Fixed Internally Test Instances and Housing are down again.

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Liddan, Jan 2, 2020.

  1. Liddan New Member

    Instances have decided to stop working yet again on the Test Server.
  2. Howlinhoss New Member

    Confirmed, instances not working on Test Server. This issue happened yesterday too. There seems to be a daily temporary fix and then the issue returns shortly after.
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  3. Liddan New Member

    Still down and no acknowledgement or even a quick reset of the server that helps for up to 48 hours.
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  4. Howlinhoss New Member

    Tried opening an instance again today on test server and they still seem to be broken. DBG any update or eta on fix?
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  5. Rayder New Member

    Making test virtually unplayable, at least for me and my guild.
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  6. Liddan New Member

    Still not working today (1/5/2020). This is basically making 90% of content unplayable.
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  7. Marope Journeyman

    Please fix.

    Thank You.
  8. Lyrikyl New Member

    please bounce the server as a bandaid fix until you can discover whats causing this, unlike the past when this happened GH doors are unresponsive at all they don't push you back when you click them and instances are hit and miss have to keep regrabbing until one sticks - thanks
  9. TheDeacon New Member

    GMM and some GH have been down since about 24hrs after the last reboot.
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  10. Saeid New Member

    Also experiencing the instance/guild hall down issue. It prevents pretty much all progression and raiding. Notice that if you accept a mission and repeatedly spam the zone-in text, it occasionally works.
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  11. Marope Journeyman

    Guild Halls are down also, if a player is in there GH that guild hall remains up, if not all other Guild Halls are down and are not returning.
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  12. Six_Paths New Member

    Yes please fix instances, they are down again and this delay's a lot of progression and experience for the entire server.
  13. tinytalk51 New Member

    Guild Halls--Sunrise Hills--and all instances are down again--Please Fix..TY
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