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  1. Vindaven Augur


    Discord: https://discord.gg/relentless
    Raid Times: 24/7 Batphone on Spawn! Scheduled Instance Raids @ 9PM Eastern Time (Currently Sun + Mon)
    Loot Policy: Fast Open DKP Bidding at the end of Raids.
    Requirements: Microphone, Common Sense, Thick Skin, and Level 60

    • The most loot-per-capita out of any Guild on the server!
    • Complete Open World Domination on all Tier-1 Raid Targets!
    GDKP Plat Raids & Random Roll Raids have begun via the "Fattee Phone"! This is an inclusive Raid available to all members of RI to raid content that is not part of the normal RI targets and allow as many interested people as possible to get extra loot. (i.e. hitting Faydedar, Plane of Sky/Hate/Fear and others!)

    • INSANE FAST Scheduled Instanced Raids @ ~9PM Eastern Time on Lockout Timer Ending!

    • Bonus DKP for Achievements (i.e. leveling in a timely fashion, 1st Kills, etc.)
    • Bonus DKP for Resource Collection (i.e. sending in needed potion mats, etc.).

    • Consistent Large Discord Hangout without the typical clique breakouts you find in other guilds!
    • Voice Comms will always be entertaining! Never stale, boring, or funless!
    • Hilarious Moments & Outrageous Voice Binds!
    • One very Comical Salt Mine Discord Channel!

    • 24/7 Help with your Epic Weapon Quests! Not just occasional assistance if you're lucky.
    • History of Consistently being the Top Guild Smashing the Competition (Haters gonna hate)!

    • Once you become accepted as a member, you are a full member! No "recruit" process!
    • No Minimum Required Raid Attendance!

    SIX (6) In-Guild Best-of-the-Best Power-Leveling Servicers!
    • In-Guild Potion-Servicer Channel
    • In-Guild Spell Researcher Channel!
    • In-Guild Spell Bank Channel!
    • In-Guild Bazaar Channel!

    With Teek being the Perfect Server (Free-Trade & Random Loot)... this may very well be our last ride! Make it to Live with us! Gear out your characters and gain surplus Krono in the process! Loot-Piñata!

    Attend what you can attend. This is the best guild for both Casuals and Hardcore players. The loot will overflow regardless of which category you fall into!

    We only accept the best of the best! If you see someone with <Relentless Insomnia> over their head... You know they know their stuff!

    If you want to crush it with us join the discord and make a post in the #introduce-yourself channel:

    Check out some of our shenanigans here to get a feel for our Guild Culture:
    Relentless Insomnia Playlist
  2. Cuzon Augur

    I thought you guys were moving to Tormax?
  3. Imdead Augur

    When do ya'll plan to start the 24/7 Batphones?
  4. Vindaven Augur

    Check out my latest video on YouTube. RI won the first open world DPS Race on Teek.
  5. TheDohn Augur

    How did the 45 ow mobs before that go?
  6. Vindaven Augur

    RI was won the last 3 Open World Sevs, last Open World Trak, last Open World Talendor, last Two Open World VS. Come join the guild that is getting the most loot-per-capita!
  7. KronoQuester Journeyman

    3 Days of OW raiding and the good guys of RI taking ALL but one target. Come join as as we continue to do more with less!

    Looking for Wizards, Monks, Clerics, and Warriors!
  8. Vindaven Augur

    RI was won the last 4 Open World Sevs, last 2 Open World Traks, last 3 Open World Talendors, last 4 Open World VS. All the while only having one single moderate sized raid force.

    When we say there are 24/7 Batphones, we mean it. We have Raid Leaders available at all hours of the day and night. Our Raid Leaders are completely dedicated and focused on this server alone!

    The loot is overflowing! It's HEAVY... Come help us carry it all ><

    Come join the guild that is getting the most loot-per-capita!






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  10. Vindaven Augur

    We Two-Split Veeshan's Peak last night and both raids finished with 30 seconds of each other! Full clear in under 1 hour. Followed by Open-World Domination (Severilous, Talendor, Trakanon, and Venril Sathir).

    This morning we continued the Open-World Domination and killed Open-World Silverwing, Hoshkar, and Druushk.

  11. Vindaven Augur

  12. Vindaven Augur

    Now the only Batphone Guild on Teek! But this has caused a new problem! Getting near 100% of Open World Targets means we have too many Trak Teeth!

  13. KronoQuester Journeyman

    Wow more teeth than a mississippi dillo fry cook
  14. KronoQuester Journeyman

    Is this the guild that got the #1 NA fastest Onyxia speed kill time on WoW classic back to back 2019/2020?

  15. Vindaven Augur

    Yes, that’s us. But you should see how fast we kill a Batphoned target. Lately it’s been from spawn to dead in under 10 minutes. We kill the open world so fast that some folks outside of the guild have falsely assumed that we were in the zone waiting for it to spawn (we weren’t)! We have Kunark on speed farm status. By using teleport potions/items (gate, field of bone, nro clickie), a clever guild bind location, and a quick notification system we aim to kill the raid target and let our members get back to doing what they were doing (real life, or in game) ASAP.
  16. KronoQuester Journeyman

    Wow I only have one more question.

    Is this Sparta?
  17. Vindaven Augur

    Even greater. Sparta never took over the world. RI has taken 100% of all Tier1 open world targets for over a week now.
  18. Vindaven Augur

    While we are recruiting all classes... We could use a few more good Warriors, especially! Head on over to the discord!

  19. Vindaven Augur


    Relentless Insomnia will now be doing the Scheduled Instance DZ Raids starting at 9PM Eastern (with raid invites going out at 8:45PM Eastern). This was modified from the previous raid start time of 8PM Eastern.

    The reason for this change is that... even with several split raids (~30 in each raid)... we are full clearing Raids and getting Loot completely Bid out too fast! (in ~2 Hours).

    If you are curious which days we have been doing what raids:
    1) First and Foremost: 24/7 Batphones on all Open World Tier 1 Targets. This takes priority even over scheduled DZ Raids.
    2) Wednesday: Veeshan's Peek Splits
    3) Thursday: Venril + Kunark Dragons Splits

    There are no Raid Attendance Requirements. Attend what you can attend. We have so much loot overflow currently... with so much gear "rotting"... that we are about to open up to Alt-Bidding!

    We have so many Trak Teeth... That if you need one to finish your VP-Key when you join... we have one ready for you immediately.

    Interested in Smaller Man Side-Raids? "Fattee Phone" Raids have begun! This is an inclusive Raid available to all members of RI to raid content that is not part of the normal RI targets and allow as many interested people as possible to get extra loot. They are currently experimenting with GDKP, but may consider other alternate ideas based on member feedback.

    While we are recruiting all Classes... we are especially looking for (06/15/24):
    - Warrior
    - Bard
    - Magician

    Head on over to http://discord.gg/relentless and make a post in #introduce-yourself, if interested.

    We are still completely undefeated in the Open World on all Tier-1 Targets for over a week. If you like hopping on for 15-20min to kill a random Dragon and get easy loot... you've come to the right place!
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  20. Vindaven Augur