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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by Hludwolf, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. ShadowMan Augur

    Last stand, pain doesn't hurt, hit point pools........................................ you know all that stuff that keeps them ahead of others for tanking in the really tough scenarios.
  2. Lianeb Augur

    Yeah you're right. I am back to the 3 out of every 10 now.
    Let's also not forget your HP buff (always on unlike mine), Your defensive discs, now with 4% less mitigation than Last stand.

    Oh and self healing and taps.

    Again, Warriors on raids?
  3. Sokon Augur

    Lowered the volume of the sound effect that plays when earning a new AA point.

    thank god, know how many people don't use sound just cause of the volume of aa ding, lolol
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  4. Borlek New Member

    They were unable to patch to play on Live too (it was giving them the test server list). I was telling them how to fix to be able to play on Live again and not how to fix the test crash bug.
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  5. Rhaage Augur

    The manaburn change was expected.

    The GoDR change should be reversed (or Flesh to Poison should be modified) to maintain the functionality that existed prior to the patch.

    The swarm pets should not be on the same timer. Grouping necro's often use 2 (or 3) of the most recent swarm pets and 2 or 3 of their most recent swift dots. Linking the swarm pets cuts out something like 15% of their contribution to the group.
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  6. deftrance New Member

    Update: I just tested on another Windows 10 machine, this one running Intel HD 4400 and crash on selecting Test as well, so not just happening on my NVIDIA machine.
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  7. Reht Augur

    Ludacris agrees that the changes are ludicrous.....
  8. Utaerx Elder

    Really, I need to ask to any Devs that might be reading this thread: what is the stated purpose of these necro changes? Because as far as I can see, the only thing they will accomplish is to make wizards the undisputed most powerful caster DPS by a large margin. They will completely destroy us on sustained DPS because of manaburn and the reduced number of twincasts we'll be able to get off with GoDR. This is supposed to be our purported niche, and yet a "burst" class is going to be wiping the floor with us on sustained after these changes go live. Mages will even be better than us because at least they get manaburn boosting their DD's, which is saying something given the nerf train you've ran on them. So is the goal to basically make all other caster DPS obsolete? We all know you can stack as many wizards as you want into a raid. I guess the new Top 5 raid build is going to be 11 wizards and 1 mage to summon mod rods for them? It sounds like a joke, but this is basically what you are encouraging with this BS.
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  9. Dre. Augur

    I am very curious to hear an official statement regarding what prompted these changes, what DGC's vision is for tanking in EQ, and specifically what the plan for the future of the Warrior class is.

    These are the kind of sweeping and core balance changes that should necessitate devs engaging the player community during the design process, rather than simply notifying the playerbase of what's to come.

    Patch summary from the other thread. It's like feedback for these MAJOR tank changes is not even on DGC's radar. This is barely a step above being ninja-patched in. Reading other posts in this thread, it seems like tanks aren't the only ones under discussion blackout.

    Community team - can we do better here?
  10. mackal Augur

    Quoting so hopefully it doesn't get lost, although the devs should be able to debug the issue themselves. Styop with the windows version non-sense and crying so the devs have a chance to see this.
  11. fransisco Augur

    In https://forums.daybreakgames.com/eq/index.php?threads/february-2016-patch-preview.230574/
    It was explained that aggro rules are being changed. The numeric value changes in knight spells are happening because of that. There will be no increase in amount of agro from these abilities (which are NOT only knight spells).

    Besides, the only people who have agro problems in this game are pet owners. Tanks can afk bot 3 other characters and never have agro problems right now.

    Otherwise, proceed to feel the sky is falling again
  12. Zarzac Augur

    Another confirmation of login issues:

    Windows 10 box 78XX amd card: can not log in
    Windows 7 box R7 amd card: can log in

    On the Win 10 machine I attempted to set launchpad and eqgame to run in Win 7 compatibility mode and was still unable to get in.
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  13. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Thanks for adding this it will finally end people blocking others from showing up in /baz searches.
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  14. Anthony CT New Member

    Between broken raids, missions and now nerfs, that's pretty much it for me. Cancelled two accounts this morning. If the purpose of Daybreak buying this company was to drive it into the ground, I'd definitely say mission accomplished!
  15. DruidCT Augur

    To some extent the reason is to combat mudflation. If your fix to something that overpowers a class is to raise abilities of all other classes (and missions/raids) you get a cycle of ability and event inflation that (as we see here) is difficult to undo without pissing in people's wheaties. You will never get buy-in from the players so its going to happen without their input. It's a classic problem with these types of long running games.
  16. Zarzac Augur

    Custom UI seems to be failing as it will not load.

    No error message however is being given.
    Only thing in the log is "UIErrorLog created at" then datetime.
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  17. Kongfoo Elder

    Necro pet swarms are overpowered if they are all unlinked. They are able to solo just about any named and it takes no skill to do so when using these spells. This was said earlier in the thread by someone else but I agree with it. The swarms should have 2 timers. A timer for spells at 85, 95, and 105. And a timer for the 90 and 100 spells. This will balance the swarms to not have insane soloing ability but leave in the dps balance. Even without swarms necros are still one of the best classes for soloing named but it actually takes skill to do so.

    The GoDR patch is uncalled for. Necros already have to do an insane amount of work to keep up with other classes in dps. Now on top of swapping spell sets constantly, they are going to have to nuke between each DoT. This is going to give no reason to play a necro on raids. Their dps is going to be behind most classes in every aspect and they also will be much more difficult (mostly annoying) to play.

    TLDR: Create 2 timers for swarms. One for 85, 95, and 105. One for 90 and 100. Leave GoDR alone.
  18. Gnomeland Augur

    Did a lot of testing last night.

    Pet aggro: as bad as before. Not worse because, at the minimum, swarm pets are again able to pull aggro from the main pet. I didn't observe any "bugs" with pet aggro the time I tested it, except for the one where you're now able to use the pet to pull a single from a group without pulling the ones around it. Aggro itself is just worse than it was before the whole train of changes. You have to wait now before starting your DPS. In no way are pets capable of holding aggro on burn groups in this state, so on top of the Knight changes, pets are definitely not main tanks for quality groups.

    Knight changes: I tested this quite a bit last night, and my findings are:
    • It's about a 25-30% reduction with Defensive Proficiency, and about a 50% passive DPS gain with Two Hand. I imagine this is because the latter doesn't multiply with other Knight DPS passive abilities.
    • For Shadow Knights, Defensive Proficiency stacks with Mantle/Carapace/Unholy Guardian cool downs, but it doesn't fully stack. Thus, I'm not getting a 30+36% = 66% but along the range of 40-45%. Thus, rares that were hitting for 20,000 on other classes, were hitting for about 11,000-12,000 with both Defensive Proficiency & a cool down running, and about 14,000 with just Defensive Proficiency running. I tested this with sit on normal mobs, as well, to look at their max hits.
    • The 5% Knight's passive doesn't look to stack with Defensive Proficiency - ie I'm not getting a 35% reduction. So it's basically useless unless you're using Two Hand.
    • With ALL of the above in play, a Shadow Knight with reasonable success can now tank rares without needing chain heal by a player Cleric. I tested this with a level 100 group Shadow Knight in full Frightweave, with about 110,000 health in combat & 9,800 armor, on Roon, Shoon, and various other rares that were up in COTF Karana. A single mercenary healer can now keep up with the damage except in cases such as Lava Mantle, who has ridiculous single target DPS that still 1-2 rounds you even with 40-45% defensive. Nonetheless, without cool downs, you still die on bad rounds. This is WITH me pressing abilities such as life drain, two hit block, skin, etc., so it isn't passive tank.
    • The above shows that the changes aren't as over the top as people think, and just how hard it was for a group Knight to tank content he was designed to tank prior to the changes, as COTF was designed for players who just finished the previous expansion, such as the level 100 group Shadow Knight. Now, I will say that I had a lot less DPS than the standard group, because I was busy on the Shadow Knight and didn't have the time to play well on the DPS box, and no slow, because the fact is, you're not always going to have slow, so it ought to go easier with a full group that's able to finish the fight in <4-5 minutes and which has slow.
    • I also tested, briefly, a 85 Paladin and a raid Shadow Knight. The 85 Paladin felt, even with Defensive Proficiency, weak against rares in House, but then again around this level, they've yet to get all their later abilities. Raid Shadow Knight was obviously ridiculous and can now molo rares in current content. I obviously did not test their ability on raids because this is Test we're talking about.
    All in all: pets are now way below players, their aggro is still bad, though a few positive changes for Mages' swarm pets. Group knights are now at the state where they're able to tank "up to their level" in current content without requiring a player Cleric/a high DPS group, which is what they needed before. Raid Knights are liable to be beyond that, and need to get looked at.
  19. Forbine New Member

    Still nothing on the log in issue? Cool.
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  20. Turayalon Lorekeeper

    On the right side in tweets its showing a post 2hr old saying people can successfully login but alas the game still crashes when you hit play in TEST. Windows 10, Nvidia card.
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