Fixed Internally Test Instances down again

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Lyrikyl, Dec 29, 2019.

  1. Lyrikyl New Member

    please bounce the test server, instances are down again =/
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  2. tinytalk51 New Member

    also affecting me cannot get into guild hall or any instances
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  3. Thundersnake Journeyman

    Instances are down again, hope this is temporary. =-)
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  4. nemotech Journeyman

    a note that the current issues are slightly different than the past instance issues. In that, the zones generally are non responsive (ie Sunrise Hills and Guild Halls). where was, in the past, messages in chat "zone is not ready... or please try again..." also there is no bounce back of char's trying to enter GH's. the HA and mission DZ, give "perhaps if there was a reason...". is it possible the roll out and patch cleared the fixes put into place for the instance/DZ issues Test had @ 7 days up time? anyway, we certainly hope to see this remedied, Thanks!
  5. Mr. Froo Developer

    We're bouncing the server again to help with the issue. Thank you for noting the uptime, making a note for the team to see once we've returned from break.
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  6. Mr. Froo Developer

    Server is unlocking, the instances should be working now. If this happens again please spin up a new bug report thread and remember to upvote the first post. Thank you guys for letting us know about this.

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