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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Urnihixul New Member

    Perhaps I am missing the intent of your calculation, and apologies if this is so, but the probability of 500 failures out of 500 attempts on an event with 4% success rate is (0.96)^500 < 2*10^(-9).
  2. Prathun Developer

    You beat me to it. :)
    The probability of seeing at least one drop in X kills is...
  3. Jaera Augur

    Not sure if this counts as a bug and not a feature request, but in Demi-Plane of Blood, during the Performer event, the line of the song that is sent to you is not filtered under Event Messages.
  4. Prathun Developer

    I changed the messages in the Vule raid to use the Event Messages color / filter while I was tinkering with the event. I didn't have the bandwidth to review the scripts in the other Darkhollow raids. I'd describe that as an improvement and not a bug fix.
  5. Bregan D'aerthe Journeyman

    The thing with slime is that its drinkable... Yes its rare but not as rare as people think. They just end up drinking it.
  6. svann Augur

    I made sure to put it in a slot that is past the slots of my food and drink so that is not possible.
  7. skabe Elder

    Can't believe that out of all the berserker issues this is the one that made it to top of the priority list. :/

    I guess it is the only thing that wasn't "working as intended" in spite of player feedback during beta.
  8. Ruven_BB Augur

    The new aa's for dots are great, unfortunately, the agro associated using the new dot is really high. As is summers line. Pulling agro bowing with silent cast going is annoying.

    As other rangers have said, not seeing any improvement to HS damage as well.

    Further, our bluster line of spells, are getting resisted, especially the earlier version to almost uselessness, please give us a new level spell, or change the resist values of the older ones.

    Also, since we are a bowing class, our synergy and kicks are melee based, can we get the synergy line attached to one of our arrow spells, not sure how to address the kicks, and would be nice to get a focused non ae version.

    Last, mana is really rough to keep up, with no in class ability to recover.


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  9. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    yeah, I didn't look up the math and did an (obviously wrong) simple calculation.

    Actually, it looks like I did the correct formula but did to ^5 not ^500. oops!
  10. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    I agree about the synergy line being stupidly tied to kicks. I rarely ever melee with my ranger at all. I much prefer archery at range. I also would like to see the max damage improved with the AAs in ROS since mobs have so much HP these days that boost would help.

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