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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Zaray, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. Zaray Augur

    Tenacity has arisen from the retirement ashes on Xegony. If you were originally in Tenacity on Druzzil Ro, or new to us, we'd love to talk.

    We are now called Tenacity'Og for Tenacity Original Gang. Membership is currently comprised of the founding guild leader and several members who were with us back in October 2001 when we formed, and a couple of FNGs. The original members and original leadership want to bring back the culture we had in the beginning.

    We'll be raiding when membership numbers get there. But we'll also welcome those who want to just be social and find a home to hang out with. We do not believe Everquest should be a chore or a job, so don't expect us to be racing to the top.

    Website is Tenacityeq.com, check us out online or in game.
  2. Aydin New Member

    I was in Tenacity for a few years before it broke up. Ive been playing on TLP, but kind of interested in getting back into regular EQ. Have a 105 paladin, zerker, bard.
  3. Zaray Augur

    Aydin, we'd love to see you back with a tag. Give one of the officers a tell. We've tagged several old school'ers this week and several new faces. Hope to hear from you.

  4. Ghazghul Journeyman

    Howdy Aydin! Good to see you back, I think you are still tagged in Mishandled. I can be found on Elvenoak mainly so hit me up for an invite. Good to see a familiar face.
  5. smokedog New Member

    I am returning to the game. I have some toons about to hit 110. Would love a guild or other people to play with.
  6. Borias New Member

    Aydin! <3 <3 <3
  7. Ttam New Member

    So....is this still a thing??
    Logging your Plane of Hate mage elevator in directly.
    ~patching~ please wait...
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  8. Dracoz New Member

    Hey guy's, this is Barone the little bald dorf cleric. You all still playing????
  9. Vargaz New Member

    Not in Tenacity they aren't.

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