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  1. Samuiii New Member

    IMO the base damage of wizard spells needs an increase. Damage is really all wizards have. We dont have pets to tank for us and we offer not other utility. What ever happened to kiting? There are no kite camps to speak of anymore. With our current dps even if there was wizards couldn't solo. Mages, necros and chanter charm allow them to solo fairly easy. Mages and Necros can even solo some group missions. Where's the balance?
  2. Zish Elder

    Please do not go through with the changes to Renux and General for the rogue epic.

    You are solving a lot of problems with these changes, but this is going to create a whole bunch of new ones.
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  3. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    Unpopular opinion time, I think 16 year old Rogue epic loopholes being fixed alongside a bunch of bottleneck fixes is good for the game overall, bye bye super easy Rogue epic, easiest epic of all (after Shaman epic loopholes got fixed you should really have expected this) you will be missed, now you Rogues will have to work just as hard as everyone else has been, you had that quest good for a long while though.
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  4. Vizier Augur

    I get that they need to nerf the amount of spells but how about doing something to boost up the DPS you are taking away to bandaid your underperforming servers?
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  5. Zish Elder


    You think it was unintentional that Renux and General dropped the daggers that they did?

    This is a change simply for the sake of change. You speak of bottlenecks, do you understand how many bottlenecks this is going to create for rogues? You're now required to get 4 rare robes from rare spawns and required to get 4 rare swords from rare spawns. It was never intentional for this to be forced on players.

    And please, let's be real, none of this is 'work' anymore. It hasn't been for nearly twenty years.
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  6. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    Then why are you so upset?
  7. Zish Elder

    Because it's a pointless change to 20 year old content in order to do nothing other than add time invested.
  8. Gnomie Journeyman

    The 15 minute backstabs after being 99% slowed was a nightmare.
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  9. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    But that's exactly the point of making the change, now it is eating up an amount of time closer to the other epics rather than being the easiest fastest epic, are you going to miss your go-to Krono source or something?
  10. Moege Augur

    4 robes is going to become krono sources.
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  11. Gnomie Journeyman

    I've played a rogue every TLP; and honestly I think it's a good change. I've always done the burning rapier early on, but always thought it was lame that Renux always dropped the dagger and let you bypass half the quest. You still had to get the 4 robes (unless you were insanely lucky with General drop), the only thing you can't bypass anymore are the weapons.
  12. Zish Elder

    You're really not thinking this through.
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  13. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    I don't really need to, I'm happy with the change, you're not, so if you want me on board you're going to need a more persuasive argument than "I don't like it because it will take longer to do".

    I plan on making a Rogue on the next TLP for what its worth, and I am still happy with the change.
  14. Zish Elder

    Okay, but why?

    The only reason one would be happy with this forced timesink is if they were jealous of the speed at which it originally took, which is what it really seems like your issue is.

    "Oh no more freebies for rogues!"

    It's been the same quest for twenty years. This is a pointless change.
  15. Troutfest Augur

    - - Brother Zephyl, Brother Qwinn, Ran'un, Brother Velan Torresk, and Thena Lonnes have grown in strength. They are much more dangerous. Also, persons killing these folks will be greatly disliked by monk factions.

    Not sure how much harder these are but hopefully you keep in mind that some other named are on the spawn cycle of these such as Hasten and Maldyn and there is still a way to get them to spawn without requiring a raid force or trashing faction just to get some Jboots.
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  16. Herf Augur

    I've heard that the Rogue epic is pretty marginal as far as 'epic'ness. If that's true this will ensure no one ever completes it.
  17. xmPradah Not a dude

    Think of all the time saved on pick pocketing (or having to PP while someone is trying to kill Tani or Founy) and trying to outclick others for Eldreth.
    All these items can be obtained in classic, in your 30s/40s. This hardly seems like a big deal to me. I've personally never seen General drop the quill, so that subquest has always been considered necessary to me. This change wouldn't deter me from rolling my Rogue in the future. Not saying I like the change, but it's whatever to me.
  18. kizant Augur

    I've got a little more Wizard info and I've updated my web app for estimating DPS. There's a version at http://test.kizant.net with the new changes.

    For a basic sustained spell lineup without any special ADPS or abilities being used I imagine it will be a 3% DPS decrease for Wizards.

    In the highly specialized case where we have Fury of the Gods, Twincast, Quicktime, and can count on Wildscorch and Wildether for extra procs the DPS goes down by around 47%. So, that one trick we could do for 20 to 40 seconds a raid event is now dead.

    However, I'm wondering if this change would be a good excuse to remove the twincast blockers on Wildscorch? The spell became useless those were added during TDS but then in RoS there was a 1 damage component added to the main spell that made it viable again. Now it's back to useless. They were only added in the first place so extra Improved Twincast charges wouldn't be used but there's zero reason anyone should waste ITC on small nukes like that. And if it's not going to spam a lot of procs anymore.. it may keep at least 1 more spell relevant.
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  19. IblisTheMage Augur

    great read, thanks all.
  20. scaethach New Member

    Are you seeing enchanters actually charm solo in current content? I haven't tried every zone but the scaling has made the pet DPS both lower than my summoned swords and completely unreliable, and merc healers strip their tash which is an instant break. It was my favorite tool for a long time but "soloing fairly easily" sure isn't what I associate charm with now.

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