Test Down Again :(

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Saeadyan, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. Saeadyan Elder

    Can't get to server select even, log in hit play goes to next window then says it cannot connect to server check internet. I know there is no problem with my internet connection as I can connect to "live" EQ. So 5 am Sunday and no test guess I may as well not try again till Monday at say 3pm? LoL.
  2. Rumtum New Member

    Same here :( my only day off
  3. Vaft_Gnome Lorekeeper

    i was just logged in on live, now cant connect to test or live, damn you log in server
  4. Cyrezar New Member

    Same here, live works but test doesn't let me get past the login screen.
  5. Kynsaria New Member

    Same here, for both myself and another US friend. Live login works, test doesn't. One friend, who was on test earlier (UK time), is still in game.
  6. Vaft_Gnome Lorekeeper

    i say we find the people responsible for this and make them eat the bad candy we stole from children last night!
  7. Saeadyan Elder

    This sux balls. :( With it being Sunday will they even see there is a problem? A whole day of game time gone. :mad:
  8. Vaft_Gnome Lorekeeper

    i put a post on their facebook page, i dunno, you can try their other stuff to bug them, but *sniffle* who knows...
  9. Xall New Member

    It seems to be back up for me.

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