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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by IRKodama, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. IRKodama New Member

    Would like to inquire if Day Break has any plans to address spawning new instances on the Test server? For at least 3 months now, instances fail to spawn, more often than they spawn.

    Has Day Break considered alternatives to try and work around the issue until it can be fully addressed?

    Some suggestions...

    -- Creating a Guild Bank npc or two (@ the PoK banks or shared Guild Hall area), so that less people are requesting instances. In my opinion, this would probably help more than anything.

    -- Shortening how long instances remain active after all players leave an instance.

    -- Limiting an account from requesting more than 1 instance per hour(s).

    Really any solution that allows some instances sometimes, is better than the way it is now.

  2. nemotech New Member

    limiting on test? Test is and will always have issues that Live does not, hence the XP bonus and other perks. yet there are some drawbacks. I agree, instances have been wonky at best for some time now but, limiting them and deviating from live is counter to tests purpose. I believe there were some server upgrades made during the patch on the 10th, and as we all know there were other issues that arose with the patch. Test was rebooted (maybe more was done as was ETA of 40 minutes and took a bit longer) and as far as i have experienced since the reboot, Instances work again. time will tell if they go down again, but the fix lies in determining what causes them to not fire up, not limiting how often they can be requested etc.

    I want them to work when i want to play too, but unfortunately this stuff happens, i would just like to see a reboot sooner than after the week end.

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