Test needs another restart - instances down again

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by jeskola, Jan 21, 2019.

  1. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    Test needs another restart - instances down again for a while now. Cannot Test anything!

    thank you
  2. So Happy Augur

    Yes please.
  3. Lenivaya Journeyman

    Been down about a week now. This issue wasn't quite as bad when the server would get restarted relatively quickly. We'd be down for weekend and restarted Monday. Now we are going over a week at a time without any instancing.
    We know you know of the issue. Why not just automate a restart after 9 days, which we all know is the last day things work properly.
    Having about 50% uptime on instancing is ridiculous.
    Gotten to the point I log in for the week it works and don't really touch the game until I see my account crash out due to a restart.

    If you wont give us a true fix, then why won't you at least give us a bandaid
  4. So Happy Augur

    16 days up-time and counting. Please revive the instance hamster with a restart.
  5. Floppykick New Member

    Hello my friends, ty for all the hard work you guys are doing for our wonderful game!!! As you can see we seem to be having instance issues on the Test Server...any info on when we can expect a server reset would be great!!! Many thanks, from the Test Community!!!! :)
  6. So Happy Augur

    19 days 16 hrs up-time and all is not well. Please make test server with a restart.

    Thank you in advance.
  7. Kompacte_of_Test New Member

    Good morning...hoping for a restart...thx in advance!