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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. EQ Dev Developer

    This thread is for new bugs and how to reproduce them only. Please keep all opinions, discussions, posts about balance, and anything else in the other thread.

    Patch notes and discussions thread
  2. Jaera Augur

    Instance Lockout/Crash Bug

    How to reproduce: Get 75 unique lockouts in the Dynamic Zone window (Luclin + PoP instances are more than enough) then continue to complete events that would add entries to the DZ window.

    1. (Everyone/Everytime) Lockouts are granted when an encounter is defeated, but will "vanish" when you zone or reload the game. These lockouts will be removed as other lockouts time out and are removed from the window.
    2. (Occasional) Lockouts with absurd timers (20000+ days) and gibberish names / characters will be displayed. These tend to vanish when you zone or relog, unknown if they return at this time.
    3. (Occasional) When receiving the lockout OR zoning while overflowed with lockouts, the eqgame.exe client crashes.
  3. Zipe Augur

  4. toodlem Elder

    Since when did free membership AA abilities cap at 250? Yesterday one of my free accounts had 445... today get a message that cap is reached and showing 445/250. Please answer!
  5. Tereil Elder

    They've been capped for a while. Did you just go F2P? You get to keep all you had while all-access, but still capped and can't get more once un-all-accessed (yes, I know, but it's a fun word)
  6. telechir Elder

    Shaman spells:

    "Serpentil's Venom" is being blocked by "Reefcrawler's Blood".

    These are separate spell lines and are meant to stack.
    "Serpentil's Venom" is a "fast" dot, "Reefcrawler's Blood" is a normal long duration dot.

    Likewise, "Sephry's Malady" (fast dot) is being blocked by "Breath of Hemocoraxius" (normal long duration dot).

    Note after the patch, the DPS of "Serpentil's Venom" is exactly the same as "Reefcrawler's Blood", yet "Reefcrawlers will not have to be recast every 3 ticks, and both spells taken to full duration of 12 ticks (Serpentil's cast 4x), the mana cost is about 6k less for "Serpentil's Venom". The problem here for saying "Serpentil's" is a "mana saving" version of "Reefcralwer's" is that "Reefcrawler's" is cast in the new combo-dot "Chaotic Venom". Saving 6k mana over 12 ticks (that's 72 seconds everyone) is never going to be a preferred option over saving a spell slot.
    "Sephry's Malady" is now actually less DPS that "Breath of Hemoxxx" but takes 6x the casts (7 actually but it makes 21 ticks for the fast dot vs 20 ticks for Hemoxx) for roughly the same mana. I can't be exact on this comparison as I only have rank 3 of Hemoxxx and rank 2 of Sephry's to compare.

    But overall, there is basically no reason at all to cast the fast dots now if they don't stack.
  7. telechir Elder

    Another issue with shaman spells:

    The "Vengeance of Woe/Anguish/Sholoth" stinger/doom dots that proc the fading of "Nectar of XXX" poison dots now blocks re-applying the "Nectar of XXX" dot.

    The new combo-dot "Chaotic Venom" casts both "Reefcrawler Blood" and "Nectar of Woe". When "Nectar of Woe" fades and applies "Vengeance of Woe", "Reefcrawler Blood" fades at the same time. Re-casting "Chaotic Venom" to re-apply the 2 dots will now have "Nectar of Woe " always blocked by "Vengeance of Woe". Why would we use the combo spell "Chaotic Venom" which also costs more mana for the base cast, and the loss of mana from "Nectar" always being resisted on recast to save a spell slot, if we also have to give up a spell slot to memorize and use "Nectar of Woe" separately?
  8. Raccoo Augur

    Fast dots cast time is 1.5 base, less mana for kills that won't last more than 3 ticks that would be more efficient than using 20k mana on the longer duration dot. I'm a little perturbed by the change in fast dots not stacking also. It looks intentional to me though. The Nectar and Affliction line not stacking with the stinger portion does seem like a possible bug.
  9. Raccoo Augur

    Not new, but as the dots are being worked on currently. Can you take a look at Nectar and Affliction lines using up charges of Fleeting Spirit when they move into Vengeance and Malady portions? It says "interrupted" and uses a charge, and doesn't twincast. The necro Wounds line used do the same thing until it was fixed over a year ago.
  10. Kinadorm Augur

    Shaman DoT Changes Feedback/Bugs

    I don't understand the changes to the fast DoT lines. They have always been and should still be separate from our regular DoT lines and stack with each other. If they won't stack I would like to see the fast DoT's keep their dps edge by being 2-3 times as powerful.

    Sephry's Malady (44251-44253) line should stack with Breath of Hemocoraxius (44203-44205).
    Serpentil's Venom (44309-44311) line should stack with Reef Crawler Blood (44333-44335).

    The stinger Livio's Malady (44257-44259) on our Livio's Affliction (44254-44256) line should not have any stacking restrictions on it. It isn't a spell we can directly cast and it is blocking the base spell from being recast now.

    The stinger Vengeance of Woe (44306-44308) on our Nectar of Woe (44303-44305) line should not have any stacking restrictions on it. It isn't a spell we can directly cast and it is blocking the base spell from being recast now.
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  11. Kinadorm Augur

    Most of the current shaman spells are now much less mana efficient than they were pre-upgrade. I don't think that should be the case. Either the damage should be increased or the mana costs lowered on these so they are either the same or more efficient than they were.

    Negative Mana to Damage Efficiency Changes on Test
    Nectar of Woe Rk. III -48%
    Spirespine's Pandemic Rk. III -31%
    Livio's Affliction Rk. III -27%
    Reef Crawler Blood Rk. III -2%
    Breath of Hemocoraxius Rk. III -1%

    Positive Mana to Damage Efficiency Changes on Test
    Garugaru Rk. III 5%
    Sraskus' Curse Rk. III 11%
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  12. CatsPaws Augur

    Well you can buy an AA booster from the marketplace. And Silver accounts get 1000. So if he was paid and stopped paying it should have put him into a Silver status.
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  13. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    As mentioned by other people, the gear is considered as a SET. if the complete visible set of Velazul's armor has less spell damage a complete visible set of Deathseekers armor, that is a bug. Individual pieces will vary.
  14. Sindaiann Augur

    I brought up similar issues to enchanter gear in the beta forum pre launch and basically was told, "Do you have more total SD?" Or whichever stat it was I was pointing out (AC/HP/heroics that were odd)

    So basically the response was you have more total, so they don't care. lol sounds a lot like generic responses on the belt issues too.....all i can do is laugh
  15. svann Augur

    It makes no sense to call it a set since there is no set bonus. They are effectively individual pieces.

    Now that said, the newer armor has more mana so a person can consider whether they are better off with more mana or more SD. (mana)
  16. Thrillho Augur

    Are we supposed to put in speling misteaks here too?

    • Item: Heroe's Band should be either Hero's Band or Heroes' Band.
    • Task: Others' Things is still spelled Other's Things in a couple places (Hunter of Chardok achievement and Mercenary of Chardok achievement).
    • I noticed one in the text of the Atrebe Sathir raid too, but I can't recall what it is right now. I'll post that after we do it again.
  17. tmplatten Lorekeeper

    Hi I can't figure out how to start a new thread so here it is.

    I observe recently rooted packs of mobs with the root icon on them,
    all move towards slowly. I took the time to root each mob. My
    ench roots lasts often 6+mins. They rarely break at all and are
    dependable. So I pull, I root; and then ALL of them come at me.
    1. Why are they moving that were just rooted and have the root icon on them?
    2. Why are they all moving towards me as a pack?

    I have to try and re-root, the rooted. Re-root the rooted?
    Sometimes it's so bad that I have to use self stasis to stay alive
    from Rooted Mobs who Walk Anyways, and together.
    What, are they not rooted? This is repeatable and I have seen this occur
    over the past 3 months. How do I properly post a new threat? Where do I?
    Is Dev aware of this bug?
  18. Myshakall New Member

    Secondary guild hall anchor broken on this one toon only. Gm replaced the "missing" anchor - then had me leave and rejoin the guild - that did not work. Then deleted the two parts to the guild anchor and bought a new one. Still broken. Others are having same problems.
  19. Fnyanea Augur

    As mentioned by many people, this is really silly. It could be more than 6 months between upgrading the first slot, and the last slot. Is this expansion not supposed to last us a whole year?

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