Test Update 01/13/2016

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by Hludwolf, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. Kiillz Augur

    YEP reading is fundamental, thanks Tri.
  2. Greymantle Augur

    Too bad this still not as good as the cloak from Naggy...
    Added Ancestral Memories III to Tallow-smeared Locket and Deadeye Matrix.
  3. Sancus Augur

    Thanks, that's disappointing, but can't say I'm surprised.
  4. Vaeeldar Augur

    Are the truebox rules still running on test?
  5. Darkark Augur

    Still hoping you guys consider a priest orientated belt. If you're looking for ideas:

    -- perhaps a chance to proc a buff that will let you twincast your next healing spell, when you cast a healing spell. Shamans already have an 8% chance to do this via the Twinheal AA, so maybe the belt can throw a few extra percent on top of that?

    -- a chance to proc a group heal, something much more significant than the Sympathetic Hand of Soothing line though (which is woefully inadequate in today's game by the way, but that's another issue).

    -- I considered a chance to proc a rune type spell on your group when you cast healing spells, though it was brought to my attention this might have stacking issues with tank stuff. If it's possible to avoid that, I'd be very interested in that too.
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  6. Dropfast Augur

    Pretty sure their intentions were to put the Healing burst on the Priest Only shield, however they put it on the tank shield >< Devs, if that was your intention, then you need to switch it to the Priest only shield from Sul raids.
  7. Abazzagorath Augur

    No, that was not their intention and I don't know anyone that would ever think that for any reason.

    It is a combat proc and it is the same one on the bixie tank shield.
  8. Dropfast Augur

    Ah I must be thinking about the Sympathetic Healing burst, wasn't reading that in-depth. So their still nothing for the healers? That's kinda sad.
  9. Makavien Augur

    Wouldn't the dmg ones proc on your pass through heals and healing nukes ?

    I am not sure about your healers but our healers seem to love every opportunity to nuke.
  10. menown Augur

    Companion's Provocative Demeanor is supposed to increase the pet's agro with all of its actions by 75%.

    With this buff on AND using a pet DD proc, I, the necro, am out agroing my pet after casting 2 DoTs. That is only two ticks of the first DoT and 1 tick of the second DoT. There is no initial agro when casting necro DoTs.

    What gives? I know the pet agro was supposed to be reduced, but this buff was supposed to make up for it. I used to be able to cast way more before I got agro over my pet.
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  11. menown Augur

    Just checked without Companion's Provacative Demeanor. It only takes 1 DoT tick to get agro over pet. With Companions Calm Demeanor, you will move up 200% agro with any single action you take. So there is not a reversal bug there.

    Maybe this means that pets can finally get a substantial DPS upgrade without worrying about any agro issues. /crosses fingers
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  12. Dake New Member

    Ok was trying to cast a pet in the grounds and it crashed the zone? anyone heard of this?
  13. Darkark Augur

    Yeah fair point, I'll just try and love nuking more next time. Sorry for not loving the right stuff :(
  14. Neodraykl Elder

    Was Backstab damage also added to any cloaks for rogues? Usually there's at least one at each level that has +25, and I haven't seen anything yet in TBM.
  15. Oculuse New Member

    Mage pet is REALLY struggling trying to hold agro now. I would guess its generating about half the hate it was doing.

    Nothing in the patch notes about this. Did something get goofed up or did magicians just take another stealth nerf?
  16. Sancus Augur

    Our last few big nerfs have ended up as a single bullet in the patch notes. Gotta love communication.
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  17. Brudal Augur

    All cloaks have 25 backstab , masks have 25 frenzy, shoulders have 20 bash , necks have 20 kick, and belts have 20 flying kick.
  18. Xicararn Journeyman

    sooo all the gear changes and suicidal mages aside... how come theres nothing in the patch notes about the steal tank nerfs? for the last few days before the patch on test ive been testing out much higher then arx raid gear hdex using tbm group gear in a range of new and older zones for some quite long parses, the misses has been doing the same with her chanter and hagi, seems the patch has stealithly nerfed the effects of both by about a 3rd?

    (it totally comes off as one of those give us an awesom new toy then nerf the entier stat range so that everyone requries the new toy to even perform like there used too....)
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  19. Oculuse New Member

    Our last few big nerfs have ended up as a single bullet in the patch notes. Gotta love communication.

    Yup thanks. I totally missed that.
  20. Oculuse New Member

    Ok, so I have had some time to play now with "provocative" turned on and the pet is still not generating the hate that it used to. It isn't as drastic as I had at first thought but he can barely hold agro over the wizard merc now and sometimes gets ganked. This never used to be an issue.

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