Test Executable Gives Virus Warning

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by twotoneska, Nov 15, 2019.

  1. xxGriff Augur

    The issue is there was an update to Test. Windows and defender were not updated on any of my Win 10 systems. eqgame.exe is now being flagged as Trojan/32 and the updated exe is not DL'd. this is presumably for and update to be pushed to Live. The "its MS's fault or Defenders's fault..." is a moot point. the update as it stands will cause Live to become unplayable. I believe the bulk of frustration being voiced is due to lack of acknowledgement that there is an issue.

    BTW you can simply add eqgame.exe to Windows Defenders exclusion list, and run launchpad, the updated exe will finish and you can log in, I just tested this on my laptop prior to this post. the file is being flagged a false positive, MalwareBytes cleared the file, and my MD5 matches.
  2. twotoneska New Member

    Both my computers are now giving the 'Threats found' warning. Hoping we get a response soon from Daybreak. I'm sure this isn't a fun thing to come into work to see after a weekend. Hopefully it's a simple thing to change the executable enough to avoid the problem.
  3. twotoneska New Member

    This is still a thing. There was a patch some point in the last couple of days, and the new executable still gives the same error.

    How about now?
  4. TheMonk New Member

    Yes this is an issue again. Defender did an update today at 8am. Logging into game now gives the exact same virus warnings as before. Eqgame.exe and eqgame.exe.part.
  5. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    They'll need more information here:

    What version of Windows are you on? What version of Windows Defender are you running? Are you able to place Eqgame.exe on an exception list? Does that solve the issue? When did the issue start?

    I am on WIn10 1903. I do not have eqgame.exe.part in my EverQuest folder. This may be playing a role here.

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