Teek krono prices rising rapidly?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Arugan, Jun 6, 2024.

  1. Arugan Lorekeeper

    Is it normal for krono prices to rise this rapidly or is there some plat dupe/exploit that I don’t know about?

    The inflation is very hard to keep up with. Unless you can get enough plat to convert to krono anything you get from selling items is worth half as much next week.
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  2. Chuuk Augur

    Every new TLP has faster rising krono prices than the one before it to begin with, but this server has Kunark start + Free Trade so who knows where the prices are going to explode off to.
    Back on Phinegal, I feel like I remember kronos being under 2k at Velious launch. I'd be surprised if they were under 20k at Teek's Velious launch.
  3. Taladir Augur

    That's what I remember as well, and that was with a 12-week Classic period. I used to do a lot of Sol Ro armor quests and sell them. Two pieces was generally enough for a Krono back then. Now, you could barely get anyone to buy them in the first place.
  4. Captain Video Augur

    Kunark has many more, and richer, plat sources. Anyone who was expecting parity with prior server launches wasn't paying attention. Random loot just adds to that further.
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  5. uberkingkong Augur

    Phinegal didn't have 20 general chats of players.

    More players more plat flowing, Kunark start,
    krono is what? 10k?
    Thats nothing.

    If krono was 100k thats when you should be worried, 10k thats nothing. Chump change plat.

    Why you worried about plat, you can tell its in a good state when people offer items, 8krs for that item. A ton of items 3kr-6krs.
    Nothing wrong with kronos, nor plat.
  6. Magician Journeyman

    another plat dupe
  7. TeekTunnel New Member

    what did you expect. It's where the krono farmers are gonna play a while till they ruin the economy then hope to the tlp that furthers their goals next year.
  8. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Don't forget the tower quests gave out a lot more plat then they should have for a while which is likely having an impact.
  9. Captain Video Augur

    Tower impact is negligible since very few players actually did those quests for plat before they patched it out. The few that made it there at level 50+ have all been focused on the gear.

    As usual, you can't read. I have never in my life bought or sold a Krono, so I could care less about its price.
  10. Zansobar Augur

    It rose rapidly until they shut down the plat gain from repeating the anniversary tower key quests.
  11. Vetis Augur

    Couple things.. Krono Lords (people with 100's if not 1,000's of Krono's) are going to be in the market constantly pushing the price up. (You can counter this by several people doing the opposite, pushing the price down, you don't even have to actually buy/sell anything, just advertise buying krono for less than its worth, just saying.)

    I mean just fyi, this is literally the tactic the krono lords are using to drive the price up.

    Now, that being said. In the case of Teek people don't tend to consider the amount of PLAYERS that are on the server. If everyone kills a skeleton and gets a cracked staff, sells it for roughly 1 plat, that's 7,000 plat into the economy for Teek. Whilst on Tormax its like 250 plat.

    Anyways, that's all I really wanted to contribute to this conversation. ;)
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  12. Rothj Augur

    No one drives the price up. People who have krono are buying it with plat, so they want the price low.
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  13. Zinkeh Augur

    There are a ton of krono rich / plat poor folks because no-one wants to cash one in. They're simply going up too quickly to cash in, lol
  14. Trevor Augur

    I haven't tried but I guarantee one that has existed (and known about by devs) for years is still there

    plus the anniversary tower injected more platinum than there otherwise would be, but I don't know how much
  15. Vetis Augur

    I'm guessing you're one of those just argue to argue. Because, if I have 1,000 Krono. Why would I want the price of Krono to be low, that means my hoard is worth less. Krono costing more means my hoard is worth more. The more a single piece of krono is worth the easier it is for me to get plat for things like tradeskills, or just buying piddly things like spells, or upgrades that aren't worth a krono.

    So, your argument is someone with 1,000 Krono wants krono to be worth less plat so their hoard is worth less. That's your argument?
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  16. Vetis Augur

    I don't think this is true either.. I boxed an Enchanter/Cleric. I had no issue keeping up, just to state as a fact not as a brag (it's no secret enc/clr is godmode in classic-pop).. If I sit on a camp (which I did) farming a named mob (In this case it was in Chardok a level 52 mob named Observer Aq'touz).

    Some of the items that are easy to sell on this mobs 'random' table:

    Sash of the Dragonborn, Hierophant's Cloak, Steel Hilted Flint Dagger, Hand of the Reaper, Fingerbone Hoop, Guard Captain's Mallet, Froglok Bonecaster's Robe, Shai'Din Revenant Bauble, Crypt Master's Conjuring Stone, Breath of Harmony.

    To name a few, not to mention any of the clicky items such as Singing Steel, Deepwater, Tolan's, Elder Spiritist, would straight up vendor for 250+pp a pop. During 50% increased rares, I was having up to 7 named mobs all to myself in a row, and spawn rate was 15 minutes.

    So, sure for a solo player playing ROGUE, yeah you aren't going to keep up with plat demands for a krono. For an enc/clr player that can sit on a named like this which is literally uncontested (literally no one cares about this named mob, they practically avoid it to go to the meta spots) then this is a ton of free Krono and plat for yours truly.

    In addition, I pop an instance of Plane of Hate and farm that to myself with the enc/clr combo and boom that's another 8+krono.

    TLDR; EQ is a game of knowledge, the more you know the easier it is to make $plat$$krono$. If you want to play a rogue or a paladin, have fun. But are you as a solo player playing a class that can't do !@#$ by itself going to keep up with krono inflation? No.
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  17. Rothj Augur

    This isn't how it works so I'll explain. The people who have tons of krono, got that by selling items or farming plat. No one bought 1000 krono with real money. the people with real money use that krono to get plat or items they need. If krono goes up, the "krono lords" get less krono per hour. This is why they want it cheap - they want to farm as many krono per hour as possible.
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  18. Raidyn New Member

    Everybody knows Krono will increase in value and continue to rise indefinitely. (Hint: KR inflation isn't going to stop.) So when players possess extra plat and have nothing to spend it on, it's quite obvious the smart move is to store the value of the plat in KR and this further inflates the KR price.

    The truth is krono prices are where they should be. If you disagree, you can waste your time in EC spamming that you're buying KR below market in an attempt to manipulate the TLP Auction website. However I assure you during peak hours there are already 5 or so people trying to actually buy KR under market anyways, and KR inflation rages on regardless.

    Just buy a krono or two and enjoy the ride. Even at these prices, anyone grinding to 60 will easily make enough to accomplish that end.
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  19. Soriano Augur

    Ummm two way street...

    Many people come to the server with no krono buy them from Daybreak and sell them for plat...People selling krono for plat want the price high.
  20. Rothj Augur

    Sure, the people selling krono for plat aren't krono lords though, those are just people who buy krono with real money. And they probably just buy krono and use it to get items as they need it, then go back to 0. And your followup might be "well I know people with hundreds or thousands of krono who sell or use krono for trades all the time" - that's true, but those people are still BUYING krono the majority of their time at server launch with plat or trading their items for krono. That's how they got it in the first place. Huge real spenders(oiilers who buy 100 krono with real cash from daybreak) aren't farming or doing much of anything other than buying gear.

    Basically people seem to equate some guy 6 boxing as being the same guy who spends thousands in the shop, which isn't the case(there may be some overlap). The huge spender wants krono prices high sure but they probably also don't care about small details like that since they just want to buy their items quickly and they may not even be 60 yet. The dude out there taking all your camps is the one buying krono with plat and wants the price low.
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