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  1. Eniner Augur

    Test is in dire need of a reboot. We cant do any instances havent been able to in a week now cant enter ggh at times its getting old. Why is test always on a back burner? You have active players here and have since the server open in 2002! Why are we treated like 2nd class? Why can we not get constant updates server reboots when needed? Why does it take posts like this to get to the high ups to see the big problems on test atm? A lot of us pay and buy sc items just like live despite being free subs. A lot of us buy xpacs and more to be treated like 2nd class players who dont deserve support. Can we please get active team members on test to reboot when its needed? It is soo tiring to be on a server since 2002 the day it launched to have your mind set on doing a quest or a guild raid to log in to find once again we cant do anything due to server stability its 2018 its time to upgrade hardware the company makes enough money to replace all these bad hard drives and other things needed. Im sick of not being able to play the game i pay to play. We just wanna log in and quest and raid like the rest of everquest is no reason we are put in the dark as if not worthy.
  2. xxGriff Augur

    I second the motion to reboot test, pls. it has been steadily increasing in number of problems relating to all instances. I had to log unable to do TDS progression due to "mysterious forces..." and "This zone is not ready to receive..." when trying to access guild halls (neighborhood and standard). I st experienced troubles on 2/7, and only become more pronounced since.
  3. Kiadan Dakine Journeyman

    Test has definitely been slowly imploding on itself since 2/7 and been progressively worse all week.
    Any instance I have tried or progressions as well have been met with "This zone is not ready to receive blah blah" as well.
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  4. Eniner Augur

    This is by no means a insult to the company but a player venting after days of not being able to play. I mean zero harm towards daybreak we just really want to get our point across of how we truly feel at the moment.
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  5. Roxxlyy Augur

    I believe it was rebooted a bit earlier this morning (after this post was made). Please let me know if it's still having issues.
  6. Eniner Augur

    Appears to be happening now. The reboot.
  7. Just_Another_SK Elder

    Amen I also pay and play on test am all access and have bought the CE or higher of every xpac, sometimes it does feel like we are second class

    Love to all my test friends
    Myndis / Kopy

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