Test Update 02/05/13

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  1. JChan Developer

    Test update tonight. Details to come.
    [Edit] 9:00PM Pacific - The servers will be coming down in 25 minutes.
    [Edit] 9:45PM Pacific - This update has completed.

    Update Notes

    *** Highlights ***

    - Erollisi Day is coming! To get you in the mood, appropriately-themed items are available now on the Marketplace. Erollisi Day hats compatible with the Hero's Forge feature are also dropping from mobs throughout Norrath.
    - Warriors have a new Heroic Blade activated AA available. Respect!
    - Many spawn locations for Collection items in Rain of Fear zones have been moved. This should resolve previous problems with unreachable or bugged locations.
    - Mercenaries level 90 and above now regenerate hit points faster when out of combat.

    *** Items ***

    - The duration of the new Thorny Shield is now 30 minutes.
    - Adjusted all stats on cultural weapons from Rain of Fear. Two handed weapons have received a noticeable increase.
    - Players are no longer awarded raid currency while in a template (shroud). If you leave the template and remain in the zone, the currency will be granted to you shortly.
    - The Ancient Wisdom of Dagarn focus now works on Damage over Time spells.
    - Lowered the damage on Meljeldin, Bane of Giants, as it was higher than intended.
    - Added descriptions to Rain of Fear all/all items stating the classes which might find the gear most useful.
    - Changed the focus spells on Silver Dagger of Destruction and Staff of the Silent Star to Sympathetic Alleviating Burst VI.
    - Removed the backstab damage from Nevederia's Horn, as it's secondary only.
    - Increased spell damage on the Rain of Fear all/all gear intended for Wizards and Magicians.
    - Terrormotes can now be purchased from Armorer Jean Wenlaris and Ilana Sunmire in Shard's Landing.
    - Terrormotes now have a chance to drop from dragons in Temple of Fear's Fall.
    - Lowered the amount of coin being dropped by the lesser dragons in Temple of Fear's Fall.
    - The Refurbished Puppet familiar should now have stats similar to other familiars. You can also place it in your house.
    - Banded Feather Streak and Taeinus' Fury Bands now have a fire focus.
    - Ancient Wurm Hide Greaves in Temple of Fear's Fall now have more appropriate stats for the classes than can wear them.
    - Shield-Like Remains can now be used by all priests and casters.
    - The Soulstones used by the Priests of Shadow in the Guild Lobby to summon your corpse have had their recommended and required levels adjusted to reflect their intended level ranges.
    - Slightly increased the drop rates for Oath of Marr and Xorbb's Caged Hatred.
    - Vulak'Aerr in Temple of Fear's Fall now awards Crystallized Fear when defeated.
    - The Caged Aggressive Rat is now heirloom.

    *** Quests & Events ***

    - Danela's Stand (Raid) - The spell Instilled Fear now works as originally intended.
    - Temple of Fear's Fall - Vulak'Aerr has had reductions in his damage and frequency of both rampage and AE rampage.
    - Guardian of the Gate - Increased the time it takes one of the executioners to get to the chopping block. All of them now take more than 110 seconds to get to their destination.
    - Guardian of the Gate - Increased the time between executions to reduce possible overlap. Increase was from 65 seconds to 130 seconds.
    - Guardian of the Gate - Added a short stun and feign to the target of the execution to ensure that they stop moving so that they do not accidentally break their executioner's mark.
    - Guardian of the Gate - Added a personal message to the target of Findlewill's fireballs to give another way for the target to know they are in danger.
    - Delivering artifacts to Librarian Hemfar in Crescent Reach for the Serpent Seeker's Charm of Lore should no longer result in reward sets that do not have titles.
    - Gouzah Safari - Players will no longer be kicked out of their instance early.
    - Evil Afoot - Killing the Iksar Masters guarding the remains of Master Tynn will no longer halt your progress.

    *** Spells ***

    - Viral spells will no longer improperly affect campsites and guild banners.
    - Rain spells will no longer improperly use up their max target count on non-combat NPCs.
    - Fixed an issue where short-term debuffs were not being removed when players were resurrected.

    *** NPC ***

    - Chief Administrator Grigano has retired from patrolling the Ship Workshop and will now only make appearances during the mission 'Administrative Assassination.'
    - A wayward elemental in Katta Castrum has been taught to avoid appearing inside of stone walls.

    *** AA ***

    - Cleric - Burst of Life and Beacon of Life no longer share an ability timer.
    - Cleric - Blessed Chains has been moved to a new timer.
    - Enchanter - Moved Eldritch Rune to a new timer to resolve a conflict with Veil of Mindshadow.
    - Ranger - Removed the spell shield component of Third Spire of the Pathfinder to prevent the ability from fading prematurely.
    - Warrior - Warriors have a new Heroic Blade activated AA available. Respect!
    - Fixed an issue that was preventing Berserkers from being able to achieve their max AA cap achievement.

    *** Achievements ***

    - I'm a People Person! - The achievement now clearly states that you must slay Guktans rather than Frogloks to complete the achievement.
    - A new achievement has been added: Fearspeaker.
    - The Fearspeaker and Rain of Fear Challenger achievements now grant a reward.

    *** Progression Servers ***

    - Savil Tranquilsong now spawns when Dragons of Norrath is unlocked.

    *** Miscellaneous ***

    - Returned the caps on these skills to their previous values: backstab, dragon punch, tail rake, round kick, tiger claw, and eagle strike.
    - Many spawn locations for Collection items in Rain of Fear zones have been moved. This should resolve previous problems with unreachable or bugged locations.
    - Mercenaries level 90 and above will now regenerate hit points faster when out of combat.
    - Logging into the game while in a monster shroud should no longer result in your seeing a message that you have been granted the Summon Tome of the Hero's Journey AA.
    - Zoning from the dream version of Feerrott to Rathe Mountains should now point you in a more intuitive direction, rather than facing you toward the Feerrott zone line.
    - Fixed an issue that prevented the sale of Krono during bartering transactions when the seller only had one Krono.
    - Fixed an issue where players were not able to send money via parcels immediately after they had retrieved a parcel.
    - Fixed a rare client crash related to edit boxes.
    - Fixed a client crash related to reloading the UI while certain dialog windows were open.
    - Tweaked the texture loading logic when in the Guild Lobby or the Bazaar to prevent out-of-memory crashes. The functionality should be unchanged in other zones.
    - Fixed an issue where hair and head gear would disappear when zoning or when wearing robes at the character select screen.
    - Fixed an issue where Erudites' helms would not be visible if they swapped between old and new style robes.
    - The relative percentage of hate will now be properly calculated when NPCs assist on a pet tank.

    *** UI ***

    - Added the ability to filter items in the Bazaar based on prestige status.
    - Added the ability to filter augments in the Bazaar by slot type.
    - The audio trigger 'Enabled' checkboxes were not being set correctly when items were moved up and down in the list. The checkboxes are now being properly set.
    - The Guild Window will now properly update members' last login dates and levels when the members log in and when they experience level changes.

    - Changed -

    *** Previously Updated ***

    - Widened the platinum column in the Bazaar search window, the Bazaar confirmation window, and the merchant window, so that platinum values in the single digit millions will not be cut off.
    - Resolved an issue where some players were shown incorrect 'Gold Days Left' values when they were Silver members and appeared to get incorrect days added when they consumed a Krono.
    - Many spawn locations for Collection items have been moved in Shard's Landing.
    - The algae-covered stones in Goru`kar Mesa, required for the Serpent Seeker's Charm of Lore, will no longer appear under the world.
    - Corrected an issue with the spell Instilled Fear within the Danela's Stand raid.
    - Fixed an issue with not getting the dagger in the Shard's Landing mission and raid.
    - The ring event in South Ro should now work properly, allowing players to progress on the Paladin 2.0 Epic quest.
    - The fight with Durunal in Wall of Slaughter should now work properly, allowing players to progress on the Paladin 1.5 Epic quest.
    - Fixed a bug in the Evantil raid that could cause the aggressive ants to become non-attackable if too many are allowed to remain up when the boss is killed.
    - Several merchants in Shard's Landing have received new spells to sell:
    -- Gilbert Songcryer stocks Song: Slaunk's Chant of Poison.
    -- Lirit T'Prakk stocks Scroll: Wuran's Decay and Scroll: Clutching Darkness.
    -- Varille Alyrinshar stocks Scroll: Slaunk's Spear of Venom.

    - The EverQuest Team
  2. Axxius Augur

    OMG! Thank you!!

    Sometimes even the 'been there forever' bugs get fixed. :)
  3. SpamFactory Augur

    fearspeaker reward: title "the fearspeaker" and an unspoken mask ornament. the ornament goes into the helm slot and looks like a purple mask. It looks kinda like some of the decorations in the alaran underground city in SL. requirement for this achievment is finishing champion and paragon achievements.

    rain of fear challenger reward: title ", challenger of fear" and a helm of the evil eye ornament. this ornaments looks exactly like the red evil eye NPC model and it covers your head completely like the snowman or jack o lantern ornaments. this one is actually pretty cool.

    both ornaments are no trade (not attunable or heirloom)
  4. Shang Augur

    Quite a bit of good in this patch.
  5. Falos Augur

    Rain of Fear Challenger is unobtainable in its current form so no one get your hopes up for the evil eye helm.

    One of the conquests is for sure unobtainable without a retune and I suspect a couple others are near impossible *or* will require a non boxed end game raid geared ideal group to obtain.

    At least Alaris challenger was obtainable at 95.
  6. Quatreh Elder

    seems logic has it was a T0 drop, but what about upping T2 weap ( 2HS + 2HB) who are far lower than the 2HP of breeding ground ?
  7. CaptAmazing Augur

    Wait, you tone down a raid and haven't even addressed all the T2 missions non raiders are having issues with? I think it's incredibly lame to block out groupers because you want to say theres still content that hasn't been done to make this weak expansion see a longer shelf life.

    It's a major gripe. You guys just love adding straw to the proverbial camels back.
  8. Ronak Augur

    Actually, the changes to Xorbb1 amount to a lot of nothing. At least, if the posted ones were the only changes. Executioners are not even one of the issues with the event, and the emote change just lets you use a simple audio trigger for the emote instead of GTT/Gina.

    The group equivalent would be to have changed the color of the Queen in Grelleth mission, and consider it re-tuned.
  9. Behelit Augur

    /sigh... this was reported several times in beta, but apparently was ignored only to be nerfed after launch.

    assuming its nerfed to be inline with the other NToV 2h ratios, this will leave berserkers who had a t4 VoA wep with only 1 weapon upgrade in the available RoF content.
    Sigourney and Quatreh like this.
  10. Kinadorm Augur

    When is Paralytic Spores Rk2 AA going to be fixed? It has been broken since RoF was released.
  11. roth Augur

    Lots of nice stuff in the patch, but when is the accuracy issue affecting rangers going to be fixed?
  12. Quatreh Elder

    Meljeldin new stats = dmg 241 delay 30
    ratio = 8.03333333
    so in RoF ( for berserker) all but 1 weap T2 have 8.03333 ratio .... ( same ratio than VoA T4 raid weapon) just need nerf the T2 2HP from breding ground and no guild will love zerker anymore
    Sigourney and Behelit like this.
  13. Axxius Augur

    Hopefully the "alternative" techniques that allow you to completely bypass this mechanic are getting disabled also. ;)

    But when you are not exploiting, and you are placed on the chopping block that's right next to the Executioner's spawn point and he reaches you in 5 seconds - then yes, it is a rather unpleasant issue. Thank you devs for fixing it.
  14. Ronak Augur

    Exploiting was never required to deal with the chopping block mechanic. 3/4 of the fixes being the Executioners is the least meaningful change that could have happened to this event.
  15. iniari-TR Augur

    not sure about the "fix" to the vulak raid. if the stun / FD prevents a gate / escape from the chopping block i'd be against it. but a minor issue over all.

    would like to see a change to the caster 2hb to have a mana proc higher then the one on the staff of folly from VoA. or higher stats / HME. as it is its not worth changing to the rof caster 2hb.
    Quatreh likes this.
  16. Elricvonclief Augur

    Glad to see some tweaks inc.

    skeptical as to thier worth, but glad none the less.

    Thank you.
  17. RagePaw Augur

    I agree the sword was not appropriate for tier 0 content.

    Please address the ratios on the tier 2 weapons, they are extremely low.
    Sigourney and Quatreh like this.
  18. Hatsee Augur

    Can you make getting a fireball emote on Xorbb 1 cause anyone that gates to be death touched? Or make it fun, area effect death touches?
    Quatreh likes this.
  19. Falos Augur

    Who gates to avoid emotes? Following emotes is one of the easiest things in the history of gaming i've ever personally experienced. IMO you are being way too leniant. If someone is gating to avoid the 'challenge' of fulfilling an emotes action requirements then sony should have a script that autodeletes the character and red flags the account so that it may not be restored by customer service.
  20. Kiljoy New Member

    Still haven't fixed the research issue for Enchant Planar Alloy and Mass Enchant Planar Alloy? Large portions of jewelcraft are DOA without it. ETA?

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