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  1. EQ Dev Developer

    Test was updated today around 6 P.M. PST.

    January 4, 2017

    *** Items ***

    - Corrected the name of the focus effect on Velazul's Soulrender Breastplate to be 'Deflection Discipline Duration' rather than 'Focused Arrowrain Fury'.
    - Corrected a bug that prevented a number of Empires of Kunark items with activated spells from unlocking the correct passive Alternate Advancement Ability.
    - Mana of the Sarnak Compressor is now an 8 slot container, allowing it to be used as an alternative for players without skills in tradeskills.

    *** Spells ***

    - Wizard - Corrected an issue that caused the Vortex Effect debuff triggered from the Shocking Vortex line of spells to fade earlier than intended.

    *** Quests & Events ***

    - Atrebe's Vault (Raid and Group) - It should no longer be possible for the event to spawn totems, which spawn skeletons, when the raid is not currently in progress.
    - Atrebe's Vault (Raid and Group) - It should no longer be possible for the event to spawn a wave of adds at the same moment that the event resets.
    - Atrebe's Vault (Raid) - All NPCs in the event will now tether if pulled outside of the main room.
    - Queen Velazul Di`Zok (Raid) - The event cleanup on success or failure should more reliably remove all adds in the event by not spawning adds as the event is resetting.
    - The Crystal Bloom (Group mission) - Wary ol' Krange, wary though he may be, has returned to the Korascian Warrens.
    - Karana the Rainkeeper - Restored a dialog that was intended to take place between Askr the Lost and Karana at the conclusion of this event.
    - The Vex Thal instance on progression servers will again spawn the Vex Thal bosses.
    - The quest Guilds & the Guild Lobby again works correctly.
    - Faldor Hendrys has returned from an over-a-decade-long vacation and can again be found in North Qeynos.
    - Fixed some dialogue errors with Ralla Merow'shu in Chardok. She should now properly give out the Their Own Medicine.

    *** NPCs ***

    - Many of the nobles in Kael Drakkel have shed their cumbersome armor and waxed their mustaches to return to the refined appearance they had pre-2005.

    *** AA ***

    - Fixed a bug with rank 4 of Trophy Collector that prevented it from functioning.

    *** Progression Servers ***

    - Fixed issue that could cause triggered bosses in Velious raid instances to spawn on zone up. Now they should not.
    - Fixed a problem with Bob in Plane of Tranquility, he will once again clear timers (PoP instances only, and on Test only).
    - Fixed several instances that would cause characters to be teleported to base zones instead of the instance, such as in Planes of Nightmare and Torment.
    - Manaetic Prototypes IX, X, and XI now have their own lockout and are treated like raid targets.
    - Fixed some issues with the Avatar of Wind, Avatar of Dust, Spider and “Turkeybee” events in Plane of Air.
    - Fixed issue with the four giant adds for Agnarr being up when the event starts. Now they only spawn during the event as expects.
    - Drornok Tok Vol’Lok is now a raid target and works like the others in Plane of Storms.
    - Tactics and Plane of Time bosses now have the Mitigation of the Mighty buff.
    - The Painwrack Hobgoblin and The Fearsome Hobgoblin now have the Mitigation of the Mighty buff.
    - Respawns should no longer happen in these instances, except where they are important to boss fights.
    - Vulak will no longer be up on zone startup and will have to be triggered using the expected method.
    - Avatar of War will no longer be up on zone startup and will have to be triggered using the expected method.
    - Bazzt Zzzt will no longer be up on zone startup and will have to be triggered using the expected method.

    *** Previously Updated ***

    - Fixed an issue that was preventing the Lceanium raid from working.

    - The EverQuest Team
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  2. Ibadan Kun'Tirel Augur

    Any fix for Droga Toes turn in coming?
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  3. Forcallen Augur

    10 months now so I have to assume its just a mistake that these patch notes don't layout the necro dot changes!!
  4. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Most likely necro dot changes will be the last one done and there is at least one other class that needs the changes as well.
  5. Intenso Augur

    quest Drogan Toes cannot hand in Deliver 8 Drogan Toes to Vasyryx Teken`tlar 0/8 (Frontier Mountains)
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  6. Zunar Augur

    Actually I can't hand in any of the 3 solo quest drops...npc isn't accepting the items..so not just the toes.
  7. Rolaque Augur

    The quest Drogan Toes currently reads, "Collect 8 Drogan Toes(s) from Vasyryx Teken'tlar."

    The quest counts up the 8 toes, but the npc doesn't want them back. Or something like that. Other collection tests were all right this past weekend. But apparently now, his condition has deteriorated more. He'll soon be dead.
  8. adetia Monkess Wonder, Ruler of All

    The toe quest has been fixed internally but didnt make the patch notes - its my understanding that this will be corrected before the patch but we shall see! (notes being missing that is), but they have posted a few times that the quest is repaired, and the fix will take place with the patch. Fore more info:
  9. Prathun Developer

    The bug that prevented handing in Drogan Toes was fixed internally on December 16th and we've verified that it works correctly on Beta and Test. The text bug that showed that you needed to collect the toes from the quest giver was fixed within the past week.

    Both changes will go out with the update. The next version of the update notes should have the fix listed.
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  10. Prathun Developer

    Problems with the hand-in steps for Mounds of Mud and Stacks of Sacs have been corrected as well. Thanks for pointing this out.
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