[Teek] The Platinum Order - Tues/Thurs 9pm EST

Discussion in 'TLP Guild Recruitment' started by Jynkz, Apr 14, 2024.

  1. Jynkz New Member


    Welcoming veterans and newcomers alike for the Teek server!

    We are a GDKP guild (plat bidding), our goal is to conquer and farm end-game content at each expansion with efficiency, while maintaining a positive and fun atmosphere.

    We expect members to be open to constructive criticisms and knowledge sharing so we can all grow together and maximize our time spent on raid.

    • Relaxed Atmosphere
    • No Raid Attendance Requirement
    • Box Friendly (+1)
    • Casual Friendly
    • No Bat Phones

    We do prefer more players on raids vs. more boxes but we understand there are times when it is necessary to bring extra boxes to meet raid composition requirements. So long as a boxed character can be played nearly identical to a main, they will receive a split, 1 box only when there is room in the raid.

    Raid Targets : Primarily DZ Targets
    Loot System : GDKP (platinum split) via raidbuilder

    Raid Schedule:
    Tuesday 9pm-midnight EST
    Thursday 9pm-midnight EST

  2. Songan New Member

    Looking forward to joining you all on Teek
  3. HuggyBear Journeyman

    Awesome people looking forward to doing it again with you guys!
  4. Ward New Member

    Looking forward to Teek
  5. Jynkz New Member

    Nice seeing some old faces returning again.
  6. Winkinn New Member

    We're still recruiting for the upcoming Teek server! Please reach out Jynkz, Kiran or Norseknight on the discord server linked in the OP.
  7. Winkinn New Member

    Bumpin up! Our numbers are growing, currently at roughly 75 members. Still looking for more before launch, come check us out!
  8. Winkinn New Member

    Up Up! This post has been a solid resource of applicants, keep it coming! We still have plenty of roles to fill. High demand for Shaman especially, but all are still welcome!
  9. Winkinn New Member

    UP UP UP!
  10. Scelus New Member

    One week left until launch and we are still open to all classes! Do not wait until server is live, join us now!
  11. Narvakhan New Member

    Bump bump bump it up! Only a couple days to go! GDKP is the way. The Platinum Order wants you! :)
  12. Narvakhan New Member

  13. Narvakhan New Member

    Tomorrow is the big Everqueue day! I look forward to seeing you all there. Still looking for a guild, check out The Platinum Order. See info in the OP
  14. jordune Augur

    looking forward to teek. will be a paly and druid box. friend will be playing with me.. shes a chanter.
    would love to try a guild as described by u all here