Test Server - DBG Community Leader Support Initiatives Wish List

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  1. Revolio New Member

    In an effort to promote raid participation on Test server and build a raid force that the Devs can actually leverage to test content, we in the Iron Bank of Bravos would like to ask for some support from DBG Community Managers to attract people to our raids from other servers.

    This list is meant to be a jumping-off point for ideas. We are happy to work with DBG community leaders to do anything in our power to make the most of our guild's ability to test content and incentivize players to participate. Let this be the start of a dialogue, rather than a fixed set of ideas.

    The biggest complaint we receive from guest members is that they cannot take anything back to their home server after they participate in our raids. Is it possible to get DBG to help us alleviate this complaint?

    Some ideas: As many of these ideas that can be brought home to a different server, the better, though it may be difficult / tedious
    • Special Rare Items
    (revived from mob graveyard drops, Legendary Server drops, rewards from GM events, etc) - there are some items that have been lost to time. Many are available from Marcia Attamilgad while others haven’t. The idea is not to hand out anything game-breaking, but people get excited for rare old stuff.
    • Nobles Rewards
    Include some Nobles in the chest drops that can be used to exchange for cool gear from Marcia Attamilgad. Maybe allow her to spawn at the chest too?
    • Loot chest upgrades
    Upgrade a loot chest to produce loot from a later expac (or ask the devs to spawn extra chests)
    • Special Titles
    Players love special titles. Why not tie raid tests to title rewards. For example, if we complete a raid with only Monks, reward with the title “, Brick in the Wall of Fists”
    • Slightly simpler solution: Day Break Cash Rewards
    Technically it costs DBG nothing and could streamline rewards. Rather than trying to hand out specific items to specific players on specific servers, a DBG cash reward could easily incentivise participation as it can be used on any server.

    • Help with starting, running, and rewarding a guild war! In the history of EQ, it’s unclear whether the /guildwar command has ever been used. Test server provides a low-risk environment where characters from all over the game can come to participate using /testcopy. We just need help to organize and promote a month-long guild war event and provide rewards to the victors
  2. Toni Xelphi of Bristlebane

    Can DPG help my guild recruit as well?

    Thanks in advance, devs!
  3. uberkingkong Augur

    Whats the point of beta raids if you already test them?

    Seems like so much testing everywhere. Bug fix team, they need focus on one area at a time rather than jump here to here to here.
    Takes time to setup local and dev.
    Dependencies upgrading all the time. Worked last week not anymore.

    Anyways, I feel like there are better things the bug fix team can work on then raids. So I suggest no beta raids this year. Far too many other things they could be working on.
  4. Sissruukk Rogue One

    While raiders don't make up the majority of players, they are a significant population. Remove raids and that significant population moves on. I know on our server the top raid guild offers purs (pick up raids) for the previous expansion, allowing people to raid that would otherwise not be able to. While it would be nice to have focus on fixing bugs and other items, the reality is that you need raiders to help keep the lights on for the rest of us.
  5. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    Is Community Leader a self appointed role? Like we can all be Community Leaders?
  6. Revolio New Member

    The community leaders I was referring to in the title of the post are the Day Break Games employees who interface with players and the devs. There are plenty of community leaders that are players, but this post was not an appeal to them. However, if other player community leaders would like to get involved, we’d be happy to work together on this with folks such as yourself, Corwynn. Just let us know!

    For context, I made my two recent posts after discussions with Angeliana and Meeko in the EQ discord - I was asked to post these topics here
  7. Captain Video Augur

    Whatever they might have said in the Discord...

    A community leader needs to be elected, not self-appointed. My personal opinion is that they should do exactly the opposite of everything in your OP, and make the Test server subscriber-only. That's how EQ2 works.
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  8. Revolio New Member

    I’m sorry if our request for support to build a useful testing and development tool for raids has offended you. Our hope is that we can help the devs leverage our raid force to improve the game for all players through testing game mechanics that require a significant number of people to test. Since our recruitment efforts have only gone so far, we thought it best to reach out to DBG through this post for help in building a raid force that helps improve the game for everyone.

    If your guild is also trying to engage in activities that will benefit the entire player base, I encourage you to also ask for community manager support to make your project more effective. I hope we can all work to make the game function better for everyone.
  9. Revolio New Member

    Maybe I used the wrong term in the title of my post. I would edit it if I could. I meant to ask for support from Community Managers (employees of DBG), not to appoint myself as a community leader. I’m sorry for the confusion. I edited the original post to try to better illustrate this point. Thank you for pointing out that I was not clear in my original post
  10. Mossaa Augur

    So if those rewards come for raid on test. The free to play server, and I think it would be stupid if they get better rewards than on live where you pay to raid. We just copy the guild raid force to test and get those rewards in our own copy guild
  11. Revolio New Member

    The point here is not to setup an automatic reward for raids that any guild could easily exploit, but to ask for community managers to reward participants when we complete a raid that actually helps provide targeted, useful testing data in cooperation with developer-based efforts. If we don’t provide useful data, why would it warrant a reward?
  12. Mossaa Augur

    You can get the beta reward. That one is not locked to a special guild. And why could we not copy our raid force and do such testing with a dev? We do that on beta
  13. Revolio New Member

    Nothing's stopping you from copying over your entire guild to raid on test. In fact, we in IBOB encourage it! If and when you do, please let us know if you'd like to join our raid forces together. I'm sure we can accomplish more if we team up
  14. Mossaa Augur

    Not representing guild leadership. This is just my comments. If we did copy raid force to test, then we would just do the raid for the reward and go back to our real server. We would not join any minor raid force on test as we finish NoS in one day and would not need to join any other raid force. I still think this tread is stupid as test is not supposed to be giving out super rewards as its free to play. You get your reward by being able to play for free
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  15. Revolio New Member

    So, you just came here to belittle our efforts and to tell everyone you think our ideas are stupid? I’m sure there’s a more constructive way you could be spending your time. Don’t you?
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  16. Mossaa Augur

    I think its well spent time as I think its stupid stuff and that test server should work as a test server not a chest of random nice loots. This is a way to stop it as it is not possible to put dislike on posts like yours.
  17. jeskola pheerie

    Don't bring too much attention to your thriving Test Server guild. The last time we did that, they removed the Free Expansions up to current perk when TDS launched. If DBG senses there are too many people riding the free boat, they could do the opposite of what you are hoping for and remove additional current Test Server perks.

    RIP Legions of Blackburrow.
  18. manglered Lorekeeper

    RiP - LoB - the last endgame raidguild test had - I was also a proud member and Jeskola is correct ... test and Live are two different games in theory ... mixing them together never ends well.

    best to let the live population be as they don't really get the test history or ideal
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  19. Barraind Grumpy Old Bastage

    You could. But you dont, And you still wont when you realize nothing you would get could go back to live with you, and you cant even show it off because none of the sites that track any of that even index test, outside lucy, and even that is... "sketchy" for information that hasnt yet hit live.

    Its right up there with all the other things everyone could always do and then goes "but y tho". You're not alone though. Test could be used to actually test things and not just as a boolian for "did everything go to hell?" . But y tho.
  20. jeskola pheerie

    Bring back free current expansion access and Test will become a thriving and useful testbed once again
    That is the only thing that needs to happen. Keep it simple.