[Teek] Faceless - Open World Raiding

Discussion in 'TLP Guild Recruitment' started by Protocol, Feb 29, 2024.

  1. Foaming I Drank Bleach IRL Once

    Come join the guild that has every single raid mob server first on Teek. Other guilds leaders want to be like us so badly they repeat our guild meetings to their members!
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  2. Oppressive New Member

    Message Antisocial#5850 or Antisocial in game to talk about your future with the greatest Everquest organization to date!
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  3. Protocol Dragon Defender

    Every server first on Teek wasn't enough; this week Faceless killed 100 raid mobs!
    • VP Clears: 7 (42)
    • Trakanon: 8
    • Venril Sathir: 10
    • Severilous: 11
    • Talendor: 8
    • Gorenaire: 7
    • Faydedar: 14
    Most of our loot is going to boxes, alts or rotting now. VP keys are donated to other guilds and we are making over 1 KR per member on weekly plat raids. We also run weekly optional epic raid trains, classic clears, and sky raids. There's tons to do in Faceless.

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  4. Protocol Dragon Defender

    Enjoying your EXP bonus? Skip to 60 with Faceless, using our 6 in house PLers!
  5. Xauven New Member

    Looking for the guild with the deepest splits, a bunch of small man team activities, and bonus Vaniki clears for them clickies!? Look no further Faceless offers all that and more.
  6. AzzlannOG Augur

    Faceless on Teek is peak EQ. This will end up being the ultimate ride, so don't miss it.
  7. Oppressive New Member

    Message Antisocial in game or #antisocial5850 on discord to join in on the coming up velious froglok illusion raids!!!
  8. Galach99 New Member

    I am enjoying my time in Faceless.

    We killed over 130 total targets last week including a bunch of open world spawns.

    I believe this is a Kunark era record from what others have mentioned.

    The GDKP is a nice way to earn some plat to essentially play for free. The last two weeks I have earned over a Krono each time and it's a way to get those items that you want for an alt or new character. I snagged one of the twenty green scales that dropped for only 500 plat.

    Excited to see what Velious brings as the number of raid mobs increases!

  9. Galach99 New Member

    15 robes tonight

  10. Foaming I Drank Bleach IRL Once

    Join a guild that not only powers through these early eras but sticks around for the life of a server! If you plan to stay on Teek there is really only Faceless.
  11. Protocol Dragon Defender

    Last week we bagged 130 raid mobs, this week we 9 split all of Kunark slaying 125+ raid mobs in the process.

    On top of that every week we've been getting hundreds of Vaniki achievements for our members, sniping open world mobs and enjoying that sweet plat raid income.

    Apply Today:
  12. Protocol Dragon Defender

    Faceless had a lot of fun this patch day, bagging 5/6 OW VP dragons with help from our new guild member Hoshkar After that we dropped OW Trakanon before settling into our weekly off day. Be careful what you hear on YouTube folks, just because we don’t feel the need to post a video every time we kill a dragon doesn’t mean they’re not dying :)

  13. Beastlordz New Member

    I wish you guys would get Officers who can deliver loot in a timely manner. Waiting for almost a week for the loot you won is absolutely absurd. If your loot officers are too busy to distribute loot within 2 to 8 hours post raid, then they need to step down, period.