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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. Rivitt Elder

    At least SKs still have epics worth getting. Most classes lost them a long time ago.
  2. Rivitt Elder

    Thanks for that.

    That SK is obviously extremely talented with a great spell set up, timing and utilization of all his resources. People should applaud his skill while recognizing that ordinary players would be dead by the 6th spider.

    I'm really sick of us being nerfed because of what wonderful_player_01 does.
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  3. Champ Lorekeeper

    Why on God's green earth are you messing with Phinny's picks? You guys nothing better to do?
  4. Gidono Augur

    This is game wide, not just on Phinigel.
  5. kizant Augur

    I may regret bringing this up but here's another bug related to Chromatic Haze and a wizard spell which I think many of us agree still needs some adjustments.

    If I use Wizard Dicho while I have CH or GoHT then it will crit 100% of the time but it will not use the CH counter. Of course, wizard dicho won't benefit from the crit damage modifier so we're only getting partial benefit but it's still a bug right?

    At this point in the game when wizards are in need of a small dps bump and we are once again struggling with mana. Why not just remove the excessive restrictions on dicho? It would fix this bug. Or at least figure out a way to make it not eat 2 FD charges for 1 cast and ideally have it twincast too. Two things we thought we're going to be addressed shortly after TBM was released but never happened. You know you want to look at this again!
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  6. phenotype New Member

    so, im all for fixing the game so that shadowknights cannot swarm current content ( fyi cant be done unless you have great group support)

    But breaking the foundation that a class is build upon... really? are you trying to make me spend less money on your game? if so congratulations its working i have played a sk off and on for 17 years now... add up the subscription fees on that..... to fix swarming why dont you add a function like after X mobs on agro they teather and summon or banish, or after x amount of mobs they start death touching.. instead you are going to break mortal coil, epic, self life tap buffs Group and raid sk's as a class in one update?

    in the name of class balancing im also looking at what you have done to the mage class, the necro class and now the sk class i dont see any balance going on with what some other class's are able to do.
    after all the time i have spent on your game and money to play it, this is another slap in the face saying oh congratulations on spending thousands of hours on our game by the way you.
    for me i guess there are other games to go spend my money on. and i would rather move to a different game then have to roll another class and redo thousands of hours of content just to be usefull to my group/guild/raid.
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  7. Brolie Lorekeeper

    I may have missed it but do locked instances count towards the pick spawn?
    for example will new picks spawn if the old one locked and there is enough in main and any open instance to spawn another, or is it bugging out and waiting for the locked instances to fill to spawn a new pick?
    Has anyone tested this I'm hearing mumblings about it but nothing concrete.
  8. Krazzi Lorekeeper

    If the goal is to stop swarm kiting,(which is normally a bunch of lower level mobs), and they want to nerf mortal coil for a 3rd time (already added mortal coil residue, and then a hit limit) they could have just made it so you cant proc it off the light blue cons. Mortal coil/ epic/ leech curse arent the reason we can tank multiple mobs, it's cause ever ability we have is a lifetap and tank stances are overpowered as a whole. If, you dont want tanks to be able to tank more then one mob, you should nerf the wurmslayer buff too, if you swarm kite that will save you more hp, than mortal coil. If on the other hand the goal is just to nerf SKs for no reason, just delete our dots from the game (all of them), i dont think anyone would care about that. Also does that mean items like the belts that proc slow will only work on your current mob now??
  9. Randragon Augur

    I was just checking out the new Mercenary setup and it looks great. I am very grateful for an update to mercs. But Whats going to be a pita is that the merc gear is different for each type and now the merc gear plan doesn't change out on the fly. This means we will have to have all that gear in a bag for each type of merc we pop. Unless I am missing something, this is going to be a pita as I stated earlier.

    Is this intended? Can a Dev give me an answer please?
  10. Hellboy007 Augur

  11. Metanis Augur

    I wonder, will all these merc changes affect the mercs we already have or will we have to get rid of the current ones and buy new ones to ensure they get the new modifiers?
  12. svann Augur

    I already did have 3 sets (tank, healer, caster) of merc gear. Not sure if Im not understanding what you are saying. Id agree that it would be nicer if the gear could switch out easier, or if the merc itself just wore the gear instead of me handling it.

    Id also like to see visible merc gear someday.
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  13. Lisard Augur

    the super inflated heroics on the new merc gear, are not adding anything to the merc, they are only receiving the base hp/mana/end on the items lol.
  14. svann Augur

    edit: Was going to say to add the new file to your custom ui folder, but Im also seeing that heroic stamina does not add hp to merc (on test).
  15. Hludwolf Developer

    Locked instances cannot fill (no one can access them who are not already there)
    Locked instances will unlock if a new instance is needed
  16. Spooky Elder

    You guys are silly. Now you can get yourself into your very own pick zone for hours/days in some zones? And you encourage training?

    Revert this nonsense.
  17. Aydin New Member

    I understood that the change to Druid DoTs was meant to help our damage, but on TLP servers the change is a definite nerf. Is this a bug or intended?
  18. Stormblossom Journeyman

    Sorry to say but forcing group breakups with these mechanics is insane. I have friends who quit eq2 over exactly that issue. Zone to group should always be an option. Putting a fixed time to close under certain population with a countdown would be a far better approach.
  19. Asmadeus Journeyman

    Correcting myself there, the +375% damage does work on dot-with-nuke-base ticks as well, I just got fooled because on my test of ~4-5 hazes none of the ticks critted, so the damages were similar to regular crits with no boost.

    So the only "problems" are:
    - it doesn't apply crit modifier on dots, so relative to nukes that are sure fire crits this will yield much lower boost (*4.75 instead of ~*24)
    - it doesn't work on pure dots, which I guess would have been intended, but the less things this works on the better here as control is getting tricky already :p
  20. smash Augur

    I would like if the merc themselves have the equip, so if i swap to a healer merc, it wil have the healer equip, if i swap to tank, it will ahve the tank equip. Equip I ofc got and equipped it with. So if i have 2 healer mercs, they would have their individual equipment...

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