Teek krono prices rising rapidly?

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  1. Twistingtime Augur

    I have been to sola on numerous occasions on Teek. I never saw anyone monopolizing the zone or it's picks.

    I won't play on a classic server again, so boring. Perfectly happy on Teek. Everyone I have grouped with was lovely, the few minor run ins with other players I have had were all worked out politely. I have been able to camp everything I have wanted to and not only have I looted all the gear I am currently wearing personally but I did it when the mobs that dropped it still gave exp. That is my goal for the server, SSF and no bottom feeding, if I can help it. So far so good.
  2. Elabone Augur

    Theres more people in Chardok during primetime on Teek than exist on Tormax. It would be a terrible idea to move servers for any reason.
  3. Elabone Augur

    1) im not upset about your post, I was confused because plat exploits have nothing to do with what we were talking about.

    2) Youre correct that the amount of plat on a server directly affects krono price, but no safeguards on the auction site can stop people who are ACTUALLY BUYING krono. We were talking about people who are auctioning to buy or sell as a façade to raise or lower the price of krono. Thats what the safeguards protect.
  4. Enuen Journeyman

    I thought it was billionaires and greedy corporations that drove inflation.
  5. Kapyong New Member

    Yah - enough to drive an economist crazy :eek:

    Krono has risen in price from about 1K PP to almost 10K PP now in 16 days - a huge change of nearly ten times ! (Presumably due to large amounts of PP entering game, thus PP has less and less value.)

    But - items priced in PP are broadly stable, give-or-take - items often have well established prices from previous servers. E.g. Totemic Breastplate at 200pp, has not fallen to about 20PP.

    And - items priced in Krono seem broadly stable, give-or-take - an FBSS is typically 1 Kr.

    That does not make much sense to me,
    but then, I am a Ranger.
  6. Rothj Augur

    One thing that helps to understand it better is people tend to buy/sell based on what other people are doing. They don't actually adapt to the market - there's situations where prices should adjust but people just don't adjust them. They just operate off of historical precedence. They're fine to spam all day.
  7. Soriano Augur

    Title of the thread is krono price rising rapidly.

    ONE THING causes the price of krono to rise...more platinum on the server.

    A PLAT EXPLOIT is a multiplier to platinum on the server.

    the trade skill depot exploit last November saw krono go from 65K to 2 million pretty much instantly.

    That is true RAPIDLY INCREASING....lol

    During my time on Oakwynd at no time could I buy a krono for the price TLP Auctions said was the average cost. The average krono price on a third party site is pointless...Glad they are trying to put on guard rails...but they were not there during Oakwynd, if they were they did not work at all.
  8. Elabone Augur

    Yes, i know, I was on oakwynd when it occurred. I understand what the title of the thread is, my point was that you keep responding to me even though i was in a conversation about people attempting to manipulate the krono price. Were having 2 different discussions lol.

    And I cannot speak for the entirety of oakwynd life, but i do know that if you log onto Teek right now you can definitely buy a krono for 9.5k.
  9. Soriano Augur

    lol I was respond to you specifically over the comment about TLP auctions then you responded to me and so on and so on....lol

    The TLP Auction is cool in that I can go see what people have been asking for ITEMS other than krono.

    wanting a pair of GEB's I can see what the going price is.

    The only price really getting manipulated is krono and to me TLP auctions should just leave it alone as they can only be complicit in manipulation if the post the average...

    They post the actual player selling the GEB's and and what price...

    They post an average krono price. not sure why krono is treated different than GEB's.

    it was always well under the actual price on Oakwynd pre bazaar.

    When actual going price was roughly 10k they had 8.2k when it was 39k they said 33k. right before Luclin krono was going for 65k TLP Auction said average was 57k
    The reason is it rising more rapidly on Teek is the sheer number of players that are bringing plat to the server. More plat the higher the krono price.

    When the exploit hits and it always seems to accidently happened every TLP...

    They will jump dramatically....how long the jump last is dependent on how quickly DBG is at patching the issue. and how many accounts go buh bye for exploiting along with their plat.
  10. Igorath-Bertox Elder

    Yup and one of them is a level 60 guild member getting caught on stream and vod stealing a camp from a group that was getting xp from the named. Guess they can't capture anymore 'firsts'.
  11. Muramx Augur

    There was a ban wave a few weeks ago and then some Krono also got deleted. A friend a couple years weeks ago sold an item for 5 KR and it was deleted when he got on the next day. He sent in a petition and was told the Krono used in the sale were obtained fraudulently and would not be returned. I track stuff and the 3rd party Krono sellers had a massive price spike. Pretty sure due to their inventory getting stripped. Pretty certain its balancing back out over the last week and a half. That's part of why Krono spiked.

    And currently on Teek... "By gear for last week's Krono prices" make sure you know the value of your Krono and stop buying stuff for 5-10x it's worth.
  12. Elabone Augur

    I mean krono are obv treated differently because they are used as currency. If Gebs were like oldschool SoJs im sure they would have a plat average instead.

    And i think im previous iterations it always took a while for the website price and the ingame price to catch up, i remember seeing different prices on mischief, but its was nothing to be concerned with. I think teek has been pretty decent so far, I look at the average and then auction 500pp less and gradually increase until i get a seller
  13. Elabone Augur

    Yea, look, im not calling you a liar because youre giving second hand information, but ive never heard of DPG taking away items or krono after they have been traded.

    And krono prices went up because of the launch of teek and the rush of people heading to vaniki to get claims during april/may. It wasnt because of any sort of inventory issue. The prices were already at 15 per before the FV banwave hit. They are already coming back down because people on teek are selling, which lowers the price and forces the mass sellers to match.
  14. Muramx Augur

    Uhm... they most certainly do/have have taken away items when its obtained fraudulently.
    When the ban wave hit prior to Teek the prices were hovering around $13 each and it held until 2 weeks into Teek when they went on a heavy ban smashing the botters. The regular RMT guys started buying up inventory from anyone selling cheap (as they no longer had the inventory and were sold out) the price spiked to around $16. Everything that happens in the RMT has about a week delay in game, once it hit $16 Krono to plat in game spiked about a week later. Now that Krono are going down in price because these people have re-leveled new accounts, are off their 7 day bans, and people started buying more from DB. Krono always inflates, but anytime there is a massive spike something external is happening.

    Here is a link to a picture of the response. https://ibb.co/NZgZ40w
  15. Soriano Augur

    The reason on Oakwynd was clear, it was people creating a character /auction krono at ridiculous price and logging off.

    which earlier you seem to be saying they are putting safeguards to that.

    the higher they get the larger the gap will be...when they are selling for a couple 1000 plat manipulating can only go so far 500p seem about right early by the time krono get to 10k they will be almost 2k apart...at 60k they will be 5-8k apart.

    Why not just let the krono flow with the seller price and date offered. then players can quickly spot the low ballers and get a better idea rather than depend on a manipulated average price.
  16. fransisco Augur

    So just like EVERY tlp ever?

    Obviously its plat dupes, nod! \s
  17. Fenthen Living rent free in your headspace

    Funny thing is I couldn't keep up with the rising krono price no matter how hard I played or farmed plat over exp. It's always 2k plat ahead of me.

    The only way I've made krono was by selling items directly for the krono. Sad!
  18. TheChosenOne Augur

    its over 30k for a krono now on july 5th
  19. BonJovisGhost New Member

    With this being the most popular TLP ever, plus the kunark start, no one has any guess where KR prices will be by velious/luclin. I like where the prices are going because for once it keeps the casuals in their lane, and mimics more of the RL economy. The middle/lower class (casual) have to work for days to afford the special stuff, and the upper/rich class (hardcore) can afford the specialty items anytime they want.
  20. Shui Butai

    With power leveling being so popular it's a no brainer why they are going up.