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  1. EQ Dev Developer

    *** Items ***

    - Removed mana, mana regeneration, and clairvoyance from Righteous Assaulter's Earring of Rallos Zek, Blooded Righteous Assaulter's Earring of Rallos, and Endowed Assaulter's Earring of Rallos Zek.
    - Ry`Gorr Parley Totem, Velium Wood Chisel, and Marrow Hardened Etching Tool are now place-able.
    - Improved the proc rate of Forceful Shout on Dreadstone Guardian's Blade and Possessed Dreadstone Guardian's Blade
    - Velium Spear Ornamentation will display its graphics in two hand weapons. You will need to remove and re-socket this ornament for it to update.
    - Rallos Zek Devotee's Assault, Rallos Zek Devotee's Stealth, Rallos Zek Devotee's Strategy, and Rallos Zek Devotee's Fortification will only fit in type 19 augmentation slots.
    - Rallos Zek Devotee's Strategy now has the intended mana and endurance.
    - Fixed incorrect lore on fourteen Faded Velium Weapon containers.
    - Servan't Belt is now Servant's Belt.
    - Increased the base damage of Orc Herbalist Staff and Golden Reinforced Brawl Stick.
    - Updated several Snowbound armor icons to better match what they look like.
    - Fixed several typos in the names and descriptions of Torment of Velious items.
    - Type 18 and 19 augment will now fit in most inventory slots.
    - Increased the base damage on Blizzent's Rod of Wintry Fever and Thunder Snow.
    - Added the appropriate focus to Icebound Mindlock Wristguard.
    - The Torment of Velious charms will increase in stats as you complete the elements each one requires. For real this time.
    - Fixed an issue where Explorer of Torment of Velious did not count for granting Journeyman's Speed via the Journeyman's Compass.
    - Fixed a typo in the lore of Chisel Set.
    - Corrected items and recipe names with incorrect hyphenation and capitalization of Half-Moon.
    - Adjusted the skill damage mod on Velium infused gear.
    - Added Attack, HP regeneration, and mana regeneration to Torment of Velious Type 7 augments.
    - Removed the Firiona No Drop flag on a few items that were tradable on normal servers.
    - Increased the amount of Coin that Torment of Velious NPC's drop.
    - Created new instruments for bards and added them to a few rare mobs.

    *** Tradeskills ***

    - The Evergreen Leaf spawn locations in Greater Faydark have been spread out so that they are less predictable. The leaves are now much larger and easier to see against the ground.
    - Created a recipe to make Myrmidon's Sloth XIX with Torment of Velious components.
    - Changed the poison used in the Faded Velium Injection Dagger recipe to Bite of the Shissar XX.
    - Updated the Recipe for Faded Velium War Hammer to better represent a hammer instead of a sword. It is also now fletching instead of smithing.
    - Increased the drop rate of Velium Laced Nigriventer Venom.
    - Corrected the typo in the Torment of Velious fish dressing recipe for Velious Angel Fish.
    - Wurms and Kodiaks in Torment of Velious will drop Velium Infused Pelts.
    - Progression: Corrected the eras for some global tradeskill drops. In most cases, this made them available earlier, but level 75 and 80 drops are available later.
    - Changed the paper used by recipes Song: Pulse of Salarra Rk. II and Scroll: Word of Renewal Rk. II to Rough Sortileg Sheet.
    - Imbued Black Saphire Silver Necklace is no longer an auto-learned recipe. This will allow it to count towards a skill of 350.

    *** Quests & Events ***

    - Added Velium Sentries to the loot lockout exception list so they will drop Construct Binding Gel even if he raiders have a loot lockout.
    - Ashengate North raids - Lethar's AEs will no longer hit Veldyn and vice versa.
    - Fibblebrap 1-5: Bellfast should now offer the appropriate Fibblebrap tasks.
    - Griklor the Restless (Raid and Mission) - we are now clearing all buffs off Griklor before he gets on his mount. This is a speculative fix to the issue where Griklor does not get on his mount when he should, which might be caused by his reaching his buff limit. This should also fix reports that he can die while on that mount, causing the event to break.
    - Great Divide Mission (ToV) - Added wurms, tizmak, and coldain (of the restless type) to the zone. These creatures will drop collection items.
    - Task: The Morale of Despair: You can no longer get credit for killing "those that have come back" by clicking the mirror to the mirror room.
    - Griklor the Restless (mission) - made the following changes changes to this event.
    - - The message that occurs with Griklor's mount is killed will now show up in the chat window.
    - - Griklor will now stay on the ground after being brought down for at least 10 seconds.
    - - the Chilling Sleet will stop once Griklor is killed.
    - Dragons of Norrath raids - Hostile NPCs in these raids will stop spawning once the raid has been successfully completed.
    - To match the other mercenary tasks, Restless Orc Syndrome, Glacial Apophysis, and Invisible Complement no longer offer experience.
    - Griklor the Restless (Raid and Mission): Slightly altered the speed of flight and path that Griklor's mount flies to require more effort to bring him to ground.
    - Corrected some of Crusader Vraket's grammar and spelling.
    - Restless Assault, Icebound Avatar, and Seeking the Sorcerer missions: The corpses of these bosses in these events will no longer disappear upon success of the event.
    - Last of the Storm Boars - enemies will now remain for 20 minutes before leaving. Also if you speak with Yealdin and ask to try again, he will reset all aspects of the encounter at the bridge.
    - Anniversary Fabled - Made the following changes to fabled.
    - - Fixed a bug that prevented some fabled NPCs from using the correct stats.
    - - Fixed a bug that prevented some fabled NPCs from applying their new spell innates.
    - - Fixed a bug that could allow some PoP fabled NPCs to spawn multiples simultaneously.
    - - Fixed a bug that caused NPCs that failed to fable to heal to full HP every tick while idle as if they were fabled.
    - - Fixed a bug that prevented NPCs in some Agent of Change instances from fabling.

    *** Spells ***

    - Scribing a new rank of combat ability will now update the hotkey in your hotbars and your Combat Ability Window if possible.
    - Fixed a bug that caused some lifetap spells to return less HP than was intended.
    - - This primarily impacted the Necromancer and Shadowknight pets' Spectral Lifetap spells.
    - Increased the damage of Bite of the Shissar Poison Strike XII which increases the damage of the normal and consigned version of Bite of the Shissar XX poison.
    - Druid and Magician - Modified descriptions of the Exterminate the Unnatural spell line to indicate that the spells will also work on constructs.
    - Druid and Magician - Annihilate the Divergent will now deal more damage when Annihilate Havoc is triggered.
    - Druid and Magician - Eradicate the Unnatural will now deal more damage when Eradicate Destruction is triggered.
    - Updated the descriptions for Rallos Zek Acolyte's Casting Ice, Rallos Zek Acolyte's Protecting Ice, Rallos Zek Acolyte's Warding Ice, Rallos Zek Devotee's Casting Ice, Rallos Zek Devotee's Protecting Ice, and Rallos Zek Devotee's Warding Ice to indicate they work with cold (or all) spells, not fire.
    - Cleric - Fixed an issue that caused Purified Ground to fail to cast.
    - Druid - Fixed an issue that caused Icerend Aura to fail to cast.
    - Elemental Minion V will now summon a swarm pet as intended.
    - Updated the name of the proc effect on the spell Potion - Restless Focus to Restless Strike.
    - Bard - Song of the Dryads, Requiem for the Lost, and Requiem for the Dead will now last for a base of one minute.
    - Magician - The Searing Skin line of damage shields now has a base duration of one minute.
    - Necromancer - The Necrotize Ally line now has a base duration of one minute.
    - Wizard - Corrected a bug causing the Secrets of Faydwer item Irae Faycite Shard: Pure Wildmagic to focus the incorrect spell.
    - Three merchants have appeared in the Great Divide, selling augmentations for your spells from Torment of Velious.

    *** AA ***

    - The AA Ability Window's Buy All button now works as expected when purchasing abilities that have a cost of 0.
    - Removed an additional 'a' in the spell landed message for Gift of Mana (115) to ensure uniformity between all ranks of the spell.

    *** NPCs ***

    - The shipwright in Nedaria who was hopefully lost under the world for 16 years has found his way back to the docks.
    - Fixed an issue in Eastern Wastes where roaming npcs would spawn under the world.
    - Modified the spell cast by many creatures in Torment of Velious called Restless Ice. Restless Ice is no longer recast when it wears off. Instead when Restless Ice wears out it leaves behind Restless Ice Infection, which can be cured with a disease cure.
    - Eldervine the Twisted in Fortress Mechanotus will now cast Mind Numb on his target and not himself.
    - Great Divide (ToV): The windchill sprites have returned to their winter home.
    - Fixed an issue where elite drolvargs were spawning on the first floor of The Tower of Frozen Shadow (TOV). Also fixed an issue where the mob that drops a key to the second floor will no longer spawn on the 6th floor.
    - Eastern Wastes and Great Divide (ToV): Added more unique names to "rare" npc placeholder NPCs. This should make it clearer which NPCs are placeholders for "named" npcs and which are just basepop.

    *** Mercenaries ***

    - The mercenary Auto Assist toggle button will no longer default to on after changing zones.
    - Reduced the amount of experience required per Mercenary AA for levels 112 to 116.
    - Resolved a conflict with Caster Mercenary hidden DPS gear and the Mercenary Inventory Earring.
    - Altered the Caster DPS mercenary spell list so the mercenary will choose spells appropriate to its level.

    *** Collections ***

    - Moved an out of bounds collection spawn point to be reachable. The restless ice is unforgiving!

    *** Progression Servers ***

    - Altered the Standard expansion time for Lost Dungeons of Norrath to two months (eight weeks.)
    - Players can now forage dragon crystals in Skyfire when Luclin opens.
    - The Plane of Sky: all of the spiroc and pegasus (pegasi?) will now spawn in the Agent of Change instance of this zone.

    *** Miscellaneous ***

    - Many Call of the Forsaken and The Darkened Sea zones now have load balancing enabled.
    - Corrected issues with logging into the server select screen after being disconnected for going idle, and leaving the character select screen.
    - Personal tribute cap increased to 2,500,000.
    - - Guild tribute cap increased to 20,000,000.
    - Fixed an issue that caused raid member notes and raid MOTDs to not get updated.
    - Addressed a world stability issue related to raids.
    - Fixed a bug that caused pick zones to spam the inhabitants of the pick zone every second that the pick zone was shutting down.
    - Task Cap Increase is no longer for sale in the Marketplace.
    - Added an achievement for the Torment of Velious long tradeskill quest.
    - It will no longer snow in the Torment of Velious version of Tower of Frozen Shadow.
    - Removed the achievements for Lyricist's Casting Proficiency, Level 110 and Lyricist's Casting Proficiency, Level 115.
    - Faction Window: Added Besieged Citizens of Froststone and Besieged Crystal Denizens to the faction window.

    *** UI ***

    - Fixed the main cause for guild names displaying as Unknown Guild after first entering a zone.
    - Fixed an issue that could cause a player's guild tag to display as empty.
    - The copy layout command now copies chat filter and chat window settings.
    - Modified the Manage Loot Window to use the value in the quantity box instead of the default slider value.
    - Detrimental spells displayed in the target window will now have a yellow border around their icon if you are the caster of that spell.
    - Adjusted the position of the scrolling banner on the Chat screens before server select to not overlap buttons on the UI.
    - Added the ability to see the count of active quests over max quests to the Quest Journal.

    - Changed -

    - The EverQuest Team
  2. AppleSplatter Journeyman

    Is there a fix for spell gems staying greyed? I can't figure out why it happens, but it often spells disaster.
    Duder likes this.
  3. Caio_Xegony Journeyman

    It is an issue with QuickTime IX from ToV. They're probably not going to fix it anytime soon.
    Duder likes this.
  4. Ravanta Suffer Augur

    Detrimental spells displayed in the target window will now have a yellow border around their icon if you are the caster of that spell.

    That's awesome! This will remove one of my wishlist items in the QoL thread!
    Mintalie, Risiko, Jhenna_BB and 4 others like this.
  5. Kovachs Journeyman

    A fix (for now to this issue) when it happens is to hit an AA with a cast time, then duck, it will unlock your spell bar without having to die or camp out.

    Other than that this looks like a very in depth patch and cant wait to see some of the changes (like the GD mission collections!)
  6. Drogba Augur

    That has been an issue long before ToV. Other abilities that reduce spell cast time can cause the same bug occasionally as well, such as warrior's 'imperator's charge'
    Duder likes this.
  7. Boze Augur

    - Detrimental spells displayed in the target window will now have a yellow border around their icon if you are the caster of that spell.

    This alone makes this a great patch. Good addition.
  8. FubarEQ New Member

    Still no type 3 augs for ToV spells?
  9. Allayna Augur

    - Three merchants have appeared in the Great Divide, selling augmentations for your spells from Torment of Velious.
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  10. Sancus Augur

    (Pro tip: They're actually in Eastern Wastes)
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  11. Marton Augur

  12. Fanra Augur

  13. FubarEQ New Member

    Thanks, totally missed that and I read it twice smh :D
  14. StormsBringer New Member

    Any fixes to the Rogue SOS issue for ToFS? Several mobs are seeing directly through Rogue SOS, probably because the old zone was built before SOS existed. However, shouldnt this be corrected, normal mobs should never see through a Rogues SOS. I would go as far as to say even bosses in the zone should not be able to see through SOS...
  15. Zantor Augur

    When will see a bazaar price over 2,000,000 plat?
    Caell likes this.
  16. Angahran Augur

    Nice, but will it ever be fixed to copy hotbar position and button size correctly ?
    Xianzu_Monk_Tunare likes this.
  17. Zanarnar Augur

    I suspect that I'm of the few that will be sad about this.

    DBG seems insistent that they won't change a servers ruleset once its launched... unless they want to I guess.

    Oh well, there goes a month of catch-up time ;(
  18. Allayna Augur

    No fix to dzadd?

    With T2 launching soon and the raid content being trivial, this is going to get really sticky for those raid leaders. There is zero way to tell another person’s lockout with regard to looting once event is beaten.

    Xegony is a thriving server. We raid in MS, we often host open raids throughout the year, some alt raid in other guilds.

    Who does the onus fall on to follow the current DP rule set of intended gameplay? The individual joining for loot? I hope so, I’ll be damned if I have to manage some kind of external spreadsheet of who listed for which raid and who can’t bid from bench...
    Xianzu_Monk_Tunare and Yinla like this.
  19. Dahaman Augur

    "Progression: Corrected the eras for some global tradeskill drops. In most cases, this made them available earlier, but level 75 and 80 drops are available later."

    Does anyone know any details about this?

    Coirnav is just getting the level 70 drops with DON, albeit they are fairly rare drops still. Will the level 70 drops drop more frequently? What expansion will the level 75/80 drops start?

    Thanks in advance for any info!
  20. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    It was such a complex mixed up jumble that it would take a novel to explain what I did. I made it consistent. Most everything opens with DoN, then 75 with TSS and 80 with SoF. There were level 20 drops locked to SoD. The worst was some where 20-50 was DoN then 50 to 60 was TBS then 70 was back to DoN.
    Basically the data was a mess and I made it consistent :)

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