Test Maintenance 02/14/2019

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  1. EQ Dev Developer

    Test is coming down tomorrow morning, 02/14/2019 at 7:00AM* Pacific (3:00 PM UTC) for maintenance. The server is scheduled to be unavailable for approximately 4 hours.

    This maintenance is for some back-end fixes, please use the existing discussion and bug report threads to report any new issues.

    *Convert to your local time
  2. klanderso Developer

    Test is going to be down for a bit longer than expected. We ran into some issues and are working on ironing things out!
  3. klanderso Developer

    Sorry about the delay folks, I've been working on getting things fixed all day and have finally done it! We're just finishing up a couple things and Test should be back up within an hour or so :)
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  4. klanderso Developer

    Sorry for the wait and thanks for the patience, test is now in the process of being unlocked :)
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