Test server is down.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Spanky, Nov 25, 2016.

  1. Spanky New Member

    Test server showing as down in server select.
  2. Nasaan New Member

    Still down as of now.

    Think there is any chance of it coming back up soon? :p
  3. mackal Augur

    Probably Monday if they don't fix it before they leave the office :(
  4. gotwar Augur

    Would wager it's likely it won't be up until Monday. A bet I'd be happy to lose !

    RIP Thanksgiving weekend raid night :(
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  5. Vaft_Gnome Lorekeeper

    a sad holiday weekend
  6. Godwin Journeyman

    Welp, that sucks. Does this kind of thing happen often on test (serious question)?
  7. Nasaan New Member

    I'd like to lose that bet too... :(

    yes it is :(

    This is the first time I've seen it down this long since I started playing again.
  8. Godwin Journeyman

    Well, here is to hoping it comes back online at some point today! I hope everyone is having a good holiday minus this mishap.
  9. Unoimgood New Member

    isnt it nice when incompetence repeats itself? seems like this always happens during a weekend when everyone could play because they dont have school/work but same goes for the dev team who now is screwing everyone out of an eq weekend. wouldnt be so bad if live were tolerable
  10. gotwar Augur

    Depends on what's going on. Usually no, but there can be rocky patches.

    It's Test man. It sucks when stuff like this happens but you have to temper your expectations. The very nature of the server means crap will happen, and horrific timing is possible. The Development staff is extremely responsive and gives Test far more attention than any other server when things go horribly wrong and they are available for a fix.

    It's essentially a beta platform for new code/patch rollouts, and while all of us that play on Test provide a valued service to the game as a whole, I'd never expect someone to come in on their day off to get us fixed back up (which has absolutely happened before).

    It sucks, but we roll with it. Because we can take it. We're the heroes Everquest deserves, but not the ones it needs right now. Feel free to fill in this space with other inappropriately conceited quotes here.
  11. Godwin Journeyman

    Well put, I was deliberating a similar response, but could not quite find the appropriate wording.
  12. Chantill LeeLace New Member

    Test server time! Thanksgiving Holiday Exp and buying junk! Sales! Time to relax and play before the Christmas rush and Holiday demands! Denied! It seems to happen when holidays are around and sales are on. So while I wish Test was up and I was spending cash online with DB, thanks for saving my real life currency and giving me plenty of time to spend at brick and mortar stores!
  13. Chantill LeeLace New Member

    'Twas the night after Thanksgiving, when all thro' the house
    I was playing EQ with a new Logitech mouse;
    The quests were being done quickly with care,
    and Tucker the Chucker shouted Hacs best Vaft were here;
    We had just grouped Tourchex who had arose from his bed,
    Suddenly a Disconnect and we're reading forums instead!

    Have a Great Weekend to all - and to all a good connect!
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  14. Lillola Lorekeeper

    It would be nice to have some information posted here as to why the server has been down so long, and an estimated time it will be up again. I don't call that "extremely responsive". According to the forums the server is up with a low population. Yes, it's Test and we are often subject to unscheduled downtimes however a bit of news from a GM would be greatly appreciated.
  15. mackal Augur

    The people that work the weekends don't read the forums and don't know how to fix test. The devs that do know, usually don't work the weekends and they missed that it was down before leaving. (or something like that)
  16. torach Journeyman

    LOL Chantill the poet!!! :) Tourach!!
  17. Unoimgood New Member

    i just dont understand why they cant ever learn. its to a point where, really? again? they havent invented auto reset servers? or a couple devs/interns doing brief check ins at the office. in and out.
  18. Godwin Journeyman

    Last post on the site/twitter activity was Wednesday. So it looks like maybe they really don't check on test and it will most likely be down for the weekend.
  19. Chantill LeeLace New Member

    They got Thanksgiving and Friday off. I am put out over the loss of play time when I scheduled time off. Fikki and I cooked enough for 3 days with leftovers so we could binge play and keep the family fed but I am sure they want to be with their families too. I am selfish enough to want to play since I had the time scheduled but in all honesty I enjoy my family home for Thanksgiving. It peeves me that a lot of companies no longer give holidays off and retail stores open on Thanksgiving. I appreciate the fact DB gives them the time off that as humans they deserve, while being selfish enough to complain that my game time plans are null. I hope they had a good Thanksgiving and enjoyed their time off.
  20. Godwin Journeyman

    Test server is back up.

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