Test Update 01/20/17 - New Bugs Only

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. Slipdiggity New Member

    Ever since you rolled in the new client that's when everything started to go haywire. Log in server. doesn't work most of the time.. keep getting an error. All day yesterday and today most zones in the new expansion are down. If they do pop up they come down again in an hour or two. Pok is down, Instance servers are down. Put the old client back and remove this new one and work on it in house to get these problems fixed. Then put it back and we can actually test it for you.
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  2. mackal Augur

    I don't think I like this POK-less test server. Especially when I want to get to zones I can't to now because I can't get to tranq :p
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  3. Lillola Lorekeeper

    Cannot zone into Sarith, City of Tides. I receive the message "This zone is not accepting visitors" or something to that effect. This happened with Grelleth's Palace last Saturday however I could zone in there today, since I was unable to get into PoK for a few days to get my character out and take her there. Also Bazaar was still unavailable as of this morning.
  4. Lillola Lorekeeper

    I'm also did not enjoy the lack of entry into PoK. Used to be you could get to all the zones without using the portals but with new expansions either the PoK portals, the portal in the Guild Hall, and/or a druid or wizard TP is the only way to access some of the more recent content. Without the ability to log into PoK, where most of my characters camp, it takes a lot away from the game and makes me consider trying other games and possibly cancelling my DB accounts. Let's hope all zones are soon available for play.
  5. Zipe Augur

  6. Mukkul Augur

    Correction: three ground spawns behind the locked door. But I figured out a way to reach in and collect them anyway. So don't bother fixing this, that way I'll have an advantage.

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