Terror of Luclin

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  1. Loratex The Ridiculous Necro

    The moon was better when you couldn’t breathe
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  2. Qelil Elder

    That's good. It was not listed this morning earlier when I looked and looked a few times more because it made no sense to me. Where did you see that?

    Oops, never mind. I just looked again and now I wonder if I was out to breakfast when I was looking before. I was on my first cup of coffee!

    Thanks for the correction. :)
  3. Kristy13 New Member

    I am so sick of revamping old content .. why can't we get something original? Why only 7 zones? SoV had like 30 zones for $20 and was original with extensive quests .. this seems to be another POS cut and paste job. I am not even sure the level increase makes this expac worth buying. And to top things off no lvl increase for HCs. Really devs do something to expand the player base vs the bot base.
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  4. Janakin Augur

    I will help anyone level their 85 chars to 90 for 1 krono!

    Just kidding but it would be nice, and maybe simpler, to just remove the level limit on experience all together and just divide the exp earned proportionately based on level spread. That way a level 1 char could get exp with a level 120 but not at a faster rate than if they were killing even con mobs. Also at this point in the game it would be nice to also remove the lower level buff limits. A level 30 cannot get level 51 buffs but a level 60 can get level 120 buffs... makes no sense.
  5. j'Phaelluin New Member

    Hmm? I'm a "silly 85"th season (are we still saying that?) Cleric of Quellious.
    Will this be good for me, I wonder?
    Silly Humans...

    (I'm not a "New Member". I've been here for two decades, since the Sony days.)
  6. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I made the mistake of thinking these "revisit" expansions were a cut & paste job myself, I was put right by Absor on that score - the long and the short of it being that these zones are not a copy-pasta of the old zones they are completely rebuilt versions using current tools meant to be close to the original not an exact replica.

    I was one of the many who was tired of revisit expansions doing too little new for those who have an explorer type playstyle, but I have to say you are being unfair here as this revisit has a mix of "copied" zones, revamped zones & new zones and the story is a new one just set in a familiar place.

    We do not know if Heroic Characters will see a new tier or not and while they were not mentioned in the Expansion information they were not explicitly saying they will not happen either.
    The way I look at this they are quite likely to be created but they may have to wait until after the release of the expansion to get scheduled into the workflow.

    Maybe relax a little and adjust your expectations, the devs never promised a higher level Heroic Character and from what I recall Ngreth had only previously said that they were on the dev team radar as something they need to look at.
  7. Qelil Elder

    Good points. I was hoping we'd see them upgraded for this expansion with the level cap going up again but no! I hope this rises to a high priority and gets done this year but I guess we'll see.

    In the meantime I have so many irons in the fire with alts I never let myself have when I raided (too many alts!) that it isn't like I cannot find plenty of fun things to pursue until such time as this and other things I hope to see happen do happen hopefully. I should probably qualify some of my criticisms in this way more often. I can complain with the best of them sometimes but it's because I care I tell you! Okay, fine. I selfishly care about me and what I want. At least I'm honest!

    I'm looking forward to the expansion. I always do. I always find stuff to like, sometimes love. More often than not, it's all good just like always and that is why I've always come back and this time it's for the duration I think since I am retired now and time isn't a problem, well not until my time is up anyway. :)
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  8. Sicarious Journeyman

    Just because I play on TLP now doesnt mean I didn't play on the original bertoxx server. Standing around afk 20 hours on a live server doesnt equate to actually playing.
  9. Tankkin New Member

    If we pre-order are benefits such as bags avail right away or not until release?
  10. Raytan Elder

    In the past, this has always been upon release. I don't think it will change now, but I don't work for DBG. I wouldn't count on anything being in you claim or reward window until release.
  11. Teylana Elder

    No. Unhappy because they're reusing characters (one used multiple times) instead of creating original content that already has the perfect launch point in game.
  12. KermittheFroglok Augur

    It depends on the item/feature. Occasionally we'll get something early, but that list is very short and rare these days. The only thing that comes to mind that definitely show up in /claim early are the tradable expansion ticket in the Friend & Family edition. I don't remember if things bundled that are already in the game like Heroic boosts, crates, etc also get distributed early. (Does anyone remember?)
  13. FrozenWater Elder

    The bloodbound satchel is claimable on purchase.

    As for the expac itself, very cool. As always it would be better with more zones and content, but such are the times. I do hope that this expac is just part 1 of 2 (like the Kunark / Velious remakes were), and we get a Khati Sha the Twisted / Emperor Ssraeshza "part" for part 2 ... mini dreadlock peeps are easy marketing after all :)
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  14. Iven Augur

    The zone design does look great and the revamped parts seem to be well done. The screenshot of the Umbral Plains is my favourite one. The original Akheva Ruins had much brighter wall and column textures (White grey to medium grey) tho and the brick textures in Ka Vethan look cheap.

    Akheva Ruins
    Ka Vethan

    Definetly a good idea to mix in some new zone themes like Bloodfall and the Basilica of Adumbration. ;) But think about the pricings, Daybreak business management, all expansion tiers feel like they cost double as much as they should be. Don't you know that alot players only buy new expansions every two or three years and that some players do even stop playing when a new expansion does get released because they think that they are overpriced ? And its only 7 new zones. For the same price including the US-dollar inflation it was possible in the past to access 4x more zones (414% vs 100%). The Shadows of Luclin expansion got released with 29 new zones and now you want the same money for just 7 zones ? o_O
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  15. BronkTwo New Member

    I'm pretty sure CoV becomes available immediately upon purchase of ToL
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  16. BronkTwo New Member

    Looks like just one additional account, so two total:
    Tradable: Terror of Luclin * ⁺
  17. Kaenneth [You require Gold access to view this title]

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  18. Qelil Elder

    EverQuest players have friends and family still after living in Norrath for two decades?

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  19. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

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  20. demi Augur

    I would be ok with them removing the level req on experience gained when grouping with someone more than 30 lvls example a lvl 1 grouping with a 120 as stated by Janakin , However there should be a caveat where if a lvl 1 - 60 is grouped with a 120 in a high lvl zone the zone has an AE that goes off every 20 seconds for like 10k or 20k dmg .. yes that would mean the lvl 1 thru 60 may end up dying alot but seriously a lvl 1 - 50 shouldnt really be needing to group with a lvl 120 .. and if you have a heroic then you wouldnt die to the AE :p
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