and accused her of not playing on the server when she called attention to it here years ago. If people hadn't been mean to Lana, I'd be supporting you, but really, you can all bite me after the way you treated her.
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  9. Archery Lorekeeper

    Is this a Joke??? After all these years of playing on FV with Ceremonial Elixir's of Scholarship, it is now just GONE with no more warning than the next patch!! You call that "FAIR WARNING"? This topic has been debated for 14 years. Now to be changed in the next patch you think you can call that "Fair Warning" and make it so? After 14 years of working with this system Fair is the very last word any reasonable person would use in describing you behavior.

    This is merely one facet of the mass of changes to the fiber of Everquest.

    We have created charters through years of study, research, game play and interaction with people on every server and every class. In order to play your character/class to the maximum potential one has to rely on the rules of play.

    Failing that (the ability to rely on the rules of engagement) it is pointless to spend all these years in a search for excellence.
    You started with the logical argument that zones were being lagged or stopped completely by people taking advantage of Beaming in a way totally not intended. That makes perfect sense and none could pose a reasonable argument against it on any basis other than greed.

    HOWEVER, to use that as a springboard to nurff characters throughout the game is cavalier and capricious at best and mean spirited and double-dealing at worst.

    Rangers, after the last nurff, were told by SONY that it had now made the class play as intended. We believed you and for at least 8 years played and develop Ranges based on the believe that you meant what you said. NOW, after all these years of playing and developing a Ranger based on that belief you take away the very thing that makes Rangers a distinctive and viable class! A Ranger without the ability to use his bow becomes nothing more than a weak Rogue.

    How can anyone move forward in this game feeling that anything you say is valid?? What are you thinking?

    I started Everquest in September 2001, when my son's were teens and the game was all we had in common. Through the rebellious teen years we still had EQ. I have dearly loved the game for that. As I continued to play I found that Everquest was exactly suited for my free time enjoyment. I played and played and played.

    Now you change basic game play after years of stability and use a new and serious abuse of the game as an excuse. Everquest has always given much thought and discussion with the players before making almost any major change. This is not in keeping with anything Everquest as established, believed in and developed such a popular game based on.

    New developers who feel empowered to destroy the very fiber of the belief system in the game and it's structure need to be supervised and either corrected or extinguished.

    We, the loyal player of Everquest, have been betrayed. I have 16 accounts in the game and will move my money and time away from any SONY product. If you can't trust the developers and policymakers of the product you just walk away. Were this in any real life venture at all you would be in court for years. NOBODY that behaves like this can retain any respect or value in the purchasing public.
  10. Tarrin Augur

    I would think that no class wants its viability tied up in PLing people. I would feel sad for anyone that felt their class was only useful for this.
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  11. Izcurly Augur

    14 years? The FV server itself has only been around for 12.5 years. The item in question has only been around for 9 years. F2P (the feature that allowed this to go hog-wild) has only been around for 2 years. People who didn't know it was an exploit....zero.
  12. Yinla Augur

    It is one item which has caused a lot of upset last year, this year they have fixed it, along with a lot of other stuff which has needed fixing on all servers for a while.

    I applaud SOE for having the balls to fix mistakes even if it makes them unpopular at the time.
  13. Marshall Maathers Augur

    Whether the fix needed to made or not, or whether they knew about it forever or not, if any change happens to gameplay which they suggest you log in and act in a certain way before the patch goes live, it is a kick in the teeth for it not to be mentioned somewhere more reliable for people to see it before it is put live.

    I don't even know what the quest is, and have never played on FV, but I know what common decency looks like.
  14. Miss_Jackie Augur

    What's Lana have to do with Sony making them no-trade? Are you on the crack?
  15. Kolani Augur

    Goosh, Lana posted in 2012 when F2P went in that they were a problem, she was attacked by people telling her that if she didn't like it, she could leave the server. By people who had transferred there or started there within the year. I lost all sympathy for potion farmers after that.
  16. Miss_Jackie Augur

    You sure about that? Because I have other sources that say otherwise.

    Again, can you tell me how that has anything to do with Sony making them no-trade?
  17. Archery Lorekeeper

    I do not Player level. I have helped guild-mates from time to time but I disagree with the entire concept of having any player Power Leveled. One will not learn the class, the myriad of techniques for solo, group and Raid play. I just like playing a Ranger. After years of development my main Ranger, he is tuned to max DEX. Every facet of his equipment is geared to maximize a Rangers skill set.
    As I understand the nerf that has been wasted time. Archery will never function as he was designed. Melee has always been the best DPS for a ranger over the long haul. But HS was such fun and now it's gone as I read the plan.
    I've done this countless times on many Rangers on many servers. Each time working them up from level 1, maxing their AA's as they go. I enjoy the challenge and ever strive to make a more effective character.
  18. Parts Journeyman

    Might want to add "ARCANE TONGUES" to the list of non-auto granted AA, its the tradeskill one for research, and is not on your list at the moment for excluded ones. Thanks.
  19. Garshok Augur

    So how when you say that Mortal Coil needs the number of hits reduced, many incoming hits were there against you, including dodged, parried, and riposted?

    Doing Kaesora 'A Council Divided' I am getting 3607 incoming hits using a 2HB (758 landing and 2849 dodged, parried or riposted) and with a 1HB and shield 3277 incoming hits (586 landing and 2691 dodged, parried or riposted). This is in addition to outright misses (1046 and 872, respectively). Not that Mortal Coil is needed there, but if it was, looks like mortal coil residue would prevent MC from being sufficient.

    This is with 73 and 75 mobs, netting 3.84 and 3.94 AA per run respectively at level 100, and requiring disks that allow ~4 swarms (~16AA) per hour.

    It also doesn't account for the mob inflation in Underfoot which makes real swarming in later zones impractical. Even with the current unnerfed system, swarming is pretty much dead for SKs at max level, as it is, with the the next level cap increase further reducing/eliminating the current meager returns.. While mileage with your partially raid-geared 95 alt may differ, most SKs I know would rather do something else for exp.

    [As SOE's intent is to prevent swarming, I would just as soon have the leech effect completely removed from MC in order to make sure that the stake is firmly embedded in swarming, but color me a bit skeptical abiout your claims that the incoming hit counters are too high without any supporting parses.]
  20. Moklianne Augur

    Not sure if this was already mentioned, but Salvage is being autogranted. I didn't think this was intended since the other tradeskill AA's are not autogranted.

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