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  1. Thrillho Augur

    I'm assuming this counts for raids as well ("Events")?

    This is going to be inconvenient for a raid force with flag issues. If you need to drop someone and add another so you have adequate flags, that dropped person will get a lockout despite riding the bench. Most likely not going to be that large of an issue, since they wouldn't be raiding that same event anyway without their raid force, but it could happen.
  2. Mortium Elder

    Is this something that affects raids or just group dz stuff?

    What happens in the instance of a guild attempting a raid, then failing the raid? If they come back the day after, I'm assuming that they have lockouts for removing themselves from the dz?

    What if the instance bugs out (actually happens relatively often) and needs to be restarted to remove the bugs.

    Also, what happens if you're in a multi fight zone like Chardok/VP and you drop a main for an alt to come in for loot. Would you then not be able to loot from the 2nd and/or 3rd chests?

    What happens to those people that go LD and then come back?
  3. Yinla Augur

    If this is a new task/raid/group mission that I have not completed before and I get a lockout will I also get the achievement for completing the said raid/mission/task? Along with any currency?

    If i drop a group, because it needs a second healer or tank or CC and join another group doing the same mission, and both missions are completed will I get a double lockout timer? Which timer will I get?
    If the original group complete there task before I finish mine, will I get booted from my current task?
    I sometimes get mission for people who cannot request them themselves, does this mean I still get a lockout timer even if I don't zone in?
  4. Huna Journeyman

    Probably get a suspension
  5. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    You already get a lockout at the raid level if you where in after the event started but dropped before it is completed. This is just implementing it at the group level.
  6. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    I would guess the answer to that is in the "upon completion".
    i.e. no completion, no chest, no looting, no lockout.

    The day after, a new expedition, same rule...
    No existing lockout since the day before, instance/expedition was not completed?!

    For raids this should not change much, not even the 1st part.
    Even though previously, if you were invited into a raid and then asked on the bench for someone else, you would not get the lockout and could, theoretically, do the event with someone else.
    In reality though i would guess noone actually did this (practically raiding with the same char in two different outfits).
    Even split raids seem still possible - though perhaps leaving an instance to loot in another probably isn't anymore.
    That aspect will bear some investigation, might even be another "not really wanted" side-effect of the first half of the patchnote.

    not completed =>nothing.

    Lockouts are given on a "per-event" basis?
    So, scenario not applicable!?!

    When they come back and get re-invited into the still-ongoing expedition, no change.
    When they come back and get re-invited when the rest of the raid has completed the event, i'd expect then to get the same lockout but still be able to loot like the rest of the guild as they are effectively on the same stage - need to be verified by Dev statement though or by experience.
    Time will tell - if there is a problem to be with this hotfix, it's bound to come from the first half of the announcement anyways.
  7. Sad Panda Elder

    What about mobs that were killed before i joined the raid. Would you get locked on them as well?
  8. RICE New Member

    How do you load another char/toon on same account (that's locked out) and add to the same instance (it's locked out of)?
  9. Mhad Lorekeeper

    Are you guys even playing on test, or just adding in opinion?

    Ok, so ... On test, if a raid, or group, requests an instance, you get the replay timer, WITHOUT EVEN ZONING IN!

    No kill requirements being met, not even started. If you drop the task, it does not go away. That means if some dork decided to go get a group or raiding instance while you are grouped with them... BAM, replay timer.

    Before the most recent test patch, in most cases, you couldn't even zone in.

    Not a lot of forethought to this one.
  10. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    No that is how it currently works on live where you will get a lockout if you where present in the DZ and dropped out before the event was won. This is not a new thing that is part of the patch.
  11. smash Augur

    I think it should be changed a bit.

    Change the missions to have 2 more phases.

    Phase 1: people can be added, removed without lockout. This is prior to starting the fight.

    Phase 2: Start event, people will now get lockout, If fail event, can return back to phase 1, where can drop/ta. But If drop in phase 2 you get lockout. Also when people would do /taskquit, you get popup saying: dropping the task you still get lockout, are you sure you wanna drop task?

    Will require some extra in each mission.
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  12. Yinla Augur

    Everytime the task resets you should be able to change players in or out without getting lockouts.
  13. smash Augur

    A thing that could be made would be a mission history, just like there is a task history, but with 2 entries for each mission.

    Entry 1: Start on mission X
    Entry 2: Won mission X or Taskquit mission X with lockout or Taskquit mission X without lockout.

    It should contain history for the last 100 missions or for the last 30 days.

    Also let it contain info, on who you did the mission with.

    This as an addition to change suggestion 2 posts up.
  14. Aneia Journeyman

    Will being re-added to the shared task or DZ negate this effect?
  15. Aneia Journeyman

    Answered my own questions; you can still add/remove players and use /advloot like normal. You must be in the DZ in order to loot the item. Event lockouts can still be dodged if you're out of the DZ / zone before the event completes (tested on PoTimeB).
  16. AnzoRagespirit Augur

    Anzo's simple fix to this whole thing:

    Add the lockout when the main boss/ last mob needed dies. BEFORE the chest pops.

  17. Gialana Augur

    The way I read these patch notes means the step that triggers the lockout won't change. But if the step which triggers the lockout is completed, everyone who was in the shared task will get the lockout, even if they dropped the task before the lockout was triggered.

    Using Fell Foliage as an example, if you aren't able to beat Catiikii, then there's no chest to open to trigger the lockout. So if everyone drops the task, nobody gets a lockout. However, if one person then drops the task but the rest of the group stays in the same shared task and manages to beat Catiikii and open then chest, then that person who dropped the task would get the lockout.

    I wonder, though, what happens in the following scenario. After a group gets a shared task, some other guildies log on. The group decides to split to make two groups with the guildies. Half of the first group stays in the shared task and adds half of the newly online guildies. The other half of the first group joins with the other guildies and gets their own version of the shared task. Then the group which is in the old shared task triggers the lockout. So now half of the group in the other shared task gets the lockout, too. Are they able to stay in their shared task and have a chance at triggering another lockout? Do they then get a double lockout?

    I'm not likely to run into this scenario, but I would think the safest thing to do would be for everyone to drop the first shared task and get new shared tasks for each new group.
  18. Angahran Augur

    You want them tested properly and you roll out the patch to live servers the day after you roll out to the test server ??
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  19. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    This is the problem i mentioned above...
    Could lead to all kinds of complications...
    I don't know why that is needed either - i mean i can see some remote "need" for this, but it seems to be easy "fix" to a problem that would need a more... detailed one.
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  20. Smokezz Augur

    I guess I could ask WHY? Because that doesn't make a whole lot of sense...

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