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  1. Klaian-Xegony Lorekeeper

    Did the fix to Third Spire of the Pathfinders get added? The 200 damage absorb is way too low and makes this aa useless in most cases.

    4: Increase Absorb Magic Damage by 200
    6: Skill Damage Taken (-3%)
    7: Increase Critical Damage by 20% with All Skills
    8: Mitigate Melee Damage by 3%, 100000 total
    12: Increase Spell Critical Direct Damage by 100%
  2. Recnarp Augur

    Any progress being made on the new Maelstrom spell that is missing in RoF for Beastlords?
  3. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    Server either just crashed or was taken down again
  4. Ronak Augur

    What's the reasoning for 1 weak DoT (out of our spell-book full of them, when the rest don't) sharing a timer with our version of the divine aura ability? How are they related in any way? This baffles me.
  5. Bloodshott New Member

    servers up
  6. Angahran Augur

    Shouldn't the the target the NPC is attacking and the target the NPC hates most be the same ? or am I missing something here ? (It's possible, it's early.)
    So, instead of a number between 0 and 100 (showing the NPCs agro %) we now have some number between 0 and 999 (with numbers 101-999 only available to pets??).

    Why the change from something that was reasonably clear to understand to this ?
  7. Zunar Augur

    Except when a pet has more hate than the actual tank who is the NPCs target. Players always get hit over pets in melee range regardless of pet hate level.
    For groups, having the pets often higher hate level displayed over the actual tanks hate level isn't helpful to other melee classes wanting to melee the mob. They all become targets of the mob regardless of the pets hate level.
    Melee classes only want to know the actual tanks (mobs targets) hate level.
    For those groups where a pet is the actual tank, I belive it'll still display the pets hate level, since it's the only melee target of the mob.
  8. Notinterested Augur

    I don't believe this for one second. There's no reasonable explanation for these two spells to share a cooldown. If it was a developer decision it's more likely the developer found the bug and decided to be lazy and just say "working as intended" instead of fixing it.
  9. Yinla Augur

    1. Are the remainder of the robes now implemented as well? if not when can we expect them?
    2. Are the wizzy hats wizzy only or all/all? I hope these don't cover the eyes like other hats.
  10. Falos Augur

    I believe the wizard hats are actually all/all so expect to see lots of warriors and knights running around using them, ruining the experience for int casters.
  11. Yinla Augur

    finally got logged in!

    Hat ornaments are bugged on erudites, they do not show up unless you re-equip your helm, if you zone the helm doesn't show again. This is getting old we had the same issue with the Christmas ornaments.

    Any chance of having the hat turned 180 degrees so you can actually see the eyes? The way the hat sits at the moment if I had eyes in the back of my head I would actually be able to see where I was going! The hats always look like someone implemented them backwards.
  12. Axxius Augur

    No, I won't be the target, unless pet aggro rules are also changing and the notes don't mention any changes there. The pet is still the most hated, and the mob will attack the closest player standing near it (the tank). According to the patch note, the aggro meter will now show my aggro relative to the tank, i.e. the pet will still be 200, the tank 100, and I am 120. The problem is that I will not see the pet's numbers unless it's in my group, so I won't know about the 200 number. All I see is that I am higher on the hatelist than the player who is currently tanking the mob.

    Is there some inaccuracy in the patch notes? Or changes to pet aggro rules?
  13. Beimeith Augur

    I just tested this right now because I was thinking the same thing. There has been no changes to pet aggro.

    To put it simply:

    This is a great change for MELEE who are IN melee range and need to know what their aggro is relative to the highest PLAYER on aggro. (The changed way).
    This is a terrible change for CASTERS who are NOT in melee range and need to know what their aggro is relative to the highest ANYTHING on aggro. (The original way).

    To use your example Ngreth:

    If the pet has 10k aggro, and the tank has 5k aggro. I will NOT get summoned when I get 6k aggro because I am NOT in melee range for pet code to make me the target. I need to have > 10k aggro for me to get summoned.

    I will now only see how much aggro I have relative to the TANK, which is completely worthless information for me to know. I need to know what it is relative to the PET to know when I will pull aggro and get summoned.
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  14. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Hi five to Dzarn for pulling through on my idea. Five or six months later but still... Good change
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  15. Damion New Member

    Any chance we could get a change so this doesnt break SoS on rogues sneaking around? :-(
  16. Sonavaa_Bertox Elder

    So you guys could find the issue with Drakkin Hair, but still haven't even acknowledged the issue with HF helm animations disappearing on Erudite models when they zone...

    Seems to me that the Erudite Helm issue is tied to the Hood Animation since when my Witches Hat or Frostfell Santaug Cap disappears, I also have no hood anymore; just a bald head (or mostely bald in my case) and I have to pop the helm and put it back on to fix the issue.

    Over the years (yes I am reaching back to POP release days) the Erudite helm disappear issue has been introduced and then subsequently fixed MULTIPLE times. This has been going on since the introduction of Hero's Forge. Please tell me it got fixed when the Drakkins got their hair back.
  17. Imotepp New Member


    What about the plat in the shared bank on these silver accounts? Will the shared banks be opened up too? Because as it is, if there is plat in the shared banks on silver accounts, its like its not even there due to the fact that you cant even see the shared bank.

  18. Chandrok Augur

  19. Taurline New Member

    Thanks for the reply Chandrok :)
  20. Diptera Augur

    ^ this

    Anybody out of melee range doesn't need to know how much agro the nearest *player* to the mob has, they only need to know who is at the top of the agro list, and how close they are to replacing them ;)

    I appreciate that people IN melee range have different requirements - would it be possible to either add a toggle to the agrometer to switch behaviours between "tank" and "highest agro"? Or add a second meter below the first, so you can see your agro relative to BOTH the active tank AND the (pet) at the top of the agro list?

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